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Consult21 Steering Board Working Group Status RAGRAG Jan 08 / Feb 08 - Interim Architecture & Framework  Network Structure  Systems & Processes Products.

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1 Consult21 Steering Board Working Group Status RAGRAG Jan 08 / Feb 08 - Interim Architecture & Framework  Network Structure  Systems & Processes Products  Interconnect & Portfolio  Broadband  Line Access  Point to Point Implementation & Migration Communications Contracts G A R G R R A A A

2 Consult21 Steering Board Network Structure RAG Status RED Key Issues (For Discussion) VLC planning rules and architecture NDA agreements on who CP’s contact in BT regarding network inventory dataset Key Milestones Jan/Feb Achievements A further release of the Network Inventory issued. Good progress being made on providing security and a workable process for CP’s to obtain datasets.A cross group focus team have been formed to resolve this issue Define the VLC interface spec ie SIP/MX SIP/MW & ND1619 Time (R)Cost (G)Quality (G) Customer Sat. (R) Status: Information (R) Feb/Mar / Work plan Network inventory - Provide new release of the network inventory and easier access to dataset Review the requirements of NSWG Define the VLC interface spec ie SIP/MX SIP/MW & ND1619 Review capabilities of the Innovation Platform Derive requirements for VLA phase2 for NICC actitatives

3 Consult21 Steering Board Systems & Processes RAG Status Green Key Issues (For Discussion) Issues discharged from here to the relevant WG, ie I&M WG in most cases. Key Milestones Jan/Feb Achievements S&P WGs were held on the 16 th January and 12 th February to review the new BTW systems roadmap. The key focus of these meetings was to review the format and content to ensure they meet CP requirements. The aim is to provide the information on a roadmap via that allows us to align systems investment and development across the industry. NICC B2B held a review on the 30 th to agree the work programme for 2008. As a result of this it will include the following: 1.Complete work on L2C standard and T2R generic schema. 2.Produce proposals for further prioritisation for the following:  Location/Address matching Global Crossing  Appointing/Arranging access: Consultant  Billing (L2C)C&W  Service Inventory & CatalogueThus  T2R Structured InformationBT  Gateway instrumentation, monitoring & management tba  SLA management / MIS tba  E2E PCK (Primary Correlation Key)tba  T2R problem & escalation management tba  Tools for structuring information about B2B interfaces BT  B2B Development (C2M) guideBT  Systems/platform Migration best practice guideBT 3.Continue work on international standards alignment with TNF, OBF, ITU, etc All CPs are encouraged to comment and contribute to the review. Please contact for more information or visit the NICC B2B web site @ graham.crane@bt.comNICC B2B Feb/Mar Work plan The next S&P WG will be arranged shortly when the BTW systems roadmap is complete and we are ready for it to be reviewed in detail The S&P WG would continue to provide support to I&M WG on operational support systems issues as DSP progresses and product WGs as required. NICC B2B will hold meetings 15 th February to discuss L2C progress and 27 th February to finalise the priorities for 2008. Status: Time (G)Cost (G)Quality (G) Customer Sat. (G) Information (G)

4 Consult21 Steering Board Interconnect & Portfolio RAG Status Red Key Issues (For Discussion) Lack of SVLAN and conversion indicative pricing, with no “date for a date”. Concern at uncertainty of when NGN CC will be available / have 21CN traffic – awaiting output of Voice Strategy work as part of DSP. Key Milestones Jan/Feb Achievements NGN CC Interoperability discussions continued with CP’s Contracts for NGN CC initial meeting held Detailed discussion held with CP’s on NGN FOA0 testing phase Feb/Mar Work plan Continue with NGN CC Interoperability Progress NGN CC trial preparations Continue discussions on NGN CC contracts Status: Time (R)Cost (G)Quality (G) Customer Sat. (R) Information (R)

5 Consult21 Steering Board Broadband RAG Status: Red Key Issues CPs still await DDQ & Real-time, Elevated Best Efforts and Assured Rate elements of WBC pricing and Indicative Launch pricing for WBMC to allow CPs them to prepare business cases/make supplier and product decisions for 2008 onwards  WBC DDQ pricing is key to a successful consultation on IPstream & Datastream sunsetting Time (R ) Cost (G)Quality (G) Customer Satisfaction (A) Key Milestones: Information (R) Jan/Feb Achievements BBWG held on 13 rd February covering: WBCC/WBC/WBMC/IPstream Connect update Speed Profile for ADSL2+ ADSL2+ and CPE compatibility/Availability Checker Consultation closure – WBC FTTP & DDQ WBC Service Availability Schedule now released through 21CN Migrations Portal WBC draft contracts available for review & CP feedback WBC Migrations workshop held – 12 th Feb Feb / Mar Work plan Walk-through of WBC Migrations process – 26 th February Release of WBC Migrations Handbook next Working Group is to be held on 18 rd March: BB Availability Checker demo WBC - SLAs & performance for DDQ, RT etc Customer Trials update Review of WBC pricing feedback Discussion on communications & managing end users (CPE Compatibility, speed, marketing best practice, home-wiring etc) Bi-laterals on IPstream & Datastream sunsetting

