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Hook CP School Alcohol Project 2007 Mentor UK Alcohol Misuse Prevention Award Scheme.

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1 Hook CP School Alcohol Project 2007 Mentor UK Alcohol Misuse Prevention Award Scheme

2 Our project Year 6 of 2004-2005 completed a project, with help from Sudds, Safer under 18s Drink and Drugs Service in Pembrokeshire, about the effects of alcohol on the people and environment of Hook village The project was submitted for the Mentor UK Alcohol Misuse Prevention Award scheme in the spring of 2006 Project short listed in May 2006 DVD produced in July 2006 Winners of the Young People ’ s Involvement category September 2006 Hook CP School

3 Mentor UK award scheme 2006 Mentor UK ’ s first Alcohol Misuse Prevention Award Designed to reward those working with primary school age children to prevent alcohol misuse – to stop binge drinking before it starts Scheme supported by Diageo Great Britain as part of their Responsible Drinking Programme Cash Prize of £ 10,000 plus consultancy support valued at a further £ 10,000 in following 12 months Project and DVD were judged by primary school- children from around Britain Winners announced in the Museum of London on the 29th September 2006 Hook CP School

4 29 th September 2006 London Museum

5 What happened next? Year 6 of 2006-07 began the second stage of the project in January 2007 Rachel Wilson from Sudds and classroom teachers will again assist with the project The project will be led by the class using their ideas and concerns as the focus for their work The focus points chosen were: 1. Our feelings, emotions and thoughts about alcohol 2. Challenging young people ’ s attitudes towards alcohol Hook CP School

6 Project Diary February 2007 Our ideas Design project leaflets and posters Design desktop screen savers Produce a PowerPoint diary of project sessions Create a scrapbook and fact files To write, perform and record a play to be made into a DVD To plan and help produce a website Hook CP School

7 February 2007 We put stickers on the drawing to show where we thought alcohol could effect our bodies. eyes go foggy dizziness headaches slurred speech wobbly confused liver damage heart beats faster weak clumsy sickness Hook CP School

8 ALCOHOL How do you feel when you drink alcohol? Hook CP School

9 Beer goggles Beer goggles are a safe way to experience what it might be like if you drink too much alcohol. The lenses in the goggles made us feel dizzy, our peripheral vision was effected and we couldn ’ t walk straight. We had to search by feeling for the glue stick!! Hook CP School

10 Two scenarios- what do you think? The boy is too young The woman wants to make money He might think it is cool Maybe he is showing off Maybe he has been dared to buy alcohol Maybe she was driving when drunk She is blowing into an alcometer She could be feeling guilty and frightened She shouldn ’ t have had the last drink Hook CP School

11 Then and now Our project started in 2005 because the playing fields were littered with broken bottles. We nearly had to cancel our sports day. For awhile after our project, the bottles were cleared and the playing field was a safe place to play. We have again looked at this area, and alcoholic and non alcoholic drink bottles and cans are littering the village and field. We hope our knowledge about alcohol will make us take more care of our village. Hook CP School

12 Reaction Time Test First we did it quietly with a clear brain and then we repeated the test with a distracted brain because we were talking to each other. This showed us how alcohol would effect our reaction time. When working in pairs one person held a wooden block in front of them and the second person had to catch the block when it was dropped. This activity tested the catchers ’ reaction time. Hook CP School

13 March 2007 Alcohol advertisements Young people are encouraged to buy and drink alcohol because there are so many different advertisements. Rugby shirts Wanting to be like pop stars Advert- posters Bill boards Shops- special offers Bright signs Restaurants Newspapers Magazines Hook CP School

14 Why don’t some people drink? Many people don ’ t drink for different reasons. Religious Medical- health and illnesses Very expensive Safety reasons Personal reasons Hook CP School

15 Why do some people drink? Many people do drink for different reasons To have a good time Social reasons Some people are bullied into drinking Nice taste Addictive Peer pressure To feel grownup Thinking it makes you friendlier Can ’ t say no To be part of the group Hook CP School

16 Our screen savers Hook CP School

17 Two questionnaires Hook CP School Think before you drink! Put a tick by the answer you think is best.

18 People working on our project She is working on our scrapbook! They are helping to make a leaflet! He is working on a fact file! They are working on a poster! Hook CP School

19 April 2007 Our drama play One part of the project has been practising and filming a drama play written by all the members of Year 6. The play will be performed during a school assembly for parents and governors. It will also be performed at the ‘ Alcohol, What ’ s the Problem? ’ conference on the 7th June 2007 held at the Nantyffin Hotel, Llandisilio. Hook CP School

20 Our leaflet Hook CP School

21 Our leaflet

22 Work in progress They are having fun looking at the scrapbook. He is helping to make a poster She is painting a poster. Hook CP School

23 All those who made it possible Mentor UK Rachel Wilson- Sudds Lana Bullimore, Christine Richards and Duncan Whitehurst - teachers Pupils Sian Mathias Pearl Read Rebecca James Antonia Stoddart Riki Hooper Josh Bolt Joshua Davies Tomos Lewis Garon Skyrme Christopher Locke Callum Devereux Kieron Gover Hook CP School

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