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Plants as Providers of Fine Chemicals 2012. Plant ProcessProducts ?

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1 Plants as Providers of Fine Chemicals 2012

2 Plant ProcessProducts ?

3 Conference Programme Wednesday 29 th August 11.00—Arrival, registration, poster mounting 13.00and buffet lunch 13.00 Welcome and Introduction Dr Vera Thoss, School of Chemistry, Bangor University Chair Professor Mark Baird 13.15 Keynote speech “Challenges and Opportunities in Plant Chemistry” Professor Monique Simmonds FRES, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew 14.15 “Plant Cell Culture Technology Applied to Cosmetic Active Ingredients” Ms Claire-Marie Grizaud, Sederma 14.45 “Harnessing the Therapeutic Power from Plants” Mr Andrew Gallagher, Phynova 15.15 Afternoon Tea Chair Dr Rob Elias 16.00 “Flavanoids from Fruits for Cosmetic Applications” Mr Richard Wood, Coressence 16.30 “Fine Chemicals from Plants for Crop Protection: Historic Perspectives and Improvements on Nature” Dr Dianne Irwin, Natural Products Team, Syngenta 17.00 “Packaging and Polymers from biobased sources” Professor Ed Kosier, Nextec 17.30 Close of Session 18.00 Trade Stands, Poster Viewing and Wine Reception 19.00Evening Dinner

4 Conference Programme Thursday 30 th August 08.45 Introduction Chair Dr Ana Winters 09.00 “DNA Barcoding the Flora of Wales” Dr Natasha de Vere, National Botanical Garden of Wales 09.20“Making New Molecules” Professor Anne Osbourne, John Innes Centre 09.40“Phytochemical Investigations on Six Medicinal Plants” Dr Mohammad Nur-e-Alam, Bangor University 10.00“Assuring reduced variation in commercial crops – experiences from Barbados with plant tissue culture” Mr Collin Scantlebury, University of the East Indies 10.20“Addressing the Analytical Hurdles Associated with Artemisia anua Extract to Assist in Process Optimisation” Mr Joshua Pilkington, The University of Nottingham 10.40 Morning Coffee, Posters and Trade Stands Chair: Dr David Bryant 11.10“Fine Chemicals from Bluebells—an Aid to Conservation” Dr Vera Thoss, Bangor University 11.30“Chemical Exploration of Walnuts (Juglans regia)” Mr Jawameer Hama, Bangor University 11.50“Rapid Screening for Platform Chemicals in a Novel Miscanthus sinensis mapping family using LC-ESI-MS/MS to maximise output in biorefinery” Mr Tom Wilson, Aberystwyth University 12.10“Melatonin in Natural Plants” Mr Roger Coghill, Asphalia 12.30“Controlled Release of Volatile Fine Chemicals Used in Crop Protection” Dr Owen Jones, Suttera 12.50 Official Close of Conference and Award for Best Poster 13.00Buffet Lunch

5 Plants as Providers of Fine Chemicals 2012


7 Best Poster Price to ???

8 Plants as Providers of Fine Chemicals 2012 Thanks to you all! Organisers: Tracey Roberts, Stevie Scanlan, Vera Thoss with plants from Treborth Botanical Garden

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