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NHS Calderdale and Kirklees Cervical Screening GP Registrars Training Information.

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1 NHS Calderdale and Kirklees Cervical Screening GP Registrars Training Information

2 Topics to be covered: Cervical screening programme basics Training guidance and further resources Responsibilities as sample takers Responsibilities as employers Quality/safety – Incidents Local Pathway Cervical Sample Taker Database (CSTD) Monitoring Performance

3 Cervical Screening Programme Basics The programme covers women age 25-64 – 25-49 every 3 years – 50-64 every 5 years – 65+ only if not screened since 50 or had recent abnormal tests The majority of cervical screening samples are taken in primary care

4 Useful Websites Quality Assurance Reference Centre (QARC) RegionalProtocolsandGuidance.aspx NHS Cervical Screening Programme: ex.html

5 Update training Components E-learning – accredited package Localisation training  Specific event  Optional visits to the care pathway Annual review of audit data  Inadequacy; abnormality; TZ rates NHSCSP publication 23: Taking Samples for Cervical Screening (April 2006): Training requirements for medical and nursing professionals are equivalent. “Sample takers should undertake a minimum of one half day’s update training every three years.” NEYH Sample Taker Training Guidance (July 2012): “All sample takers in in the NEYHQARC region irrespective of their place of work and job description are required to adhere to the requirements of this training guidance”

6 E - learning This course covers theoretical information - but it doesn't guarantee clinical competence. taker/Preview/index.html

7 HPV e-learning module An e-learning course has been developed, which takes approximately 30-45 mins to complete: /Published/WEB/COURSE/SHA-HPV.html Following completion of the course sample takers can take an assessment by following this link: /Published/WEB/ASSESSMENT/assessment.html

8 Responsibilities of Sample Takers, Employers and Sample Taking Co-ordinators ortalid=0&mid=923

9 “All screening programmes do harm: the challenge is to ensure that programmes are implemented in such a way that they do more good than harm at reasonable cost” Raffle, A. & Gray, M. (2007) Screening: evidence and practice. Oxford University press Quality/Safety and Incidents

10 Essentials High coverage of the population (80% or more) Well trained professionals High quality cervical sample taking High quality cervical sample analysis Evidence-based, high quality treatment and clinical management Efficient failsafe systems for all elements of the pathway

11 Err on the side of caution… Inform / discuss with the Screening Manager / Co-ordinator The QARC should be notified within 24 hours of any problem which may be a suspected Serious Incident The responsible person in the provider/PCT should complete the template form

12 Incidents in primary care Incorrect method (e.g. not including the brush head in the pot due to being trained in a different technique) Incorrect use of screening e.g. sample-taking when visible cancer on the cervix Using out of date vials Taking samples without training or a code Employing an untrained sample taker Incorrect labelling of samples / not matching with forms Code-sharing Poor technique e.g. not visualising cervix



15 Local pathway Overview

16 Pathway & players Call/recall General practice, hospital or community clinic Cytology Colposcopy Treatment WYCSA Laboratory / WYCSA Colposcopy clinic Woman receives invitation Woman registers with GP Woman has cervical sample taken Sample sent to laboratory Result sent to woman & sample taker Woman invited for colposcopy Woman invited for treatment




20 Cervical Sample Taker Database Web based database - register of all the sample takers in the North East, Yorkshire and the Humber Performance management tool (results of samples, reports on performance) Cervical sample taker training record tool Local training days and events in your area advertisement National, regional and local cervical screening guidelines and protocols held All sample takers need to obtain a new cervical sample (smear) taker code to replace their existing code A NEW CODE WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY BE SENT TO YOU! The new code will begin with a letter followed by four numbers e.g. A0001 Access will be given to the Cervical Sample Taker Database QARC REQUIRE ALL SAMPLE TAKERS TO BE REGISTERED BY END SEPT 2012

21 How to get a new sample taker code Sample Taking Coordinator & General Practice Manager to apply for access to database QARC approves access and Sample Taking Coordinator receives an email confirming that their access has been granted Sample Taking Coordinator logs into the database and completes a form to add new sample taker New Sample Taker Code request approved by QARC and Sample Taker receives an email with their new sample taker code and log in details for sample taker database. Laboratory informed of new sample taker code

22 CSTD Links For the sample taking coordinators to register and to add sample takers: For sample takers:

23 Sample Taker Performance

24 Audit of inadequates, TZ rate (women under 50) and abnormals by QARC Monthly download Use lab data to Produce funnel plot RAG rated (how near to lab average)

25 Sample Taker Performance cont Sample Taker CodeSample Taker Inadequate %RAG Rating Example 11.25%Green Example 27.50%Red Sample Taker CodeTZ %RAG Rating Example 180.00%Amber Example 290.00%Green

26 Sample Taker Performance cont ‘A Guide for Practices and Sample Takers to Understanding Sample Taking Performance Data’ 1QH3A%3d&tabid=289 If RED – recommend looking at data in more depth. QARC/PCT can support this. They may recommend an internal WASP assessment should take place. YqREg%3d&tabid=93&mid=923 Practice responsibility to ensure staff are competent

27 TZ Rates Good technique: – Get a good view of the cervix – Anchor the brush in the os – 5 clockwise turns with firm pencil pressure

28 For further information Calderdale & Kirklees Cervical Screening Programme & NHS Calderdale Dr Jill Farrington District Coordinator / Consultant in Public Health Medicine 01422 281470 Sharron McMahon Public Health Screening Manager 01422 281513 Sarah Januszczyk Public Health Secretary 01422 28 1516 NHS Kirklees Dr Mercy Vergis Consultant in Public Health 01484-464236 (PA) 07904-194321

29 Finally... Any Questions?

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