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National 5 Exam preparation Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation.

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1 National 5 Exam preparation Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation

2 Preliminary Examinations In January you will have a practice run of the exams you’ll sit in May. The Preliminary exam will consist of: Answering questions on the MacCaig poetry Writing an essay on either the novel/short story/play you’ve read in class Reading a NON-FICTION passage and answering questions

3 Question types The work you have been doing in poetry has been a good start to developing your skills in Understanding, Analysing and Evaluating but now we’re going to look more closely at the different types of questions you can expect in this section of the exam. You can continue your revision by attending the revision class on Wednesday lunch time. When you see the pencil you should copy down the info on that slide

4 Answering questions using your own words Picking out and explaining why certain words have been used Explaining why sentence types are effective including linking Summarising points/ideas made by the writer Explaining effective imagery and use of language Identify and explain the tone/attitude of the writer

5 This week – Answering questions in your own words This question can take on different forms but the most common ones include: Finding the answer to the question in the passage and then changing it into your own words Summarising points that have been made in the passage in your own words

6 Task 1: On the board there are sentences with very similar meanings. Find and match them. Niagara Falls is viewed by thousands of tourists every year The grey clouds were a warning of an approaching storm It was a spacious room with lit candles all over Each year, thousands of people visit Niagara Falls. Candles flickered from many areas of the large room The coming storm was foretold by the dark clouds The turquoise Caribbean waters were calm The still waters of the Caribbean were teal in colour

7 This is a skill you need to learn and it’s called paraphrasing (putting things in your own words) You want to try and keep the original meaning the same but use different words/structures Uploading a video to YouTube can help exposure for your business During his lifetime, the Berlin Wall was taken down During a cruise, you can check out the natural scenery Symptoms of the flu include fever and nasal congestion

8 Now you’ll see how you can use this skill in the exam True, the iPhone 5S does have one major innovation in the fingerprint sensor, a security feature which may help make consumers more confident in banking and shopping online. Under the bonnet, it may also prove to be the fastest smartphone on the market - for a few months until the game of leapfrog continues. But in appearance - unless you go for the gold version - you would be hard put to differentiate it from the previous model. These paragraphs offer 2 advantages and 1 disadvantage of the new iPhone 5s. In your own words explain what these are (3 marks)

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