6 Consult21 Steering Board Line Access RAG Status: Amber Key Issues Industry eagerly awaits Indicative Pricing for both VLA and WBCC Further work is required in NICC to support VLA phase 2. Industry are concerned that the publication of NICC standards may be on the critical path due to BT resource The 21CN Deployment Strategy Plan Update has raised a number of issues on the future of Voice and ISDN.. Responses required to the Industry Condoc, then an SOR to BT Group covering a number of key issues on the future of voice and broadband products; Status: Key Milestones Jan/Feb Achievements Industry issued a Condoc via the Consult21 process (LA- 009) on 21CN Access Products with responses due in January 2008 Topics covered were: 21CN Deployment Strategy Plan Update VLA and WBCC product development and project plans; Condoc on Industry requirements for 21CN February/March Work plan The next meetings are to be held on 21 st February 2008. Industry to progress ISDN requirements within 21CN. VLA feasibility project plan Time (A)Cost (A)Quality (A) Customer Sat. (A) Information (A)

7 Consult21 Steering Board Point to Point RAG Status Amber Key Issues Industry still require a fuller consultation on Openreach ORCHID product. Openreach have issued indicative prices and plan to increase product collateral shortly. Openreach are progressing with their re-examination of their product launch processes including how to engage with industry. This will be managed via a third party and is reported on at the Steering Board. Exchange Openings and Closures. Industry require a much more extensive report on BT’s processes for timely communications with CPs of exchange openings, closures and changes in network roles. Note: agreed with BT Group Property to have a joint session to revisit existing closure process Industry await Openreach input on the future of TDM products to align with the TDM Condoc Time (G)Cost (G)Quality (G) Customer Satisfaction (G ) Status: Key Milestones Jan/Feb Achievements MSIL (1G) now live TDM consultation closed Fuller update to be provided after the next WG Feb/Mar Work Plan The next P2P WG meetings will be held on 22 nd Feb 08 and 19 th March 08 TDM Condoc - final responses document to be issued by end Jan 08 Continue Openreach TDM bilaterals with CPs, coordinate with BT Group on approach and outcome. Look at exchange management scenarios to tune opening/closing process Information (A)

8 Consult21 Steering Board Implementation & Migration (&CT) RAG Status Amber Key Issues (for discussion) 1.Availability of Pathfinder schedule/plan, national migration schedule and clarity on the BT 21CN implementation strategy [information @ red reflects this concern] 2.Lack of clarity on dates/timeframes for migration/implementation activity is affecting CPs ability to plan for implementation/migration and keep motivation and focus within their organisations. 3.Deployment Strategy Plan seen as fundamental shift in policy on new/existing products, which impacts on CP investment plans. Key Milestones Dec/Jan Achievements Launched Deployment Strategy Plan multilateral engagement. Pre-migration scheduling consultation concluded (C21-IM- 030 refers) all feedback reviewed and requirements formally with project team Launched re-scoped weekly Pathfinder Review calls, including operational readiness updates. Jan/Feb Work plan Continue Deployment Strategy Plan consultations. Issue the Bedlinog In Life learning closure report and review with industry. Develop an outcome based plan further in-life learning/end user feedback processes to support Pathfinder activity Final review of WG comms action plan with CPs. Complete development of migration customer experience scenarios (network features and incident comms) Conclude ISDN Testing consultation inc scheduled workshops Integrate WBC implementation work into IMWG work stack Time (A)Cost (G)Quality (G) Customer Satisfaction (G) Status: Information (R)

9 Consult21 Steering Board PSTN Migration (Wick & Bedlinog re- migrations) CP Issues/FeedbackBTW actions: 1.Product Regression Testing completed in NAL & FOA environment 2.Successful completion of stability run in NAL & FOA 3.Cold Standby in place to supplement existing mitigation responses for call server See weekly Pathfinder POTS report for detailed status Update: 12/02/08 RAG Status: Amber Wick & Bedlinog re-migration tbc

10 Consult21 Steering Board PSTN Migration – Phase 2 Update: 12/02/08 RAG Status: Red (see commentary) CP Issues/FeedbackBTW actions: CP Visible 21CN v 20CN flag for linesChange request accepted; confirmation from Openreach that CR included in RS800 (delivery Mar 08) CPs do not believe that BTWs migration solution addresses the higher expectations and complexity of managing business and emergency/critical service providers through 21CN migration:  Out of hours activity for pre-migration activities  PEW – CPs would like to know the hour of the outage on a per line basis  Minimised outages/network freezes Pre migration scheduling project underway, categorisation on Units C&D taking place for Pathfinder Design & availability of Migration portal and xml for pre-migration scheduling Awaiting outcome of previous action. Replacement of email based PEW process for voice through the migration portal and xml. Currently outside scope of published BT road map. Confirmation of the timeframes for reversion to legacy of lines with critical incompatible CPE Tactical fix in place for Pathfinder only

