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USP Business Development 21st Century Leadership Skills and attributes USP Business Development.

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1 USP Business Development 21st Century Leadership Skills and attributes USP Business Development

2 Everyone should have the opportunity the right and the responsibility to be a Leader in their own life Leaders and leadership

3 USP Business Development The future is about nurturing leadership skills in everyone and providing an environment for flexibility and change Building capability…what does it look like

4 USP Business Development what has changed?

5 USP Business Development 20th Century changes in the workplace Environment No ‘jobs for life’ Skills requirements are continuously evolving Rapid pace of change Global workplace and migrating workers Pure academic skills not enough Flatter organisations able to adapt more quickly Strategy constantly under review People Career management and advancement down to individuals Constant need to refresh & update skills Increased interest in self-help/self- development Soft skills, communication skills, people skills required for building business/client/employee relationships Flexibility and versatility compete with struggle for work-life balance

6 USP Business Development 21st Century changes in expectations Third-world populations don’t want hand-outs - they want tools and skills to help themselves Disabled people don’t want sympathy - they want equal opportunities Sick people don’t want to be wholly dependent on health professionals - they want to find advice and guidance to improving their conditions on informed web-pages Older people don’t want to block hospital beds - they want good health care and assistance to lead independent lives. The Sick, the Old and the Poor don’t want to be a burden - they want the opportunity, the right and the responsibility to be leaders in their own lives

7 USP Business Development Building capability…where does it start In the classroom In the workplace Leadership attitudes, behaviours and qualities Staying ahead of the game

8 USP Business Development Leadership in school Schools are teaching leadership at age 9 (HTI Spring 2005 Bulletin) Tomlinson 14-19 Report - prescribes more ‘soft skills’ development –Teamship & citizenship –Effective listening –Communication and presentation –Respect for diversity –Ownership & responsibility Leadership skills are now used to provide differentiation between the most able students at University selection Top performers go beyond academic achievement

9 USP Business Development Engaging employees Stretch and empower Set the bar high and reward excellence Allow people to make their own mistakes…and let them learn from them Make change and growth synonymous Promote enthusiasm and positive thinking Seek ownership and accountability If you believe knowledge is power - Share Information Take involvement in development & well-being of staff Work as a team but lead from the front Another day’s work or an awesome day’s work?

10 USP Business Development The empowered workplace! Interdependent working Devolved ownership & responsibility Unified purpose Mutual regard Self-motivation and ‘can do’ attitude Good communication and information sharing Open performance tracking and accountability ‘Blame culture’ replaced by ‘lessons learned’ WOW! ways of working

11 USP Business Development None of us are as smart as all of us - Japanese proverb -

12 USP Business Development ! Leadership competencies Strategic vision and the ability to share that Clear communication and messages Success beyond narrow professional boundaries Leading by influence, not control Creating alliances and devolved management Flexibility and versatility Take the lead - devolve the power….

13 USP Business Development Leaders do this Put performance at the top of the agenda Translate vision into action Influence behaviours through diversity and mutual respect Rouse the workforce from indifference to enthusiasm Develop a workforce with focus and relentless desire to improve Keep ‘Learning’ at the heart of the agenda!

14 USP Business Development ‘Motivation & inspiration encourage people by satisfying basic human needs for achievement, a sense of belonging, a feeling of control over one’s life and the ability to live up to one’s ideals’ John Kotter - Harvard Business School

15 USP Business Development Leadership Characteristics Bold Tenacious or bloody-minded Charismatic Visionary - Macro view Assured/Confident Self-aware Inspiring Focused Energetic & Passionate Persuasive/Influential

16 USP Business Development Leadership Behaviour Decision-making Risk taking Crossing the line/Pushing the boundaries Joined-up thinking/acting Team-building Communicating Encouraging and motivating Leading by example Saying ‘thank you’

17 USP Business Development Leadership Attitude ‘Can Do’ Challenging Establishing high standards for self and others Trusting Delegating Promoting learning Empowering! Welcoming diversity

18 USP Business Development Style of a 21st Century Leader Provides clear direction & support Manages through influence, rather than control Maintains a broad understanding of the context & situation Keeps a working overview of issues Gives considered and timely advice Able to work in a pressured & political environment Has strong communications and presentation skills Persuasive & influential Effective and tolerant interpersonal skills Analytical & creative mindset Demands energy and enthusiasm and a sense of adventure……..

19 USP Business Development and the truly outstanding….. Overstep the mark…often! Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer Take risks and make mistakes Understand that they may not know best Recognise that talent doesn’t always wear a suit Know that empowered teams tend to make more informed decisions AIM to change the world!

20 USP Business Development Staying ahead of the game

21 USP Business Development Leadership habits Mix your read…. comics, white papers, polls and reports, broadsheets and tabloids…for new ideas! Mix with different people, smart, exciting, insightful, measured and mundane….and absorb! Keep your diet fresh and nourishing Make time for brief chats in the corridors and at the coffee machine - invaluable for keeping up with ‘the buzz’ Exercise your body as well as your mind Take a 15 minute nap to refresh and unwind Remember your family…they need you too!

22 USP Business Development Know thyself Know your values and beliefs Promote your principles Be proud to stand up for your integrity Protect your personal ‘hallmark’ Continuously develop your learning Guard your reputation Have confidence take heart and Go for it!

23 USP Business Development For more information on our Leadership and Team-Building Programmes contact us on: 0870 428 2614 or visit Sue McCauley Director USP Business Development CHALLENGE THE WAY YOU THINK INSPIRE THE WAY YOU WORK

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