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Cornwall Developers forum 5 December 2011 Our emerging Core Strategy.

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1 Cornwall Developers forum 5 December 2011 Our emerging Core Strategy

2 Bubble diagram


4 We’ve asked; How Much & Where ? Vision; Lead in Sustainable Living

5 How much growth? Low Continued low migration 1,900 dwellings per year 20 year total: 38,000 dwellings Medium Longer term migration trends 2,400 dwellings per year 20 year total: 48,000 dwellings High Higher migration 2,850 dwellings per year 20 year total: 57,000 dwellings

6 Consultation responses… Levels Of Growth Low 38,000 Medium 48,000 High 57,000 Exhibition 29%42.5%28.5% Written Responses 47%17%36% Distribution TownsDisperse d Economy led Exhibition 27.5%48%22% Written Responses 34%38%28%

7 strategy for growth oProposed Housing figure of 48,000 over 20 years. oEvery place has needs-”dispersed” support sustainability of smaller settlements..but o Need Growth to support regeneration..CPR and St Austell Clay Country oMain Towns focus of Housing need,particualrly Truro,Falmouth,Newquay,Penzance. o Support areas of Opportunity- e.g.Bodmin,Newquay enterprise zone oNew role for “Gateways into Cornwall” oTruro as higher level retail focus oGreen Cornwall

8 Housing need


10 PP1 PP8 PP7 PP3 PP4 PP2 PP6 PP5 PP16 PP10 PP12 PP11 PP9 PP17 PP14 PP15 PP13 Sustainable Development Viable places Homes Jobs Quality Environment Localism Place based Policy Framework

11 CNA - Evidence

12 Implications A part of the evidence base Have explored capacity and development options around the towns- Options for growth Set scene for future development Provide Key messages in the Core Strategy Identify priorities for each network area Town Frameworks

13 Assessment of landscape cells

14 Bodmin Moor Community Network Areas Must be in conformity with Core Strategy Key Questions how do they link to core strategy What level of detail does the strategy provide? How much is left to bottom up? Neighbourhood Plans – the new kid on the block

15 Infrastructure Delivery Plan and CIL Delivery plan sets out needs and priorities for infrastructure Forms part of Core strategy consultation Joint viability assessment to develop CIL with affordable housing Policies Timescale

16 Timetable.. Preferred Strategy consultation –January to March 2011 Submission draft April 2012 Submission Sept 2012 Examination ~ Dec 2013/Jan 2013 Adoption ~ May 2013

17 Next Stage Develop policy framework for submission draft-April 2012 Incorporate affordable housing policy framework after viability work in submission draft-April 2012 Combine Natural resources/waste /minerals into submission draft.

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