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Decision Making Report – Background Knowledge, Counter Arguments, Rebuttal and Conclusion.

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1 Decision Making Report – Background Knowledge, Counter Arguments, Rebuttal and Conclusion

2 Background Knowledge In your report, you must include knowledge that is not contained in the sources This knowledge can come from any section you have studied, but will normally come from the Wealth/Health section Whenever you write an argument you feel you know something else about, include your BK Always write BK in the margin where you have included it There are ‘coat hangers’ which are used in Sources A and B in particular which are deliberately there to ‘jog your memory’

3 Look at Source A in the 2013 paper and write down the coat hangers you can see. Task 1

4 Source A – Coat hangers “Public health campaigns…” “Legislation regulating the availability and advertising of tobacco” “Treating illnesses associated with smoking…” “In other parts of the world legislation to further restrict smoking has already proved successful…” “…collective action…”

5 Task 1 continued Choose two of the coat hangers and expand on them with your own BK For example for “In other parts of the world legislation to further restrict smoking has already proved successful…” you could write Legislation has been introduced elsewhere in the world to good effect. In Australia for example, cigarettes must be sold in plain white packaging.

6 Counter Arguments Exactly the same set up as your arguments in favour section Here you are preparing the reader for what your opponents might say Stick to the same format of linking the Sources and including BK There is no limit to the number of counter arguments you can include, but should never be less than two

7 Task 2 Imagine you were arguing in favour of the proposal. This means you need to use Source B to find your counter arguments. Find three counter arguments Each argument must have 1) A sub heading as normal 2) Source B evidence 3) Evidence from another source to back it up 4) Where possible, some BK

8 Rebuttal After each counter argument you require evidence to rebut it This should come from one of the sources and background knowledge can be added to strengthen the rebuttal Each and every counter argument should be rebutted Only use evidence already used from earlier in the report when there is absolutely nothing new to use Each argument must be rebutted individually

9 Task 3 Choose two of your counter arguments and write down how you would rebut them These should come from the sources but also can come from your BK

10 Conclusion This should start by restating your position “I strongly recommend that you carry forward the proposal as a matter if urgency” “I strongly recommend that you desist from the course of action outlined in the proposal” Next, you should engage in the role playing part of the report “I fully understand that you will come in for heavy criticism from the right/left wing parties/press who will accuse you of becoming a ‘nanny state’/not intervening where it is necessary to do so. Next include a piece of background knowledge. You could refer to the original aims of the welfare state/NHS for example. “However you should carry forward this proposal as to do so would ensure that one of the original aims of the NHS, to be free at the point of use, will be met” Then you should finish on a strong statement urging the Minister to accept your recommendation “In conclusion Minister, I strongly believe that if you accept my recommendation it will be enough to win voters in the key marginal seats at the next election in 2015/16 and ensure another term in government for your party”

11 2013 Paper Write a report for the 2013 paper This should be handed in for homework on Monday the 16 th of December The next slide gives you an idea of how to set out the report – it starts with what we call the Memorandum

12 Example Layout Memorandum (only an example!) To: Alex Neil, Health Minister, Scottish Government From: Mr Scoular, Social Policy Expert Subject: Proposed scrapping of prescription charges Date: 29 th Janaury, 2013 Recommendation Arguments in Favour (Remember your sub headings) Opposition arguments and Rebuttal Conclusion

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