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Transition to HE Duncan Lawson, Professor STEM Education Coventry University.

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1 Transition to HE Duncan Lawson, Professor STEM Education Coventry University

2 Disclaimer Avoid PTP duplication Maths focus

3 Two key periods After enrolment Before application

4 They cannot transition if they do not apply


6 Green shoots Science is becoming sexy - Brian Cox Increasing A level numbers

7 More Green shoots Global challenges (climate change, sustainability, alternative energy) need STEM to address them.

8 Financial climate Better employment prospects STEM seen as safe haven in difficult times

9 But.... Please, Sir – what job can I do with a maths degree?

10 Certificate in STEM Careers Guidance M level, validated by Glamorgan – IMA/Wales Spoke Collaboration

11 No room for complacency

12 Making maths more exciting IMA developed MLOCK equipment for Outreach and Careers Fairs


14 After enrolment Research has shown the first few weeks are crucial for retention

15 Maths – the STEM ogre

16 Many students require some additional academic support, especially in the mathematical skills required in science, mathematics, engineering and technology. NAO Report Staying the course

17 RSA report Solving the Maths Problem led to newspaper headlines such as University maths too difficult for British students

18 SCORE report: Maths topics assessed in a limited way or not at all Covered at a lower level of difficulty than required Impact on students’ ability to progress to STEM in HE

19 Boost your students with maths support

20 sigma is a fantastic example of institutions recognising genuine concerns in standards and acting in a positive way to address them. Students’ reports about the support they received were exceptionally positive.

21 Within HE-STEM, sigma has supported 22 new centres Wales spoke has set up 8 new centres

22 Adopters programme: Enhancing Maths Support Rob Wilson (Cardiff) winner of 2012 sigma prize

23 In conclusion: It’s premature to believe transition is all sewn up Much good practice But...

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