11 Consult21 Steering Board Interconnect Route Migration Review Capacity distributed mid November SPOC in CTC for CMR issues T3a programme almost complete bar some renegotiated dates BT has announced that the principles on which it was planning/prioritising its 21CN implementation activity in 2008/early 2009 will no longer be network engineering driven but rather centred round the implementation of new services and that the proposed CP migrations from the DLE layer to the NGS's will instead now be determined by the Communication Providers themselves. Further discussion to assess the impact of this strategy is due at the next Prov Experts meeting on 18 th January. Assessing billing for BAU VIC VIC Product CMRs to be analysed, reviewed and fixes applied. Post Transfer Phase All T1 circuits now complete. T2 circuits now complete T3 commenced Transfer Phase VCONN reports being improved Preparation Phase No O/S issues Admin Phase Key actions/Next Steps Element Description

12 Consult21 Steering Board Migration Communications RAG status: Green Key issues 1 ) how to reach non-engaged CPs. 2) Perceived lack of clarity on migration strategies. 3 ) Time status remains amber as CPs have frozen their own comms depending Voice Strategy outcome February 08 achievements / March 08 plans Webcalls – An overview of WBCC product development and agile working webcall was held on 5th February with 59 people joining via audio, 50 via web invite sent Corporate communications – work progressing on developing the corporate communications for the nine chosen vertical sectors and associated trade associations. Broadband communications – meeting held with the working group on the NGN broadband programme. The call was well received and CPs are now considering the communications support they need for their communications, either internally or externally to their end-users. Other Switched-on website refresh completed. End of February/March 08 work plan Corporate communications experts group scheduled for 19 th February to further progress. Build proposal document for reaching unengaged CPs – once agreed proposed work will progress. Next working group planned for 7th March. Time (G)Cost (G)Quality (G) Customer Sat. (G) Status: Information (G)

13 Consult21 Steering Board Migration communications – reseller communications RAG status: Green Key information: 1) Perceived lack of clarity on migration strategies. Michael Eagle reported a perceived disenchantment due to lack of uncertainty & information on the programme 2) Time status remains amber as CPs have frozen their own comms depending Voice Strategy outcome February 08 achievements / March08 plan Webcalls – see details on first slide for webcalls held/planned. E-newsletter – there are currently 461 people registered on the reseller database to receive future newsletters, invites etc Measurement of reseller communication campaign effectiveness – Questions previously developed and the three groups for surveying are decided (those on the reseller database who attended one of the events, those on the reseller database who did not attended one of the events and those on the Miles Publishing database. The research survey will now take place in July End January/ February work plan Next working group planned for 15th February. Frequency of future working groups to be a discussion item at the next working group. Time (G)Cost (G)Quality (G) Customer Sat. (G) Status: Information (G)

14 Consult21 Steering Board Contracts (MSA) RAG Status Amber Key Issues (For Discussion) SLA numbers for MSIL were included but too late for a considered industry view WBC product due for launch in April 08, need to commence contract review immediately Key Milestones Jan/Feb Achievements Initial information sent out for WBC product discussion at the Feb WG Fuller update to be provided post the WG Time (A)Cost (G)Quality (G) Customer Sat. (G) Status: Information (A) Feb/Mar Work plan Commence WBC driven discussions with view to next issue of MSA to incorporate shortfalls identified February meeting put back to 25 th Feb to accommodate draft issue of WBC product information March meeting now 17 th March

15 Consult21 Steering Board WG Issues & RAGs Working Group Issues are defined as problems that are within the WG scope and will impede the progress of the WG and cannot be totally resolved, without delaying known milestones, by the WG without outside help. The outside help will be triggered by a formal escalation. Any WG that has one or more escalations currently flagged will be deemed to be in status Red (shown against time indicator). If an issue has the potential to delay a key milestone it should raise an Amber status flag, but no formal escalation will be raised. Once the escalation has been dealt with and appropriate guidance given the escalation will be closed and the WG status will revert. Other WG RAG status influences will be: Cost, Quality & Customer Satisfaction & Information, as in table below. Indicator/StatusRedAmberGreen Time Agreed key milestone date cannot be met Agreed key milestone date in jeopardy All milestones on track Cost (resource) WG failing due to lack of resource WG requires extra resource No additional resource required for WG Quality WG failing against Key Processes Indicators (KPIs) WG KPIs in jeopardyAll KPIs on track Customer Sat. Overall customer satisfaction rated as poor Overall customer satisfaction rated as average Overall customer satisfaction rated as good Information Content not agreed causing critical delays Content agreed but delivery date not agreed Required content (to be) delivered to time

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