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The Leading Business Publication. The BusinessWeek mission BusinessWeek is an indispensable global source of groundbreaking analysis, commentary and news.

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1 The Leading Business Publication

2 The BusinessWeek mission BusinessWeek is an indispensable global source of groundbreaking analysis, commentary and news for those who aspire to succeed in today’s fast-changing world

3 BusinessWeek- the most widely read business publication in the World With its 5.3 million global audience, BusinessWeek reaches more readers than all other business magazines, The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times. Source: Doublebase 2000 MRI, BW Estimate for International; Economist and Financial Times own estimates

4 Business Week- a dynamic and growing title Growth from 1995-2000 148,005 67,277 80,728 37,459 36,751 *Competitive set of Economist, FT, Fortune, IHT, Newsweek, Time, WSJ Source: ABC Statements Dec 1995 to Dec 2000 Actual circulation growth BusinessWeek is the fastest growing title* in Europe and Asia

5 Business Week- Covering the world and locally relevant 949,860 101,055 78,488 26,383 Regional relevance- more than half the editorial is customised to cover the issues key to each region Source: July-Dec 2000 ABC Statement BusinessWeek’s editorial staff is able to deliver global coverage with local relevance by having over 250 editors and reporters in 24 bureaus around the globe. Plus local language editions in Poland and China

6 Customised cover stories Frequently business stories transcend borders Other times, local stories are more important - with editors on the ground throughout the world, BusinessWeek covers the issues from the most appropriate angle to meet the needs of all our readers Cover stories across the globe are frequently different as the breaking story in that region is highlighted North AmericaAsiaEurope October 23 2000

7 Edited to keep readers informed of important news that affects the business community in the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America - each issue features: The latest breaking news and economic analysis International business and finance Telecommunications and technology; information processing Government Management trends Personal business and key executives Customised editorial for each region Meeting the information needs of the global business community

8 Award winning editorial leader Stephen B. Shepard, Editor in Chief “Steve Shepard’s commitment to editorial excellence has transformed the weekly into an authoritative and groundbreaking news source that’s a must- read for anyone serious about business, finance and technology.” (ASME) Recipient of 2000 Henry Johnson Fisher Award Inducted into the American Society of Magazine Editors Hall of Fame

9 A valued brand in the global business community - awards National Magazine Awards for General Excellence (1966 - 2001) Winner 8 timesFinalist 31 times Overseas Press Club Awards (1988 - 2001) Winner 8 timesFinalist 9 times The ACE International Awards 2000 Gold Award for best Business and Professional Magazine 2000 Silver Award for Best International Magazine 1999 Gold Award for Best Business and Professional Magazine 1999 Gold Award for Best International Magazine Society of Publishers in Asia Awards for Editorial Excellence 30 awards received for BusinessWeek Asian editorial since 1995 2001 Winner - Excellence in Magazines (English language) Honourable Mention - Excellence in Reporting 1999 Winner - Excellence in Magazines (English language) Winner - Excellence in Reporting Online: National Magazine Awards for General Excellence in Media Category (1997 - 2001) Winner in 2000Finalist in 1997, 1998 and 2001

10 A valued brand in the global business community “The point of differentiation between Business Week and its closest competitors is the frequency of which it's published and the depth of its insights …if you want to be associated with a business audience, one that is hungry for up-to-date news on a consistent basis, Business Week is a very credible place to be.” Page Thompson, media director for DDB Worldwide, New York When 4-year old Moai Technologies, an e-commerce solution provider, decided to launch an ad campaign in September, it wanted to reach its target via out of home, print and the Internet. "We only went with two business publications, The Wall Street Journal and Business Week... When we did the analysis of Business Week in relation to its competitors, we recognized the value was there from the perspective of cost-per-thousand and the ability to reach our target.” Michelle-Messina, Moai BP-marketing Advertising Age, top magazines - March, 2000 Industry Quotes

11 EuropeAsiaLatin US America Senior Managers 92%92%94%90% Top Managers 63%63%70%59% Global companies 85%87%80%66% - involved in global decisions 63%54%60%32% Institutional investors 24%31%34%25% Business decision makers* 81%76%80%75% Average air trips** 13.49.912.913.7 Average income $160,000$134,000$177,000$172,000 Own shares/funds/bonds/CDs 86%88%82%95% - Average portfolio value $1,087,000$895,000$897,000$1,839,000 *Involved in purchase of any goods/services for business; **business or pleasure in past 12 months Source: Business Week 1999/2000 Subscriber Survey Senior and affluent decision makers

12 BusinessWeek- The most cost-effective magazine for reaching top managers (ABRS). Newsweek Business Week Time Asian WSJ Asiaweek Fortune FEER Economist Forbes Int’l Herald Tribune Financial Times 1.36 0.64 1.73 1.90 1.14 0.66 1.10 0.85 0.82 3.09 4.10 7 1 8 9 6 2 5 4 3 10 11 CPR $Rank Target:Owner/Partner, Chairman/CEO, President/MD, VP, Director/General Manager = 93,333 Source: ABRS 1999; All rates are 2001, 4C pages

13 BusinessWeek- A global leader Consistently high cover rankings across all markets EuropeAsiaUSSum of Overall RanksPosition BusinessWeek32271= Economist267155= Financial Times188177= Forbes476177= Fortune555155= Newsweek614112 Time733133= WSJ841133= Top Managers BusinessWeek is in the top 3 in all markets Cover ranks on syndicated research- lower total = better global cover Source: 2000 EBRS; 1999 ABRS; 2000 Purchase Influence

14 EuropeAsiaLatin US America Read issue at home 77%68%76%82% 3+ years spent reading 58%58%67%66% Read at least 3 out of 4 issues 85%75%78%80% Average time spent reading 1.8hrs2.0hrs1.9hrs1.6hrs Average pick-ups Source:Business Week 1999/2000 Subscriber Survey Business Week - Loyal, dedicated readers

15 Actions taken as a result of seeing advertisement in Business Week: EuropeAsiaLatin US America Visited website 58%53%60%60% Used/referred to in business 43%38%48%40% Referred info to friend/family 28%27%32%34% Requested further info 21%19%23%18% Sent in coupon/reader card 19%13%18%16% Purchase/leased product or service 17%15%23%22% Called toll-free number 15%13%17%28% Responded to investment offer 8%6%6%8% Visited retailer/dealer/distributor 7%6%13%13% Business Week readers respond to advertising Source:Business Week 1999/2000 Subscriber Survey

16 McGraw-Hill Financial Information Services - Standard and Poor’s Standard and Poor’s Rating Service is the number one rating service in the world and is applying it’s leadership to rating and evaluating a growing array of non- traditional financial instruments. Standard and Poor’s Indexes, led by the S & P 500 are the world’s benchmark measures of equity market performance. Standard and Poor’s MMS supplies the world with real time fundamental and technical analysis on the global money, bond, foreign exchange and equity markets. “Standard and Poor’s presented their view of what we are doing in a way that allowed us access to the financing we need. They understand the business we are in, and were able to communicate a complicated story to a very conservative market.” Barclay Knapp Chief Executive Officer & President, NTL Inc UK

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