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Making friends with Oxford Nia Wyn Roberts Outreach Librarian University of Oxford Health Care Libraries.

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1 Making friends with researchers @ Oxford Nia Wyn Roberts Outreach Librarian University of Oxford Health Care Libraries

2 Introduction  Outreach librarians @ HCL  Development of outreach service for academic researchers in public health and primary care  Challenges / benefits

3 Outreach librarians @ HCL  Mid 1990s – 2005: clinical / outreach librarian projects  2006/2007: refocusing of library services towards outreach  2009: 7 librarians with outreach as part of their role Each serving 3-4 clinical areas

4 Outreach librarian @ Old Road Campus  Equal mix of clinical and academic departments:  Clinical: Cancer, laboratory medicine & radiology  Academic: Public health, primary care, cancer research & molecular medicine

5 Public health and primary care: Building on strong foundations  History of close working relationships  Library based at the centre of a research building  Moved from site librarian to outreach librarian

6 Working with Public Health  Informal approach Getting to know people Building on existing relationships  Making the most of opportunities MSc in Global Health  Unique selling points Reference Management

7 Current work with Public Health  Integrated into teaching for MSc in Global Health Induction, EBM skills teaching, support for dissertations  Support for Systematic Reviews 1-2-1 teaching, planning and searching for SRs and HTAs, reference management expertise  Current awareness Updates for long-term clinical trials

8 Working with Primary Care  Considered and planned approach  3 month pilot project in 2005: Awareness raising from departmental head Attendance at groups meetings  Needs assessment in 2006 Interviews with key researchers and group leads

9 Result of needs assessment  Help with electronic resources: Improve access Training for new interfaces  Support for new researchers Structured programme on searching skills and reference management  Support for systematic reviews Advice and searching  Help with funding bids

10 Current work with Primary Care  MSc in Evidence Based Health Care Responsible for information skills content of modules Information skills teaching & support  Support for new researchers Contract staff, visiting academics, placement students… Introduction to resources @ Oxford, searching skills & reference management

11 Current work with Primary Care  MaDOX Information specialist for the horizon scanning team Contribute to rapid reviews and work planning Support for systematic reviews  Diabetes and Vascular Disease Group Support for clinical trial development Contribute to systematic reviews

12 Challenges  Takes time to build up relationships  Moving the library  Managing expectations  Accommodating different working styles  Balancing conflicting priorities

13 Benefits  Ability to tailor services to needs of researchers  Following projects through to an end product  Interesting work and people  No chance of getting bored  Opportunities for professional development


15 Any questions?

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