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Hannelie du Plessis-Walker

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1 Hannelie du Plessis-Walker Email:

2  You must have completed a full sandwich year placement  You have to be enrolled on your third year of studies  You have to be willing to experiment with yourself  You have to be willing to be part of an ALS  And more importantly, you have to be willing to do what is asked of you  And above all, engage and enjoy the process!! ALS = Action Learning Sets

3 To move from one point of life to another, we need to reflect, and to successfully reflect we need to:  Make time to reflect  Have something to reflect on  Have a medium to capture our reflection  Have skills in reflection  Be honest  And give and receive feedback

4 Find out  What this module is all about?  How will the module be delivered?  What will the assessment be?  How will your coursework be assessed?  Get some of the paperwork and HOMEWORK  Set up your Action Learning Sets (ALS)

5  Evaluate the industry sector of your placement, the nature of the organisation, their products/services and your perception of the sector’s key characteristics and trends  Critically evaluate the qualities and professionalism needed by a graduate entering graduate employment with the host organisation or similar organisation and the potential career opportunities in that sector  Identify and critically reflect in the light of the above, on your role and value of your work experience in relation to their learning, personal development and future career development needs  And of course you need to do the ELP3 (CU students only)

6 Engage in activities where you will have to look at yourself: Where you are now? and Where you want to be one day? Make an effort looking BACK and looking FORWARD, thus to engage in meaningful reflection! Challenge one another to WALK THE EXTRA MILE!!!! ……ALS (get-togethers) (could be online discussions) And at the end to share (and thus help) others! ……the final output (exhibition)

7  Portfolio-collection  Professional Poster or Photo story And these outputs will contain the following……

8 Collection of activities  as conducted in class (or by working through sessions online)  as a result of Action Learning Sets  anything else you consider important to share

9  Evaluating the industry sector of your placement  Evaluating the nature of the organisation, including nature of products/services  Your perception of the sector’s (or host organisation’s) key characteristics and trends  Potential career opportunities in the sector (can also include future placements)  Reference to the qualities and professionalism needed by a graduate entering graduate employment with the host organisation (or similar organisation)  Reflection on your own qualities and professionalism and identification of your own future learning, personal development and career development needs

10 Requirements  Minimum of 3 and a maximum 5 members per ALS (online discussion group)  And it is OK if you are from different faculties  Exchange contact details  Choose a ALS-leader (democratically PLEASE)  Go on then or shall I choose randomly????

11  Think of a metaphor for your future life, this can be a journey, a home, a country, a piece of art, anything you like!  Then DRAW it!  No worries if you can not draw, no test (5 minutes/flexible)  (Could be a picture you email/share with discussion group)  When finished show your friend and ask him/her what it tells them about your hopes and/or fears and/or predictions (10 minutes/flexible)  (could email comments to you on your picture)  Then again look at it yourself and ask yourself what it is saying about you and your hopes/dreams/desires?  Make a list and WORK ON IT!!! (at home) For portfolio

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