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Tony Doyle - University of Glasgow PPARC Review Timeline 0. PPARC Call (February 2003) 1.GridPP2 Proposal (30/5/03) 2. Feedback from Reviewers 3. Responses.

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1 Tony Doyle - University of Glasgow PPARC Review Timeline 0. PPARC Call (February 2003) 1.GridPP2 Proposal (30/5/03) 2. Feedback from Reviewers 3. Responses from the PMB See 4. Projects Peer Review Panel (14-15/7/03) 5. Grid Steering Committee (28-29/7/03) See 6. Tender Document (11/11/03) See 7. Science Committee (17-18/11/03) 8. PPARC (25/11/03) 9. CB (4/12/03)

2 Tony Doyle “GridPP – Internal Tender Process”, Collaboration Board, London, 4 December 2003

3 Tony Doyle - University of GlasgowOutline Context: –GridPP Status –Testbed –GridPP2 Operations Tendering: –Introduction –Areas –Proforma –Allocations –EGEE –General Points –Procedure –Outcomes

4 Tony Doyle - University of Glasgow GridPP Status Report: The Project Map (v 18)

5 Tony Doyle - University of Glasgow GridPP Status: Summary GridPP1 has now completed 2 ex 3 years 42 of 44 metrics are currently satisfied 126 of 182 tasks are complete Reflects many successes.. 3 tasks are currently overdue: –LCG test suite completion (confirmation required) –BaBar use of Tier-A (3 month delay) –UK infrastructure (test of a heterogeneous testbed) 2 dissemination metrics are not OK: –Dissemination of GridPP work via demonstrations (7 ex 8 target workshops) –e-Science interactions (17 ex 20 recorded interactions)

6 Tony Doyle - University of Glasgow Testbed Status (3/12/03) UK-wide development using EU-DataGrid tools (v1.4x). Deployed during Sept 02-03. Currently being upgraded to v2: IC and RAL via RB OK See

7 Tony Doyle - University of Glasgow GridPP2 Operations To move from testbed to production, GridPP plans a bigger team with a full- time Production Manager Manpower will be from the Tier-1 and Tier-2 Centres who will contribute to the Production Team The team will run a UK Grid which will be part of EGEE/LCG and also support other experiments Tagged release selected for certification Certified release selected for deployment Tagged package Problem reports add unit tested code to repository Run nightly build & auto. tests Grid certification Fix problems Application Certification Build System Certification Testbed ~40CPU Production Testbed ~1000CPU Certified public release for use by apps. 24x7 Build system Test Group WPs Unit Test Bui ld Certificati on Producti on Users Development Testbed ~15CPU Individual WP tests Integratio n Team Integration Overall release tests Releases candidate Tagged Releases Releases candidate Certified Releases Apps. Representative s

8 Tony Doyle - University of Glasgow Conclusions from GridPP8 Meeting Visible progress this year in GridPP1 Management via the Project Map and Project Plan High level tasks and metrics: under control Major component is LCG –We contribute significantly to LCG and our success depends critically on LCG Middleware components on critical path w.r.t. LCG adoption Deployment – high and low level perspectives merge via monitoring/accounting Resource centre and experiment accounting are both important Today’s operations in the UK are built around a small team Future operations planning expands this team: Production Manager being appointed Middleware deployment focus on Information Service performance Security (deployment and policy) is emphasised “Production Grid” will be difficult to realise: need to start GridPP2 planning now (already underway) GridPP2 proposal: formal feedback in November Transition period for: –Middleware/Security/Networking Groups –Experiments Phase II –Production Grid Planning

9 Tony Doyle - University of GlasgowIntroduction Funding for the GridPP2 project is now known (see Dave’s slides) We need to develop a detailed plan To avoid a period of uncertainty we have released the GridPP2 Tender Document Post priorities were discussed within the PMB and were presented to PPARC for various funding scenarios Science Committee and PPARC have now approved GridPP2 - sufficient to fund the “regained programme” The funding is conditional upon our engagement in the EGEE/LCG programmes The PMB requests approval for the following internal tender process from the CB

