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“You are what you eat” 1. Books / talks 2. Nature / people.

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2 “You are what you eat”

3 1. Books / talks 2. Nature / people

4 Read Evaluate Analyse DoDo Devotional Reading cf Study of Bible

5 Observe creation (admiringly) Study relationships – at home, at work, in the street Watch who is kind, who cares, who judges, who is confident & why Watch our culture and its values – discern

6 Desire Humility Discipline Digging Absorb Hard work bears fruit & builds character

7 Focus of study What is the author saying? What does the author mean? Is the author correct? Context of study Experience – helps us interpret Other books – give meaning and reference Discussion – interaction with others & the author & with ideas

8 1. What do you see? 2. What is the author / painter saying? 3. What is there to admire about the author / painter? 4. What meaning does the author / painter intend you to gain? 5. Concentrate hard on your item. What new things do you see?

9 Clarity Understanding Depth Confidence in God & His word Joy Inhibits mediocrity Discipline brings freedom and transformation

10 1. An end to Microwave Christianity 2. An end to fear 3. John 8:32 know the truth 4. VIDEO VIDEO

11 1. Make time in your diary 2. Time of day when freshest 3. Tackle a book e.g. an epistle 4. Read repeatedly 5. Ask each other in 1 to 1s

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