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1 SICSA - Knowledge Transfer Colin Adams

2 Main Aims Maximise Impact of Research upon the Commercial Arena Improve relations and research collaborations with -Global Majors -Local SME’s Inspire/Develop more Start-ups and Spin Outs from the Pool Develop the Community and share best practice One Shop Window for Informatics/Computer Science Scotland

3 3 ProspeKT Building a world class Knowledge Transfer practice embedded within the School of Informatics 5 year Partnership with SE, £8.3M of investment SE (£4.9M) + University of Edinburgh (£3.4M) 3 year ERDF award for £3.7m for Enterprise Creation Informatics Ventures – National Program Strong external representation on Supervisory Board Crawford Beveridge, Polly Purvis, 1 Entrepreneur - Industry David Caughey, John Murray + 1 from co-investment fund– SE Associated Global Scot Panel Entrepreneurs in Residence program Economic Impact via Industrial Cooperation Large Globals Local SME’s Start-ups 3 major themes Commercialisation Entrepreneurship Culture Outreach

4 Informatics Ventures £3.7M funding from ERDF for Enterprise Creation across SICSA group 4 major pillars Entrepreneurship Education Equip the students and researchers to develop Start Ups Practitioner lead, series of workshops and seminars Partner with the best – Stanford, MIT, Cambridge –Silicon Valley Speaker CEO workshops Z held so far, xx participants, Edinburgh, Glasgow –Ken Morse (MIT) 4 held so far, x participants, Glasgow and Edinburgh –Doug Richards : School for Start Ups 3 held so far, y particpants, Glasgow and Edinburgh –Tailored Summer School Sept-09 kick off Joint summer Schools also with other Pools 4

5 Web Based Information Services Entrepedia – Wiki for student business formation -( -Edited by students for students, community effort -Basic info on how to start your company Pod.ium – Podcast Channel: -Connect start ups to funders and management talent -Entrepreneurial Education videos Tech Entrepreneur – online Course -Based on STVP Curriculum -Developed by Edinburgh as follow on to Edinburgh Stanford Link -(

6 Building the Community Tech Meet-Up -Technical group (geekfest) meets once per month -Edinburgh group thriving, Glasgow group being formed, North East next -Experimenting with customised social website –( Mobile Phone Apps Group Annual BarCamp -14-March-09, Appleton Tower VC Event Each Spring - Engage, Invest, Exploit –Guy Kawasaki, 29-April-09 SME Event each November – Lifting the Lid –Research connections to SME’s –1 st event Nov-08, 8 SICSA institutions, 55 displays, 200 guests Number of other special group meetings

7 Focus on Potential Winners How to produce companies of scale 12 hot prospects bursaries to MIT/Cambridge EDP programs –10 Bursary winners to EDP at MIT, Feb-09 –Competition underway for Ignite at Cambridge, July-09 Entrepreneurs in Residence Program -Engage local Serial Entrepreneurs in potential start-ups –Direct the spend on projects considered to have global promise

8 Open Innovation Engagement Informatics-MFSP-Microsoft Surface Challenge 1 st Microsoft Surface in Scotland, 1 st in a university in the UK £10K prize fund, specific category for Students Most innovative use of a Surface in a Retail Banking Branch MFSP will have 6 month negotiation window with entrants to develop their idea further Major Financial Services Provider +

9 Empowerment Disruptive Companies in this sector come from people under the age of 25 Mobile Phone Apps Group -Group aimed at promoting Mobile Phone Apps as a business opportunity -Similar to the Tech Meet up – connecting community work -Engagement with local SME’s in this niche -Engagement with the major platform vendors -Open Innovation challenge model

10 10 Start-up Food Chain SICSA Start-ups/Spin Outs Goal/Goal!!

11 11 In Flight Proof of Concept Combilex -Speech generation Lexicon DJ4me -Internet radio - automated DJ Brainwave -CNS drug discovery using fly brains iBehave -Behaviour tracking - machine learning DUDE -Dialog Systems BioCAD -Schematic editor, metabolic pathways PoC Series11 – in process MFCUK - Microbial Fuel Cells ITI Text Mining -Curating Life Sciences texts, CV mining Security -Program proving for security EPSRC Follow on Fund Security -Program proving for security Other Specknet -Wireless Sensor Networks I-Room - Virtual Worlds RSE Enterprise fellowship Xibei Jai/QUAID -Automated data cleaning

12 12 Student Company Incubation + EPIS EPIS Yadster:Peer to peer search engine Dot Red Games:Casual Games - for the over 30’s Flexpansion:Text completion for Mobile Phone SNoCat.comWeb based markets VidioWIKI:Web based communications (video) SpinsightSports Broadcasting AffectLabs:Sentiment Analysis on the web Nothing GrinderSearchable website in a box Loc8Location based mobile services PEF Automatic Text Illust:Image tagging ETTC HubDub:News prediction based, social web site Mobile Health Networks:Patient records in A&E RSE Enterprise Fellowships Linguit:Natural language search for Phones Linguit ®

13 Lego Robotics Cup: 1 st Scottish Round, December 2008 13 Craiglockhart Primary School - Champions!

14 Some of our Collaborators

15 School of Informatics

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