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Walking Into Lamp Posts When Online Discussion & Reality Collide.

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1 Walking Into Lamp Posts When Online Discussion & Reality Collide

2 Robin Gissing Technology Enhanced Learning Advisor Faculty of Health & Wellbeing Sheffield Hallam University @RobinGissing Alex Spiers Learning Technology Developer Academic Enhancement Unit Liverpool John Moores University @AlexGSpiers

3 Why are we doing this? Both have Bb Mobile Learn We are convinced of its value Both keen to share and identify common practice Working together inter-institutionally on common themes is important, and very rewarding

4 What is it?


6 LJMU Perspective

7 One year trial – Jan 2012 o March 4,600 downloads o Jan 10,869 downloads Student Survey (n=302) May 2012 o 80% owned compatible device o 50% used it o 12% unaware Staff training & support networks Strengths/Weaknesses LJMU Blackboard Mobile Report:

8 What did we do? Paramedic example (n=15) o entry questionnaire - ICT skills o Focus group - Themes Study o Mobile vs PC o online tasks completed on placement (6 in total)  discussion boards  blogs  tests  still on-going (finish Feb 2013)

9 HWB @ SHU Perspective

10 What did we do? Focus Groups Trying to find out what our staff & students did and didn't like about using it. Help Guides Created Really quick, image lead hand outs and digital assets to help staff engage quickly. Staff Support Supported staff using Bb Mobile Learn on iPad for in Class use within the iPad project

11 What did we conclude? Staff engagement is the biggest priority Students are using it Good quality help guides help initial engagement

12 Any questions? ('What?' by Veronique Debord - CC BY-SA 2.0)

13 Smart Devices for Learning (MELSIG special focus event) Friday, February 8, 2013 from 9:15 AM to 4:00 PM Sheffield Hallam University #MELSIG

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