10 Tony Doyle - University of Glasgow Four Tendering Areas The document contains tables that show the PMB- approved allocation of effort in four areas: 1.Application Interfaces 2.Middleware/Security/Networking 3.Tier-2 centres 4.Tier-1/A Centre Internal deadlines such that outcomes are known in Jan- February These deadlines were agreed for all areas except for: –hardware support for the Tier-2 centres where a date in ~March is foreseen (see Steve’s talk) –UK’s contribution to LCG since LCG started later than GridPP1 Note that the Tier-1/A Centre planning also refers to EGEE Production across the UK EGEE starts in April 2004

11 Tony Doyle - University of Glasgow Four Proforma 1.Review of existing posts: to be completed by all Principal Investigators examining the post(s) effectiveness (A requirement of the original grants) 2.Project definition: the project deliverables are to be confirmed or updated by the area contacts (This defines the programme of work planned in the 3-year period from September 04) 3.Tender: describes how effort at a given institute can meet these (updated) project deliverables 4.Assessment: input from the PMB to the PRSC

12 Tony Doyle - University of Glasgow Application Interfaces [FTE] Applications –18 FTEs: ongoing programme of work can continue –Difficult to involve experiment activity not already engaged within GridPP Project needs to build on cross- experiment collaboration GridPP1 already has experience –GANGA: ATLAS & LHCb –SAM: CDF & D0 –Persistency: CMS & BaBar Encourage new joint developments across experiments

13 Tony Doyle - University of Glasgow Middleware, Security and Network [FTE] Information Services [4+4 FTE] and Networking [3+1.5+1.5 FTE]: strategic roles within EGEE Security expands to meet reqts. Data and Workload Management continue No further configuration management development programme defined by –mission criticality (experiment requirements driven) –International/UK-wide lead –leverage of EGEE, UK core and LCG developments Redefine (EDG-based) UK Work Packages into five Development Groups ActivityCurrent Planning Security3.5 Info-Mon.4.0 Data & Storage4.0 Workload1.5 Networking3.0 TOTAL16.0 Security Middleware Networking

14 Tony Doyle - University of Glasgow Tier-2 Services [FTE] Four Regional Tier-2 Centres London: Brunel, Imperial College, QMUL, RHUL, UCL. SouthGrid: Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford, RAL PPD. NorthGrid: CCLRC Daresbury, Lancaster, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield. ScotGrid: Durham, Edinburgh, Glasgow. Hardware provided by Institutes GridPP provides added manpower Current Planning Y 1Y 2Y 3 Hardware Support4.08.0 Core Services4.0 User Support1.02.0 Specialist Services Security1.0 Resource Broker1.0 Network0.5 Data Management2.0 VO Management0.5 14.019.0 Existing Staff-4.0 GridPP210.015.0 Total SY 40.0

15 Tony Doyle - University of Glasgow Tier-1/A Services [FTE] High quality data services National and International Role UK Focus for International Grid development Highest single priority within GridPP2 Current Planning CPU 2.0 Disk 1.5 AFS 0.0 Tape 2.5 Core Services 2.0 Operations 2.5 Networking 0.5 Security 0.0 Deployment 2.0 Experiments 2.0 Management 1.5 Total 16.5

16 Tony Doyle - University of GlasgowEGEE An additional 9.5 FTEs for Operations and Support will be funded via EGEE to establish a Production Grid across the UK This area is being led by RAL (as agreed at the CB) Note EGEE will also fund: –Information Services (RAL) [4+4FTE] –Training (Edinburgh) [4+4] –Networking (UCL) [1.5+1.5] {with linked funding from elsewhere} Core Infrastructure Centre and Regional Operations Centre for the UK and Ireland: includes Operations and Support 4 FTEs for EGEE Tier-2 Coordinators reporting to the Production Manager (joint appointments funded via CCLRC)

17 Tony Doyle - University of Glasgow Operational Roles Core Infrastructure Services (CIC) –Grid information services –Monitoring services –Resource brokering –Allocation and scheduling services –Replica data catalogues –Authorisation services –Accounting services Still to be defined fully in EGEE Core Operational Tasks (ROC) –Monitor infrastructure, components and services –Troubleshooting –Verification of new sites joining Grid –Acceptance tests of new middleware releases –Verify suppliers are meeting SLA –Performance tuning and optimisation –Publishing use figures and accounts

18 Tony Doyle - University of Glasgow RAL has led project to develop LCG Operations… –Monitoring –Contacts –SLAs –Security Policy –LCG Security Coordinator

