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Partnership Working Richard Caulfield Chief Executive.

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1 Partnership Working Richard Caulfield Chief Executive

2 "partnership working is the temporary suspension of mutual loathing in pursuit of funding"

3 Why work in partnership? ‘In it together’ & ‘More for less’ Deliver for beneficiaries Mutual benefits Can’t do everything Shared Values Changing geographies You are told to!


5 Types of partnership Self Interested Partnerships – only put in place in pursuit of funding Mutual Partnership – in pursuit of a single relatively narrow agenda that benefits both parties Strategic Partnership – characterised by a wider and longer term context and relationship Shared Destiny Partnership – close to a merger situation

6 The dating game

7 The Passion Killers… Forever and ever – Doesn’t have to be, have an exit strategy Pulling rank – Needs to be ‘equality’ at the table Mission creep – Be clear on remit at outset

8 Passion killers… ‘only here for the cash’ – Clarity at outset! Target – what target? – Know what you are aiming for! Death by drudgery – Keep meetings focused! Strictly a need-to-know basis… – Communication is vital!

9 So… Start looking for potential partners – They may not be usual suspects – Look to private sector as well as VCS/Public Sector Push for appropriate changes in commissioning structures See public sector colleagues as part of the solution Work collaboratively within the sector with mutual trust

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