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Running Free DSP software Code Explorer under WinXP Requirement: 1.Win98 CD (Bootable Version) 2.VMWare Workstation for Windows V6 Note: This tutorial.

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Presentation on theme: "Running Free DSP software Code Explorer under WinXP Requirement: 1.Win98 CD (Bootable Version) 2.VMWare Workstation for Windows V6 Note: This tutorial."— Presentation transcript:

1 Running Free DSP software Code Explorer under WinXP Requirement: 1.Win98 CD (Bootable Version) 2.VMWare Workstation for Windows V6 Note: This tutorial is verified by Win98 SE (Second Edition)

2 Part I: Installing VMWare Workstation for Windows V6

3 1. Double click setup.exe from “VMWare for Windows Workstation V6” 2. Press [Next>]

4 3. Press [Next>]

5 4. Press [Next>]

6 5. Press [Next>]

7 6. Press [Install]

8 7. Wait for installation

9 8. Enter serial number and press [Enter>]

10 9. Press [Finish]

11 10. Press [Yes] to restart the computer

12 Part II: Setup VMWare parameters

13 1. Launch VMware workstation 2. Select Yes and press [OK]

14 3. Select [New Virtual Machine]

15 4. Press [Next>]

16 5. Select [Custom] and Press [Next>]

17 6. Press [Next>]

18 7. Select Windows 98 and Press [Next>]

19 8. Browse proper location and select [next>]

20 9. Select number of processors and press [Next>]

21 10. Adjust memory for this virtual machine (use recommend value, 256MB in my case) and press [Next>]

22 11. Select [Do not use a network connection] and press [Next>]

23 12. Press [Next>]

24 13. Select [Create a new virtual disk] and Press [Next>]

25 14. Select [IDE] and Press [Next>]

26 14. Select Disk size to 1GB and Press [Next>] (note: if you have enough plentiful disk space, we suggest you to adjust disk size to 2.0 GB.)

27 15. Press [Finish]

28 16. After setup complete, the window will show like below. Select [Edit virtual machine settings]

29 17. Press [Add]

30 18. Select [Serial Port] and press [Next>]

31 19. Select [Use physical serial port on the host] and press [Next>]

32 20. Select [COM1] and press [Finish]. Note: must match the COM port in your WinXP system

33 21. You will see Serial Port is added in your system. Press [Add] again.

34 22. Select [Parallel Port] and press [Next>]

35 23. Select [Use physical serial port on the host] and press [Next>]

36 24. Select [LPT1] and press [Finish] Note: must match the LPT port in your WinXP system

37 25. You will see both serial and parallel ports are added in your system.

38 26. Select [CD-ROM] from the left part of the window. Select your CD-ROM Drive and press [OK] to complete the settings. (The drive name must be much the real CD-ROM drive in your PC).

39 Part III: Install Win98 in VMWare

40 1. Select [Start this virtual machine]

41 1a. Select [no] if you see this message. If you don’t see this message, just ignore it.

42 2. Press [F2] to enter BIOS setup. (Hint: you need to left click the mouse to enter VMWare window and press both [ctrl] and [alt] to switch to outside VMWare Window)

43 3. In [Advanced] Menu, select [I/O Device Configuration], and press [Enter]

44 4. In the [Parallel Port] [Mode] option, use [Space] to select to [EPP] mode.

45 5. Press [ESC] and move to [Boot] Menu, use [+] key to move the CD-ROM Drive to the top.

46 6. Press [F10] and [Enter] to save configuration changes and exit

47 7. While system is rebooting, press both [ctrl] and [alt] to switch outside VMWare and click [Stop] button.

48 8. Insert a Win98 CD (Bootable version) to your CD-ROM Drive and select [Start this virtual machine]

49 9. Select [Boot from CD-ROM] and press [ENTER]

50 10. Select [Start Windows 98 Setup from CD-ROM] and press [ENTER]

51 11. Press [ENTER]

52 12. Select [Configure unallocated disk space] and press [ENTER]

53 13. Select [Yes, enable large disk support] and press [ENTER]

54 14. Press [ENTER] to reboot

55 15. For the first reboot, select [Boot from CD-ROM] and press [ENTER]

56 16. Select [Start Windows 98 Setup from CD-ROM] and press [ENTER]

57 16. Press [ENTER] to start installing Win98.

58 Note: you might found that the mouse and the screen are not smooth, this will be fixed later. 17. The Win98n installation will start. Please follow the instructions from the installation window. (Keep pressing [Next] and use [Default] selection until installation complete. Nothing special during the installation)

59 18. When the installation prompt you to reboot (2 nd time), remember to select [Boot from Hard Disk]

60 19. Win98 Logo will appear in your VMWare screen.

