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Welcome to the Parents’ meeting for the Yr 7 Educational Visit to : Le Touquet Fri 21 st – Sun 23 rd June 2013.

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1 Welcome to the Parents’ meeting for the Yr 7 Educational Visit to : Le Touquet Fri 21 st – Sun 23 rd June 2013

2 This trip is organised through: Travelstar Coach Company Drivers are well known to the school

3 ACCOMPANYING STAFF: Mrs M. Esposito Mrs M. Prowse Mrs K. Jones Mrs R. Kearney

4 DEPARTURE: Friday 21 st June 2013 Meet at Boundary Road at 14.45 Loading coach 14.50 Parents must not park in Boundary Road Departure 15.00 hrs at the latest! Immediate family only please! (No pets!!!)

5 LUGGAGE: One small/medium size case each Bring backpack or easily carried bag to use during the outings and on the coach Make sure you have a SAFE way of carrying your purse and valuables.

6 TRAVEL: A coach is provided for our use throughout the stay Shuttle crossing Check in at Hippotel before dinner.

7 RETURN – Sunday 23 rd June Leaving French Hotel after breakfast. Estimated time of arrival (Boundary Rd) at 20.00 hrs. Please collect your daughter promptly as we ALL need to get home for a good rest! Girls & Staff are expected to ATTEND SCHOOL on Monday 24th June!!!

8 HOTEL We are staying in France at: Hippotel, Avenue de la Dune aux Loups, 62520 Le Touquet, Tel: 0033321050711


10 All Rooms with En-Suite 7 rooms of 4 1room of 5 & 2rooms of 6

11 Year 7 Educational visit to: Le Touquet /France Itinerary 2013 Friday 21st: Meet @ 14.45 at Boundary Road Departure 15.00 hrs Upminster. Saturday 22nd: Day in “ Bagatelle” Theme Park PM: Bowling after dinner Sunday 23rd: AM: Leave Hippotel after breakfast Mass in Le Touquet PM: Visit Boulogne Old Town Back to Upminster @ 20.00hrs approx

12 SAFETY & SECURITY: On the coach – seat belts on at all times. Be considerate of the drivers, don’t make unnecessary noise and keep the coach clean. At hotel – keep rooms TIDY. Be considerate of other guests. Personal – follow the same personal safety rules as you would in England. DO NOT GIVE TELEPHONE NUMBERS or the name of our hotel to anyone you meet. Possessions : Don’t bring expensive jewellery or other valuable items YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE!

13 MONEY: What’s included FULL BOARD How much to bring? Up to you – allow enough for extra drinks, ice-creams and souvenirs. No food for outgoing journey. Allow money to buy food for return journey. Get your Euros in advance. LOOK AFTER IT!! Ideally have it in waistband – not in obvious purse in your little handbags. €50 note for hotel damage!

14 INSURANCE / PASSPORT School insurance European Health Card for EU medical insurance Hand in your passport to your group leader!!!

15 BEHAVIOUR: High standards are expected as usual At hotel and during all visits/outings Usual school sanctions will apply Meanwhile any miscreant will stay with a member of staff Parents and Mrs Williams will be informed immediately But it won’t happen, will it?

16 Reply slips must be returned signed by parents to: Mrs Prowse/Mrs Esposito a.s.a.p Home and emergency telephone numbers and medical information (allergies/ current medication, etc)to be handed to Mrs Prowse/Mrs Esposito a.s.a.p (Please state if vegetarian) Immediate family only at school drop-off/ pick up Give your passport and health card to your group leaders at the meeting. Keep driver happy and treat coach with respect ( no food, chewing gum, mess, screaming allowed on board) Money (Euros) – to be kept in waistband, not purse or handbag, no recommendation on amount to take. Be vigilant and always check your change! Bring costume jewellery – not gold/ valuable items Bring small/medium size suitcases – it is imperative!

17 Items to bring: mixture of clothes for all weathers – not just shorts! cardigan/ jumper for evening sensible shoes/ trainers Waterproof jacket/ Coat something suitable for church (Sunday) towels ( as they are not provided by french hotel) sun cream/ sunglasses (in case we have hot weather) Hat or cap travel cushion camera basic first aid kit, including plasters travel sickness tablets tissues Watch

18 You are responsible for your own valuables Take any worries or concerns about any aspect of the trip to your group leader or to Mrs Esposito. Be prompt for meetings&particularly coach departure times. Timekeeping – listen to instructions, be punctual at all times and keep to bed times…OR ELSE! Accommodation –report any damage as soon as practical. Be considerate of other guests (no shouting, screaming, running, banging etc.) Keep rooms tidy (store suitcases away, do not leave towels on the floor. Do not give personal details or name of hotel to anyone you meet Teachers are ‘in loco parentis’ so school rules apply. Mrs Williams and parents will be informed immediately of any inappropriate behaviour. Finally, make the most of this wonderful opportunity and have fun!

19 EMERGENCIES!! We will have the school mobile with us at all times, providing emergency contact for parents This number is: 0770 3308183 If necessary you may also contact Mr Beck in England: 07885278690 We will have all your phone numbers We also have emergency contact via the travel company SO DON’T WORRY!

20 50 note Year 7 Educational Visit to: Le Touquet 21 st -23 rd June 2013 All pupils MUST hand in their passport and health card to their group leaders at the meeting. €50 note hotel damage deposit must be handed in to Mrs Esposito/Mrs Prowse ASAP The groups are for register purposes only. Your group leader is who you must report to any time you need to check in during the trip.

21 COACH Leader: Mrs Esposito Accompanying staff: Mrs K. Jones Mrs M. Prowse Mrs R. Kearney

22 GROUP 1: Mrs Jones 1.Fallon Byrne 11. Thandiekile Ogunde 2. Keturah Christie 12. Megan Olley 3. Simone Duffus 13. Nicola Oniango 4. Megan Fleary 14. Ndikponke Peter 5. Lucy Fuller 15. Karolina Rogers 6. Aleksandra Godlewska 7.Nikita Leone 8.Holly Mortimer 9. Eve Munday 10. Ratidzo Mushambadope

23 GROUP 2: Mrs Kearney 1.Tiffany Tiwo 11. Niamh Curran 2. Hannah Clarke 12. Lucy Day 3. Temilola Fayokun 13. Ella Donald 4. Theodora Joseph 14. Jessica Fay 5. Jessica Krishnan 15. Emma Gregory 6. Kimberley Montague 7. Molly Roberts 8. Etienne Watson 9. Hannah Watts 10. Tara Bellamy

24 GROUP 3: Mrs Prowse 1. Rianna Grey 11. Olivia Gill 2. Gabrielle O’Donaghue 12. Joanna Marimon 3. Osamamwen Omonuwa 13. Olivia McAlpin 4. Caoimhe Redmond 14. Elaine Owusu 5. Autumn-Rose Shell 15. Eri-Eliana Paul 6. Sheila Stein 7. Siobhan Sugrue 8. Rhianan Wilson 9. Kitty Adams 10. Madeline Browse

25 Bon Voyage et amusez-vous bien ANY QUESTIONS??

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