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Stationing Guidelines for Circuits involved in Stationing 2015.

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1 Stationing Guidelines for Circuits involved in Stationing 2015

2 The Context Methodism: a connexional Church  Committed to the best use of resources for the good of the whole church  Committed to best & consistent practice  Committed to trust & prayerful discernment  Free from wrongful forms of discrimination The Circuit: our unit of mission  Appointments made to the Circuit team  The role of the Circuit Stewards

3 The Context Supreme Court ruling  Ministers are not employees  There is no contract with the circuit (or indeed with anyone else)  All Ministers are stationed annually by the Conference (consultation, CPD, but not consent!)

4 Three key thing to remember Be open to surprises Communication Care

5 A two-part process 1. Re-invitation [June – September]  Should the present invitation be extended ? Consultations Discernment & Recommendation (up to 5 yrs) Circuit Meeting Decision New letter of understanding 2. Stationing [September onwards]  What ministry is required ? Writing & reading Profiles The Matching Process

6 Part One: Re-invitation: an overview Initial preparations* Conversations with Minister* Consulting the Churches* Briefing the Stewards* Preparing a Recommendation* The Circuit Meeting Decision*

7 Initial Preparations Ensure that you have:  A Circuit Invitation Committee Delegated powers ? Liaise re Chair’s involvement  Current mission policy for the Circuit (NB. clarify staffing policies in advance of any reinvitation process)  Current mission policy for the local church(es) Review the manse See questions for reflection at D6

8 1. Conversations with the Minister Initial conversation(s)  Is an re-invitation being sought ?  Are there personal or family issues to be noted  Additional Pastoral support ? Meeting the Invitation Committee  Personal and vocational aspirations Feedback  Feedback from consultations & recommendation Meeting the Invitations Committee Ongoing conversation & support

9 Consulting the Churches Purpose To give the Circuit Invitation Committee a clear understanding of the ministry and work being done within the church and community, how the local people view its further development and to assess how best that can be achieved. NB: Only one part of the Committee’s deliberations

10 Consulting the Churches 1. Briefing the Steward(s) Ask appropriate questions Ask representative people Limit the process – 3 weeks Views - not votes ! Note those consulted Record & report responses Superintendency ?  Consultation of all Circuit churches

11 Asking Appropriate Questions [E20] What are the gifts & skills you most appreciate ? Are pastoral needs being addressed ? Are styles of worship helpful ? Has there been outreach to the community ? How might a change of ministry affect ecumenical or community partners ? What ongoing work would benefit from continuity ? Is there a need for a change of ministry to bring different gifts & skills

12 Asking appropriate questions for a diaconal appointment [J20] In what ways has the vision… developed ? Have the expectations of the Circuit and Deacon been met ? Has the work developed in new directions ? How does the appointment relate to Circuit priorities ? What kind of ministry does the Circuit wish to offer and to whom ? Is a different set of gifts/skills now needed?

13 Consulting the Churches 2. Towards a Recommendation Consult ecumenical & community partners Receive reports & check range of those consulted Circuit Stewards to produce report of consultation and share with the minister Invitation Committee meets to receive report and Minister’s response and produce written recommendation, with reasons Share with Minister, District Chair & Lay Stationing rep; circulate to Circuit Meeting

14 The Circuit Meeting Decision Timing  20 September deadline  Chair’s involvement re Superintendents Preparations* Procedures * Things to watch*

15 Preparations for Circuit Meeting Ensure minister is fully aware of recommendation & reasons  (NB: Minister can submit alternative reasoned statement to appeal a recommendation [E10] Circulate recommendation to members in advance Agree who will present recommendation Prepare voting slips

16 Circuit Meeting procedures Circuit Stewards present a summary of the consultation & recommendation Minister can address meeting and/or respond to points raised in discussion If no opposition registered in advance, in writing, recommendation taken as agreed [E11] otherwise… Minister leaves before a ballot vote  60% of those present & voting required for re- invitation; 75% if for 11th or more years Minister informed of result New Letter of Understanding issued

17 Things to ensure: Reasons for recommendation clearly understood No new points raised once minister has left meeting or without right of reply 2 scrutineers appointed to count vote and calculate % How minister will be informed of result Chair informed of result Ongoing support where necessary

18 Part Two: Stationing of Presbyters What form of Ministry ? The Circuit Profile The Ministers’ Profiles The Matching Process for Presbyters The Visit The Invitation & Letter of Understanding Before September 2015

19 What form of Ministry ? Clarify what form of ministry is sought  Presbyter Probationer ? – application to Chair by 16 September World church minister ?  Deacon – new stationing process Consult Warden of Order Application by 16 September  Lay – separate appointment process Alternative plans ?

20 The Circuit Profile What is it for ?  To describe the appointment in its context  To outline the ‘job description‘  To inform the matching process How is it prepared ?  Local consultation: invitations Cttee +  In consultation with the Chair When is it needed ?  By the Chair: 25 th September 2014  By the connexion: 30 th September 2014

21 The Ministers’ Profiles [G1-5] Profiles of available Deacons/Presbyters sent to named Circuit Steward by 10/23 October Invitations Cttee identifies possible matches Consultation with Chair re 5 ‘best matches’ and any longer list NB direct contact between Ministers and Circuits not permitted

22 The Matching Process [H1-12] Designation of Initial Stations: 25 September Matching process:  3-6 Nov/1-2 Dec: Stationing Matching 1 & 2  5-6 January: Initial Stationing Sub-committee  13 January: Stationing Matching 3 Matching practice:  Ministers are matched to appointments  Each appointment is matched as it is called Stationing Matching Group  Until May 2015

23 The Visit Within 10 days of the matching process  Normally Saturdays – 8 or 15/11; 6 or 13/12; Purpose:  mutual discernment – not interview! Practicalities:  Information pack  Programme  Hospitality & family considerations ?

24 Invitation & Letter of Understanding The Circuit issues the invitation – or not  Delegated authority for Invitation Cttee ?  Special Circuit Meeting in place ? Feed-back to minister (& Chair) within 2 days Letter of Understanding  confirming any verbal agreements re (eg) Tasks, Manse, Resources etc.

25 Before September 2015 Schedule manse work well in advance  Circuit policy & funding ?  Methodist permissions ?  Work programme Keep in touch where appropriate  Manse  Any changes affecting Circuit  Any longer-term dates Care for existing Minister

26 Key Dates & Deadlines – cf. p.6 16 September – Probationer forms & diaconal profiles to District & Warden 25 September – presbyteral profiles to District By 17October – Ministerial profiles available 6 November/2 December – names emerge 8/15 November – 1 st round visits 6/13 December – 2 nd round visits

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