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The Stennack Surgery Patient Participation Group Appointments – Two years on…What do we now offer?

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1 The Stennack Surgery Patient Participation Group Appointments – Two years on…What do we now offer?

2 We have 13000 Patients registered with us, plus temporary residents (often over 20 per day during the summer) We are open from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday including Bank Holidays

3 We Currently Have… 10 GP Partners 2 Salaried GPs 2 Nurse Practitioners 2 Senior Nurses 4 Practice Nurses 2 Assistant Nurse Practitioners 1 Health Care Assistant

4 GP Sessions The Partners work an agreed number of sessions per week. Several of our GPs work in other specialist clinics across the County and are therefore not at the Stennack Surgery every day The GPs currently work a total of 63 sessions per week Every GP has a buddy who covers their work in their absence

5 What is a session? One session = Half day General Clinic = 15 x 10 minute appointments Joint Clinics & Tutorials with GP Trainees & Foundation Doctors Same Day Doctor (Duty Doctor) Nursing Homes weekly rounds (We look after five) Community Hospital ward round Women’s Health Clinic Minor Operation Clinics

6 How Many Appointments? We are currently offering about 900 GP/SDS appointments each week – 160-200 per day We have pre-bookable, 48hr and “Book on the Day” appointments The SDS offers over 50 appointments each day for acute problems in addition to its walk-in for Minor Injuries Certain number of GP appointments released 48 hours ahead New On-line booking now available for GPs (Unbooked appointments are released for general use 24 hrs ahead)

7 WEEK 1 MonTues Wed ThursFri ColinLN7/6.30 EX/SDDpm 30 10 40 Dan EDD/6.30SDDam Vispm 301530 105 WillVispmTW/HDpm SDDam/6.30 3015 60 RupertSDDamEX/ JT/Tutam Morrall15 25 1555 Sarah WHpm SDDam/JT/Tutpm 3015 045 FrankEHpmVispmEHamSDDpm 1530515 65 Michele SDDpm Cwam/Vispm 15 20 35 Anna SDDpm 30 1545 Sam 6.30 15 60 Rupert Rxpm6.30 Manley 15251555 Aida SDDam 10 2535 Jane Lucas- SDDpm Carram/Vispm McGrath3015 23 68 ST3(SAR)- Sophie Spencer videopmSDLam/VTSpmSDSpm EHam/JT/Tutpm 141307337 0 F2(RMO) JT/Tutam/SDSpm 99 7429 STUDENT(S) 0 SAME DAY SERVICE ST3F2pm 0 Offered appts 173182120137122734 FIGURES SHOWN IN RED ARE THE NUMBER OF APPOINTMENTS OFFERED PER DAY(Not allowing for supervision slots) JT Joint surgeryEH Edward Hain PD Practice Development Carr Carrick Lodge MO Minor Ops SDDpm Same Day Dr pm EDD Duty Doc Early Cover CW Cornwallis WH Womens Health Vispm Early pm clinic & late visits LN7 Late night to 7pm SDD am Same Day Dr amTUT Tutorials TW/HD Trewartha/Hea dlands 6.30 6.30-8.00 cover

8 What does the Same Day/Duty/on- call Doctor do? Triages/assesses requests for visits Offers on the day telephone consultations where clinically urgent Deals with all clinically urgent matters requested by community team e.g. District Nurses/Macmillan nurses Supports the SDS and the nursing team with complex patients Triages & sees patients where appropriate on the day when all other appointments are fully booked Can be as many as 50 encounters per session

9 What else do the GPs do? Visits (Over 30 pw which are fitted in over lunchtime between am & pm clinics. One GP is also assigned to late visits) Referrals, pathology processing, prescription authorisation and related administration Meetings – Internal (Lunchtimes & evenings) & External (Lead GPs are involved with the local/County groups) Medicals & reports Training of students from the Peninsula Medical School, Foundation doctors and GP Trainees Research work Audits Practice Development – Business strategy

10 Nursing The Nursing Team is highly experienced and qualified and deal with a range of general nursing as well as chronic disease management Blood tests Blood Pressures ECGs Dressings & Wound care Removal of Sutures Child Immunisations Diabetic Reviews Coronary Heart Disease Respiratory Reviews/Asthma/COPD Ear irrigation Travel Advice & immunisation INR (patients on warfarin) Contraception & Family Planning Hypertension Chronic Kidney Disease General health Checks

11 Same Day Service The demand for on the day appointments is very high. The challenge is to offer pre-booked appointments as well as ones for new/acute problems. The Same Day Service was designed by the Partners to offer a nurse-led service for these acute problems, which runs alongside the Minor Injury Unit Open 8am – 8pm 50+ appointments each day Highly qualified Nurse practitioners, minor illness and minor injury trained nurses (GPs will fill gaps) Reception are trained to ask questions to book the most appropriate clinician

12 The continual challenge… Trying to match the demand to supply of appointments continues to be a challenge What help is there… Tackling DNAs – letters The introduction of on-line bookings Communication!!! PPG – new members Newsletters/Publicity Ambassadors

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