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Healthwatch England The Healthwatch Network Christine Lenehan, Committee Member.

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1 Healthwatch England The Healthwatch Network Christine Lenehan, Committee Member

2 What is Healthwatch England? The new consumer champion for health and care in England A national body that has full independence, to report on the issues and trends it believes are important to consumers and users of health and social care. Has real power in law to make those who plan and run services listen and respond to its view Part of a wider network that includes local Healthwatch and third sector Develops an intelligent view of the issues and trends at a national level, based on evidence from: people who use services local Healthwatch organisations Voluntary organisations and those who support vulnerable people

3 Our resonsibilities… Our job is to argue for the consumer interest of all those who use services We will make sure overall views and experiences of those who use services are heard and taken seriously at a national level We will actively seek views from all – not just those who shout the loudest but especially those who struggle to be heard By making sure real experiences and views are listened to, analysed, and acted upon we can help make services better We are independent and we will say what needs to be said, based on real evidence To support the evolution and success of the local Healthwatch network.

4 How Healthwatch will work Strength of the overall network is key to the success We will provide leadership, support and advice to local Healthwatch Local Healthwatch organisations, funded by and accountable to local councils, will: signpost people so they can access services from the right place gather evidence from consumers, users and groups to feedback to those who commission and provide services in some cases, provide advocacy for complaints We will gather and analyse information from local Healthwatch (and others, like voluntary organisations) to identify key trends and issues We will take those findings to the people in charge at national level

5 Our offer to local Healthwatch Branding – logos, key messages, all sorts of templates, social media guidance with more to come over the coming months A free ‘website in a box’ to aid professional local Healthwatch online presence A specific IT system to help the Healthwatch network gather and analyse data at a local and national level Creating an evolving flexible package to give advice and support including a Communications Toolkit and enter and view training Regional and national events so we can share and learn together as the network develops and grows Facilitating the sharing of good practice and case studies across all 152 local Healthwatch areas.

6 Contact us 0300 68 3000

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