61 20. For the 3 rd time restart, also select [Boot from Hard Disk]

62 21. No need to setup password for user account. Press [OK] button.

63 22. After 3 times of reboot, you will see Win98 installed in VMware. Remove the win98 CD from your CDROM drive Note: Again, you might found that the mouse and screen is not smooth. We are going to fix now.

64 23. Press [ctrl]+[alt] to switch outside of Win98 environment. Select [Install VMWare tools…] from the menu bar.

65 24. Press [Install]

66 25. If you see this message, press [Yes]

67 26. Press [Yes]

68 27. Select [Typical] and press [Next>]

69 28. Press [Install]

70 29. Press [OK]

71 30. Press [OK]

72 31. If you see this message, press [Yes]

73 32. Press [Finish] to complete the installation.

74 33. Press [Yes] to restart the computer.

75 34. After Win98 restart, go to [Display Settings] by right clicking the mouse on your win98 desktop and select [Properties] from pop up menu. In the [Settings] menu, press [Advanced] button.

76 34. In [Adaptor] tab, press [Changes] button.

77 35. Press [Next>] Button.

78 36. Select [Display a list of all the drivers in a specific location…] and press [Next>]

79 37. Select [Have Disk]

80 38. Select [Browse]

81 39. Select [vmx_svga.inf] form the following path and press [OK].

82 40 Press [OK] to confirm the selected file.

83 41 Select [VMWare SVGA II] from the list and press [OK].

84 42 Select [Next>]

85 43 Select [Finish] to complete the installation.

86 44 Back to display settings and select a suitable [Screen Resolution] (800 x 600 in my laptop.) and press [OK]

87 45. Restart the win98 to take effect.

88 46. Installation complete.

89 Part IV: Install DSP software Code Explorer

90 1. Insert CIC-500 CD into the CD-ROM drive and close the MAX+plusII popup window.

91 2. Copy Dnld3.exe from CIC-500 CD to your desktop.

92 3. Access [Dspd1] folder from CIC-500 CD and double click [setup.exe]

93 4. Press [Continue]

94 6. Press [Continue]

95 7. Press [OK] to finish the installation.

96 8. Select the folders from [Demos] folder (no need to select [data] and [helpapp] if you don’t have enough disk space.)

97 9. Copy to your C:\demos

98 10. Connect parallel port to your PC. Power on the CIC-500. To PC printer port To power adaptor

99 11. You will see LED P63 is [ON]. If the LED63 is not ON, remove the jumper J6, wait 2 sec, and place it back until you see LED turns ON. ON Note: The action of removing jumper and placing it back is to select different FPGA program resides in SEEPROM (U5). For detail introduction, please refer to the user manual.

100 12. Launch C54x Code Explorer.

101 13. Press [OK]

102 14. Select [Load Program...]

103 15. Browse [systest.obj] from C:\demos\mathtst folder, as shown below.

104 16. Press RUN to execute the [System Test] program.

105 (1) The 4-digit 7-segment display shows the patterns from 0000 to PPPP sequentially and repeatedly. (2) The LEDs DR0-DR6 should indicate the data set by the switches sw1-sw7 when the 4-digit 7-segment display counts to PPPP. 17. When the program is executed: Counting Setting Data Data Indicator

106 Using Code Explorer to perform DSP experiment under WIN98 -- Confirmed.

107 Part V: Clone Virtual Machine (including win98+Code Explorer) to another PC For the convenient sake, we call the original PC = PC1 the target PC = PC2

108 1. In PC1, select [Clone this virtual machine] PC1

109 2. Press [Next] PC1

110 3. Press [Next] PC1

111 4. Select [Create a full clone] and press [Next>] PC1

112 5. a. Insert a USB drive in PC1 (for example: drive H:\) b. Type [Windows 98] for Virtual machine name c. Type [H:\My Virtual Machines\Windows 98] for Location d. Press [Next>]

113 PC1 6. Press [Close] and Remove your USB Drive

114 PC2 7. Install VMWare Workstation in PC2 (please refer to slide3 ~ slide11). After installation complete, the screen of PC2 will be same as shown below.

115 8. Insert your USB drive to PC2 and COPY the whole folder [My virtual machines] located at your USB drive to PC2 [C:\My virtual machines]. After complete, remove your USB Drive from PC2. (USB Drive) PC2

116 9. Back to VMware window in PC2, select [Open Existing VM or Team] PC2

117 10. Browse file [Windows 98.vmx] from folder [C:\My virtual machines\Windows 98]

118 11. When complete, a clone version of win98 including code explorer and demo experiments are installed in PC2 now. Press [Start this virtual machine] to start Win98.

119 12. You can test the system by follow the steps in slide 100 ~ 106.

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