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Royal London Hospital Children’s Eye Clinic BlindAid Early Support Service.

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1 Royal London Hospital Children’s Eye Clinic BlindAid Early Support Service

2 Tower Hamlets Highest rate of child poverty in London. Second most deprived borough in London. Third most deprived borough nationally. 79% of children live in low income families.

3 Tower Hamlets High levels of unemployment Disadvantage in income, health, housing and crime One of the highest population densities in London

4 Ethnicity Fifty-six per cent of the population in Tower Hamlets belong to an ethnic group other than white British Thirty per cent are Bangladeshi. Eight per cent are from other white backgrounds.

5 Extra costs for families with a disabled child Transport – e.g. hospital appointments Higher heating bills Adaptations to home Higher costs of special foods Increased laundry costs Replacement of clothes, furniture etc NB - Some costs may be paid from other sources if people know how to claim

6 My role in the Children’s Eye Clinic Providing information about eye problems and registration Emotional support Explaining about services and/or formally referring people Helping people to get benefits and concessions And more!

7 Families using Early Support Service 150 families (to 12.3.2012) Some have two children with eye problems Many keep returning for support Some bring sighted disabled relatives for me to help. One brought blind grandmother!

8 Professionals using Early Support Service Teachers needing information about children (at least 2 per week) Junior doctors – induction Ophthalmology Team – teaching sessions, advice on benefits and concessions, letters to housing providers Staff involved in child protection

9 Disability issues Learning difficulties Physical impairments Hearing impairments Health problems, including complex syndromes and life-limiting conditions

10 Accepting referrals Anyone can refer Most come from eye clinic staff or CHECT A minority refer themselves Need for me to explain my role - so people have realistic expectations Never closing ‘cases’ – people often re- refer themselves from hospital reception

11 Emotional support Listening to parental concerns Exploring the idea that someone or something has caused the child’s disability – e.g. cousin marriage Cultural aspects of disability and positive images Genetic conditions including life-limiting conditions – parents, siblings and wider family

12 Presenting problems Disability Living Allowance and Carer’s Allowance Other benefits and concessions Housing Visual impairment and “eye care” issues And lots more!

13 Providing information about registration What registration involves Benefits and concessions Sending CVI to local teachers of the visually impaired and/or making new referral Explaining about sources of help for families and children with visual impairments

14 Visual impairment – education Pre-school intervention Support at school “Uninformed behaviour” – by teachers and school staff Computers and software Transition to adult services

15 Eye problems Monocular vision and referral to teachers (in authorities who provide a service) Supporting patch programmes Explaining why glasses are needed Eye-poking and mannerisms Glare

16 Low vision Explaining what helps child to see Providing basic low vision sessions to families Talking about magnifiers, other low vision aids and equipment Promoting model of sensory passports with local teachers and colleagues

17 Signposting or formally referring people to other organisations Local statutory services National Blind Children’s Society – family support, education advocacy VICTA Children – grants for IT and sensory toys RNIB – equipment, training, publications, Parents Place website

18 Other work Tower Hamlets Low Vision Committee Developing sensory passports

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