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Transitional Planning School to Post-School and Beyond.

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1 Transitional Planning School to Post-School and Beyond

2 Emphasis on the Universal Senior Phase – an entitlement 16+LC Offer – an entitlement A Transitional Phase

3 Education (ASL) (Scotland) Act 2004(as amended) Definition of Additional Support Needs – “unable without the provision of additional support to benefit from school education provided” Incorporates a breadth of concept different from Special Needs Useful working definition – help to overcome significant barriers to learning

4 ASL Transitions General duty Regarding Changes to School Education – Section 13(6) and Associated Regulations Sections 12(6) & 13 of the ASL Act Duties of the Education Authority Timescales Appropriate Agencies Appeals

5 Challenges Who & When? Current extent of transitional planning ? Balance of Targeted and Universal ? Specific group(s) being overlooked ? Framework for re-engaging ‘disaffected’ young people Identification of 16+ opportunities Effective involvement of partner agencies The diverse nature of post-school provision Changing nature of the school curriculum - CfE

6 References/ Resources Partnership Matters: A Guide to Local Authorities, NHS Boards and Voluntary Organisations on Supporting Students with Additional Needs in Further Education Moving On from School to College, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education, Individuals in Transition: A Framework for Assessment and Information Sharing This framework has been prepared by Careers Scotland in partnership with a wide range of agencies and the Scottish Government to facilitate the effective sharing of information between agencies Supporting Children’s Learning Revised Code of Practice

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