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Britain in the early 19 th Century Britain in the early 19 th Century. Saiqa Bi 16-11-01.

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1 Britain in the early 19 th Century Britain in the early 19 th Century. Saiqa Bi 16-11-01

2 Introduction. This presentation is about the problems we are facing during the revolution. We are trying to solve them all but we need everyone's support.

3 Problems that are being faced. The living conditions are awfully underprivileged and the housing is extremely poor. The education for the poor kids is not being taken notice of meaning the rich are only cared for. People are relying the community to provide for them. Life for a farmer is very difficult. Everything needs improvements.

4 Living condition We are living in a disaster here because we have less place in our houses and we don’t have a toilet to use. The streets are appalling and there is no clean water to drink. There is diseases spreading such as cholera and many of your family members are dying.

5 Poor Education. The education is poor and the kids aren’t getting a education so they won’t learn the basics. There are a few universities but there is nothing for a ordinary man or woman like yourself to do anything. Mostly everyone is being neglected and they may feel hurt.

6 Working condition The working condition so far are very bad and many of our family members have lost they life combing wool. There needs to be more safety and more factories need to be built for the population is increasing. Children are working more hours and are paid less. There is no law to the working places and we can’t do anything about this. There are not many machines to work on.

7 Transport. There isn’t very good transport at all and people are walking to places which are a very long distance away. The turnpike trust are helping us but the roads won’t improve that easily. The roads we have aren’t very good in transporting fragile goods.

8 The changed in everything. How did every thing change? Everything changed because of the Industrial Revolution. The way this has happened is that people have seen a knew way of living solved.

9 The problems solved. The problems such as the living condition improved also there are more jobs for people to work in a better environment. There are more places to send children to school so they could learn to read and write.

10 Transport improvement. The transport is improving. There are better roads and canals that have been invented. This way we can trade goods quicker and cheaper. These canals are man made and are very useful to us. With a canal we could trade the goods in more quantities which is a better route than the bumpy road.

11 The improvements in working condition The working condition have improved and more factories are built for people to work in. Some people have lost jobs but we are working on it so you will have a job eventually. We have bought more machines so that you can work quickly.

12 What is lost and what is gained? There are a lot of things that people have gained but then there is some problems. Firstly there is the loss of jobs to many of you. Also everything has changed in price meaning most goods have increased in price. Another thing is that many of you have lost your homes.

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