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MINI CHAMPS 2010. Mandeville and Wenlock  Movie clip Movie clip.

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2 Mandeville and Wenlock  Movie clip Movie clip

3 What is Mini Champs 2010 ? Fun and exciting sport festival with lots of Competitions and Team Games for everyone

4 The Competitions  Make an Olympic torch  Make a Flag to represent your team Rand Redgrave Holmes Bannister  Create your own Olympic values

5 Plan of the Day  Opening Ceremony (flags/Olympic torch)  Fun Warm up (head shoulders etc)  Put into teams allocated to work stations  Closing Ceremony  Special Guest talk from Miss Kemsley, Headteacher and Mrs Williams  Rewards and Prizes Ceremony

6 The Teams Year 1 Meopham Mary Rand Year 2 Meopham Steve Redgrave Year 1 Cobham Kelly Holmes Year 2 Cobham Rodger Bannister

7 An Olympic Torch The Olympic torch is the symbol of the Olympic games with its origins going back to Ancient Greece, when a fire was kept burning throughout the games. Create your very own Olympic Torch to parade at the Mini Champs Opening Ceremony. Prize’s will be given for the best

8 Team Flag Create an Olympic team flag for your famous Olympic Athlete

9 Olympic Values The Olympic and Paralympic Games are about much more than sporting excellence. The Games created by Pierre de Coubertin decided to use some very special words to describe to people what the games mean. Excellence Respect Friendship Determination Courage Inspiration Equality CAN YOU THINK OF SOME NEW WORDS WHICH COULD BECOME OUR MINI CHAMPS FESTIVAL VALUES ?

10 Events during the day  Beans bag throw  Striking between 3 cones  Throw into hoops  Shuttle runs  Standing long jump  Clap and catch  Hurdles and tunnels  Speed bounce  Hurdles Relay  Over and Under Relay

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