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What’s New In Delphi Lately? Brian Long

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1 What’s New In Delphi Lately? Brian Long

2 Recent releases Delphi 2007 (Spacely, Mar 2007) Delphi 2009 (Tiburón, Aug 2008) Delphi 2010 (Weaver, Aug 2009) (part of RAD Studio 2010) Delphi XE (Fulcrum, Aug 2010) (part of RAD Studio XE)

3 RAD Studio XE License to use prior versions Delphi XE -> Delphi 2010, Delphi 2009, Delphi 2007, Delphi 7 C++Builder XE -> C++Builder 2010, C++Builder 2009, C++Builder 2007, C++Builder 6 Delphi Prism XE -> Delphi Prism 2011, Delphi Prism 2010 RAD Studio XE -> all the above Claim license to these within 180 days!!

4 RAD Studio XE Delphi XE Delphi Prism XE C++Builder XE RAD PHP XE (née Delphi for PHP) Targeting Windows 32-bit,.NET and Mono (and therefore Linux, OS X, iPhone – the latter thanks to recent news), PHP web servers Shortly to be joined, we assume, by Windows 64- bit and OS X natively

5 RAD Studio XE focus Support the cloud Enhance DataSnap all the more Fill in gaps in the development process: – Profiling: AQTime Standard – Version control: Version Insight – Automated build: FinalBuilder Special Edition – File comparison: Beyond Compare Lite – Installer creation: InstallAware Express – Logging: CodeSite Express Quality – 1000 bugs fixed (many from QC) – Many updates and improvements (many from QC)

6 Delphi XE new features Regular expression library Secure SOAP v1.2 support Option for Indy in WebBroker/DataSnap apps DataSnap support for various protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, REST, JavaScript DataSnap filters (compression, encryption) DataSnap cloud deployment Data Explorer support for HTTP DataSnap connections

7 Delphi XE new features Command-line tools for: – Code formatting – Audits/metrics generation (XML or HTML) – Code documentation generation Form snapshot support Project-wide source formatting, with profiles Navigation around changed code: – Ctrl+Shift+F7/F8 - modified – Alt+Shift+F7/F8 – modified since last save

8 Delphi XE That’s about it....

9 Delphi 2010 focus Windows 7 Touch support DataSnap improvements

10 Delphi 2010 new features IDE Insight (Ctrl+. or F6 (or Alt+F1)) Source code formatter (Ctrl+D) Project manager update – Context menu commands for building, running and package management – Support for files dropped from editor – Sort options Component Palette returns

11 Delphi 2010 new features Find no longer uses a dialog Find in Files supports multiple file spec.s and multiple directories (as well as groups) File re-open list is configurable Resizable options dialogs Background compilation Tab & Shift+Tab now do indent & outdent Object Inspector tweak (Boolean & TDateTime) Draggable breakpoints, bookmarks and instruction pointer

12 Delphi 2010 new features Debugger visualizers (TDateTime and TStringList) Event log performance boost Thread-specific breakpoints Thread freeze/thaw support

13 Delphi 2010 features Major RTTI overhaul – Rtti unit Custom attribute support IoUtils unit – TDirectory, TPath & TFile classes, much like equivalents in.NET Named thread support TThread’s Suspend & Resume are deprecated Client side SOAP 1.2 support DataSnap HTTP transport support DataSnap callback and async method execution support

14 Delphi 2010 features Windows 7 support Gesturing framework – Gesture designer – Virtual keyboard – Stock & custom gestures TDirect2DCanvas TWICGraphic Timage TIFF support

15 Delphi 2009 features Unicode enablement: – string = UnicodeString – TCharacter, TEncoding, TStringBuilder classes Generics (and constraints) Anonymous methods New UI components – TButtonedEdit, TCategoryPanel, TCategoryPanelGroup, TLinkLabel, TBalloonHint Ribbon controls

16 Delphi 2009 features Class Explorer Named build configurations Type library editor works on RIDL files Project options dialog gets makeover PNG image support VCL for the Web 10 (aka IntraWeb), supports Silverlight

17 Delphi 2007 features MSBuild project support Build configurations Build events (pre- and post-) Vista UI components: – TFileOpenDialog – TSaveFileDialog – TTaskDialog VCL for the Web (aka IntraWeb), supports AJAX

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