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BT’s Assisted Living For Independence (ALFI) and ” Facelook” project in Suffolk Steve Powell BT Global Health Business Development Manager.

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1 BT’s Assisted Living For Independence (ALFI) and ” Facelook” project in Suffolk Steve Powell BT Global Health Business Development Manager

2 Assisted Living For Independence (ALFI) Assisted Living For Independence (ALFI) is BT’s integrated Telehealth and Telecare service, comprising the pro-active remote monitoring of health status for long-term condition sufferers and emergencies for those in need of support for independent living. It offers a full range of clinical and care monitoring, and associated services ALFI is unique in utilising the latest technologies to provide a fully integrated and fully managed service across the different health, social care and housing organisations from which users will be referred. This will drive the sharing of information across these sectors, supporting the multidisciplinary teams to ensure targeting of services at the right time, enabling efficient use of resources ALFI offers real benefit to users by maximising their independence and improving their quality of life, allowing them to live in comfort and confidence in their own homes for longer. It also offers significant benefit to social and health care professionals, enabling care pathways and services to be re-designed, offering real economic savings without compromising health and social care outcomes Service - Solution - Benefits -

3 The ALFI Model LOCALISED PLATFORM AND SERVICE - Telecare and Telehealth delivered locally: In home monitoring equipment and other home devices, BT Home hub or 3G from stock Installation and removal services using local assessors and installers Nurse liaison staff covering each local Clinical Commissioning Group/Social Services Service take-on and transition of staff CENTRAL PLATFORM - Inherited from Cornwall Developed as our Centre of Excellence Clients are added in other regions in a ‘hub and spoke’ model The central platform provides Integrated monitoring service including Telecare, and Nurse led Telehealth and Telecoaching National stock control, decontamination and logistics service National installation service Data Mining and Analytics management for all clients Central Platform – Centre of Excellence Logistics Client 1 Service Desk Technical Support Clinical Triage Systems Installers Referral Patients Installers Clinical Triage Service Desk Client 2 Installers Referral Patients Clinical Triage Service Desk

4 Transforming the way care is delivered to people in the community Review current pathways Redesign pathways to suit future state Bring the right technologies to support the redesign Agree measurable outcomes 1.Our aim is to support a range of individuals from high risk, complex users to patients with chronic conditions requiring vital sign or movement monitoring needs or simply having the safety of an emergency alarm. 2.We are technology agnostic bringing the best technology to support patients with a wide range of needs in the community. We can deliver to scale, have a broad geographical reach and can deliver and integrate across broadband, the NHS N3 network and 3G. 3.Our portfolio is set to develop and expand to enable the treatment of larger sections of the population for long term monitoring, disease management and supported care Service Interlock Agreeing service operating procedures such as escalations and handovers Implementing clinical governance Partnership Working in partnership to deliver the service Deliver the highest quality service Managed by BT Management Reporting Reporting of outcomes through balance scorecards Identify service improvements through data analysis Pathway Redesign

5 BT Cornwall Term: 10 + 5 Years with Cornwall Council and two Health Trusts – PCH and CFT Contract placed directly with BT. The scope of the deal: – Internal help desk. – ICT provision including desktop, print, server and application support. – Data centre operations. – Transactional Shared Services – Finance, HR, Payroll. – Document and Information Management including print – Telehealth / Telecare. – Process improvement linked to all of the above.

6 Truro College

7 Research shows that people who are socially isolated often become depressed and lonely. Facelook aims to alleviate this through Skype video chats with a Red Cross volunteer, family and friends. It will also help the elderly to remain independent in their own homes. Facelook was a 6-month trial with Suffolk PCT, British Red Cross &BT ~28 installations through East Suffolk (Nov 2012 – May 2013). Pilot concluded at end of June 2013 with interview based analysis. BT providing: Trials management Broadband Wi-Fi routers Installation and technical support Trial analysis and support

8 Why TV Based? In this target group, everyone has a TV. It is a familiar and trusted device to build upon. Key Learning Every installation was different, the majority difficult. Broadband and Wi-Fi are key challenges. Most users were not frightened of the technology. Most struggled with the complex user experience. There was also some genuine fear of the technology.

9 Some numbers … 28 live triallists: 20% aged 60 to 73 years old 55% aged 83 to 92 years old 25% aged 93 to 98 years old 7 drop-outs 4 struggled with technology, 3 had change of circumstances 5 users exceeding monthly broadband usage limit Facelook filmed and appeared ‘BBC East’ news. YouTube promotional video.

10 Next Steps Progressing as a Challenge Cup entry. Develop workable business case. Identify device and user experience improvements. Progress to larger trial / pilot with BT Cornwall Rethink the interfaces we expose to our customers.

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