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South America Come on a journey to mystic lands Video gallery Spot the star man.

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2 South America Come on a journey to mystic lands Video gallery Spot the star man

3 Welcome to south America I hope you had a nice flight with Andrew express. Did you know that south America is home to the largest rainforest in the world it is called the Amazon Amazon

4 Tribes The Amazon is not only home to animals but also people. There use to be hundreds of them but now only a few. These remaining tribes have often been blamed for deforestation but only 16% of deforestation is tribes.

5 Sorry it’s a 16 you cant watch it Walk away in shame


7 To go home Thanks for saving me

8 Amazon The Amazon, is the biggest rainforest in world. It is home to many things including 45% of the worlds animals. But sadly the rainforest is being cut down it is known as deforestation. In the Amazon there are also many tribesanimals deforestationtribes

9 Deforestation is not a natural cause, it is caused by humans (us) we have killed many animals and plants just to make farms were we could live


11 parrot Parrots come in many different sizes and colours some small and BIG. They are found in all rainforests.

12 Three toed sloth The three toed sloth is a very, very, very lazy animal and is getting endangered from constant deforestation, do you want this smiley animal to die out?

13 monkey The monkey, also like the parrot comes in many different sizes and colours. It is also slowly dieing out as a cause of deforestation. We need to help these animals

14 frog Some frogs can be poisonous but not all this is a picture of a tree frog but these beautiful creatures are being wiped out by forest fires.

15 toucan The toucan is a hunted animal (it is hunted for its beak) and there for endangered. The toucans beak is used for attracting sexy females

16 Did you mean the animal?

17 Jaguar Jaguars are beautiful animals and are just like the normal house cat (apart from there a lot bigger and the claws oh year and there teeth) They are sadly hunted for there fur and teeth. Do you want this to carry on.

18 Chimpanzee The chimpanzee is a monkey from the ape family and is closely related to humans. Ages ago we looked like this no make up, no fashion and no hair extensions. The chimpanzee is slowly dieing out because of deforestationdeforestation


20 animalsbirdsDie hard Gromars tips on make up The rainforest ANDROID RETURNS Bugs bunny




24 You got owned


26 Don’t try it again sunny

27 Walk away in shame Sorry this film is a 16

28 Your coming with me


30 I eat TV! I was watching that











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