19 Tony Doyle - University of Glasgow Tier 0 and LCG: Foundation Programme Aim: retain UK influence Ensure development programmes are linked Project management: GridPPLCG Shared expertise: LCG establishes the global computing infrastructure Allows all participating physicists to exploit LHC data Proposed funding determined based on: –Recently increased funding at CERN supporting LCG (recognition of Grid importance within the LHC programme) –Appropriate share for the UK –Requirements of LCG Phase 2 –Past GridPP1 contribution Required Foundation: LCG Fabric, Technology and Deployment

20 Tony Doyle - University of Glasgow General Points 1.All post-holders must report back at 3-monthly intervals (using similar reporting mechanisms to those used for the majority of GridPP posts). 2.All GridPP2 posts will end on Aug 31st 2007. Existing posts that are renewed will commence at the end-date of the present grant. Thus, many GridPP2 posts will run for less than three full years. This should be anticipated in the work programmes described. 3.A review of posts will be made prior to this end point, in order to determine their effectiveness within the GridPP2 programme.

21 Tony Doyle - University of Glasgow Procedure for Internal Tendering I We ask you to respond [via e-mail to Steve Lloyd] according to the proforma with deadlines of 12 noon on the dates noted below. 1.Current Principal Investigators: the deadline for submission of completed Proforma-1 is Friday 12th December. 2.Contact People: the deadline for submission of completed Proforma-2 is Wednesday 17th December. These will be made available via the web by Friday 19th December. 3.Proposed Principal Investigators: the deadline for submission of completed Proforma-3 is Friday 9th January. 4.PMB Members: the deadline for submission of completed Proforma-1 Evaluation Reports is Friday 9th January.

22 Tony Doyle - University of Glasgow Accelerated Procedure for Internal Tendering An accelerated procedure is necessary for Information Services in order for a CCLRC recruitment process to be initiated in time for EGEE start-up on 1 st April Completed drafts of two proforma have been received by the PMB, with the third received in confidence by DB, TD, NG and SL. Based on next week’s PMB assessment of this input, a letter will be sent to enable CCLRC recruitment prior to the meeting of the PRSC Further feedback on the input will be included as part the PRSC process We request CB approval for this accelerated procedure

23 Tony Doyle - University of Glasgow Procedure for Internal Tendering II The GridPP Peer Review Selection Committee (PRSC) will meet after Monday January 12th and determine priorities and allocations according to this input. The recommendations of the PRSC will be subject to approval by the PPARC e-Science Director. Results will be communicated to all Institutes as soon as possible after the PRSC meeting. For approved posts at Universities, a JES form should be submitted directly to Guy Rickett at PPARC with an agreed specific spine point for current staff or for a spine point 11 post with end point August 31st 2007. For approved posts at CCLRC, funding will be via the PPARC-CCLRC Service Level Agreement, referring to the agreed GridPP2 deliverables and services. Posts will be renewed or appointed within an agreed pay band with end point August 31st 2007.

24 Tony Doyle - University of Glasgow Proforma-1: GridPP1 Review Note that this information will be extracted prior to evaluation by the PMB

25 Tony Doyle - University of Glasgow Proforma-2: Future Plans The contact persons should circulate drafts based upon the proposal and subsequently submit: 1.a brief (1-2 pages) overview of the work you envisage in the GridPP2 period including any connection to work done in GridPP1; 2.explicitly defined deliverables, including dates, for the GridPP2 period; This should be based on the input you gave to the GridPP2 proposal but you have the freedom to change plans at this point. The granularity of these deliverables should be roughly one or two every 6 months per FTE of effort 3.if applicable, the proposed arrangements for leading the area and meeting the deliverables agreed between a consortium of institutes.

26 Tony Doyle - University of Glasgow Proforma-3: Bid from Institutes 8

27 Tony Doyle - University of Glasgow Proforma-4: Proforma-1 Evaluation Report

28 Tony Doyle - University of GlasgowOutcome By the end of this process we will be able to: –Continue the work started in GridPP1 (by many people) –Define the GridPP2 Project Map tasks and metrics –Appoint additional staff in recognised areas to contribute to agreed tasks –Contribute fully to EGEE –Start to go from Prototype to Production Beyond this, we anticipate a transition after GridPP2 in the PPARC Road Map where these areas are supported within the Particle Physics Programme

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