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The Employed / Unemployed

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1 The Employed / Unemployed
Read the bullet points as you go through the Power Points. Can you write something about each? NO - Look at you class jotters. Click on a  symbol to see a video clip on the topic. Click on the  symbol to go to a web site. Make notes / write a few sentences / write figures about each topic in your revision notes from the video clips.

2 Open the Box Remember to …. for any KU or INV topic question.
You must add more to the topic in the question and write a story about it with examples.

3 Concepts Need Equality Ideology a  a 

4 What you should know. Unemployment rates in the UK.
The reasons for unemployment. The effects of unemployment. That unemployment can lead to inequality for Different Regions Women / Disabled / Elderly/ Ethnic minority workers That the needs of the unemployed can be met by National Government Local Government Voluntary Organisations a  a 

5 % Unemployment in the UK and Dundee.
Unemployment has risen then fallen. Unemployment is usually worse in Dundee than in the UK Unemployment is usually higher in the North Regions of the UK than in the South Regions of the UK. Unemployment is worse for Scotland than other parts of the UK. This is called the North / South Divide.

6 The Reasons for Unemployment
Economic Reasons Old industries close down like jute, coal mining or shipbuilding and unemployment rises. People buy goods made abroad e.g. cars, computers, clothes. Industries in Britain close down and unemployment rises. The Reasons for Unemployment Government Economic Policy If the government spends less on big projects like roads, schools, hospitals this means less people are needed to work and unemployment rises. New Technology Computers and robots do the work that people used to do e.g. word processing, cash machines [hole-in-the wall] and unemployment rises.

7  Made in Dundee  Growth of the Jute Industry
NCR making most of the world’s ATM Cash Machines. Start of the Dundee Project to attract new high-tech industry to the Technology Park New electronics industries like NCR and Timex come to Dundee New Bio-Tech Science industries Jute Declined - Factories move to Bangladesh - New Plastics NCR declined after decimalisation and many people unemployed NCR and TESCO move out of Dundee

8 The Circle of Deprivation.

9 Problems Old Industry Closes Solutions Unemployment
Government gives benefits to the unemployed. Government helps unemployed people get training in job skills. Unemployment No new industry wants to come to a poor depressed and deprived area. Unemployment means people have less money to spend Council has less to spend on housing, roads etc so they get worse Less jobs in the local area so people move away for work so council gets less council tax. Some shops close so the local council gets less council tax Government increases the grants it gives to local councils. Government tries to bring new work to the area by building new factories, roads.

10 Living on a low income – The Black Family
The Home - They cannot afford to but their home and the furniture is being paid up. Only have necessities not luxuries. Family Meals - The father and daughter have three meals but Elspbeth only has one meal a day. Living on a low income – The Black Family Health - She gets very worried about her husbands health as he had a stroke and still smokes. The biggest health problem in the area is depression and nervous problems. Clothes - Elspbeth spends most on her daughter and buys clothes from catalogues which is more expensive than in the

11 Unemployed with extra problems
Women Pay Gap [Sexism]  The Elderly [Ageism]  Women Sexism  Unemployed with extra problems Ethnic Minorities [Racism]  The Disabled [Prejudice]  The Young [NEETS] 

12 Needs of the Unemployed
The basic necessities. Money Needs of the Unemployed Training in job skills. A Job

13 Cut Jobseeker Numbers 
Job Centre Plus  Cut Jobseeker Numbers  New Ageism Laws  Meeting the Needs of the Unemployed Female Builders  Working from home  Helping Yourself  Minimum Wage 

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