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Date or reference University Fire Safety Committee 128.11.06 Delivered by Mike O’Connor MSc FCIOB.

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1 Date or reference University Fire Safety Committee 128.11.06 Delivered by Mike O’Connor MSc FCIOB

2 2 Fire Safety Culture- the challenge! ‘The University of Salford needs to promote a positive fire safety culture and to support staff in doing so. ‘then hopefully we can all be safe from fires in the premises, the workplace and other accommodation’ What are the benefits from a positive and proactive fire safety culture in an organisation? Legal Reasons > criminal and civil claims Financial Reasons > Legal costs and fines Moral Reasons > humanitarian and corporate image

3 3 Who and what is at Risk? Staff Students Contractors Sub-contractors Visitors including children (invited or not) The public Buildings and Property University insurances and finances University Corporate Image

4 4 5 Steps to Successful Safety Management- HSG 65

5 5 How do we reduce the risk of fires? Compliance with H & S Legislation- risk assessment Applying University Fire Policies and Procedures Fire Service & Local Authority collaboration By having a positive fire safety culture By carrying out fire drills and fire training By networking & adopting good sector fire safety practice By key stakeholders team working in a proactive fire committee Communication and co-ordination- Scoping the problems!

6 6 The Fire Dilemma ? Need to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire safety) Order 2005 Excessive campus fire service call-outs > 100 per annum (against a fire service allowance of 24) 1700 fire activations in student accommodation Reduction in fire brigade attendance standard Fire matters discussed in several safety forums but lacking total fire focus and action Fire systems not suitable for purpose- cash?

7 7 The Fire Dilemma continued? Financial budget system not clear to all Fire competence and expertise in organisation not best utilised- efficient and effective outcomes Fire policies and procedures not delivering required outcomes Some staff not ‘buying in to proactive fire safety culture’ Need for fire evacuation plans Dilemma discussed at N.W. Higher Education Safety Officer’s Forum- search for a solution?

8 8 University Fire Safety Committee A committee to focus on fire matters at the University Fire Safety Committee sanctioned and approved by University Safety Committee Action plan discussed with Fire Service A fire strategy and development requirement Key stakeholders identified for fire committee membership Stakeholders selected in terms of fire competence contribution and organisational fire safety benefits

9 9 University Fire Safety Committee Committee asked to carry out fire information fact finding Identified clear need for goal setting, clear objectives and identified responsibility Need for a Fire Policy and Procedures review Need to improve communication and co-ordination Identified responsibility across several management areas To standardise fire alarm systems Examine emergency response and training needs Disability issues- need to review support and evacuation Greater need for collaboration with wider university Fire systems and service providers consulted

10 10 University Fire Safety Committee First job of committee to identify Fire Management Policy 1.Statement of Intent 2.Policy Objectives 3.Introduction (to fire risks) 4.Responsibilities 5.Arrangements for Implementation

11 11 University Fire Safety Committee Responsibilities of key players The Registrar and Secretary Director of Safety Services Safety/ Fire Safety Officer Director of Estates Director of Commercial Services Heads of Schools and/ or Support Divisions Building Controllers Members of staff

12 12 University Fire Safety Committee Fire Committee Members Director of Safety Services (chair) Safety/ Fire Safety Officer Assistant Director Development Services Operational Services Manager Estates Safety Compliance Officer Electrical/ Fire Services Manager Accommodation Services Manager General Manager Students Union

13 13 Current Fire Safety Initiatives & Benefits Fire Risk Assessment and CAD drawing interface New fire control procedure for building alterations Improved tender standards for service providers Location of Fire/ Emergency boxes in buildings Identification of fire safety training needs Reduction in fire calls to fire service Better fire safety knowledge due to improved communication, understanding and cooperation Introduction of deaf Alerter Systems Improved fire evacuation and fire risk assessments Improved fire team working across University Improved management of contractors on site

14 14 Review Understand and comply with the legislation Scope the problems in your organisation Identify good fire safety practice by networking Form a fire safety committee- achieve synergy! Ensure the committee has authority Identify responsibilities, objectives and goals Revisit fire safety policies and procedures Form a committee of key decision makers Involve key stakeholders Develop an organisational fire strategy Form a priority list of action points

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