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Accelerator R&D FFAGs EMMA, PAMELA, ADSR, etc

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1 Accelerator R&D FFAGs........EMMA, PAMELA, ADSR, etc
Target studies neutrons for BNCT, ADSR, security, etc

2 Also interesting for other applications.
NS FFAGs Non-Scaling Fixed Field Alternating Gradient Invented for muon acceleration in a Neutrino Factory Also interesting for other applications. For example: hadron therapy ADSR Proton acceleration

3 NS FFAGs But.....novel features.......must build PoP machine
Not cheap, so where does the funding come from? Exploit KE possibilities, via BT fund CONFORM consortium: £8.2M Build PoP machine – EMMA Design Hadron therapy machine – PAMELA Study other applications, mainly ADSR and muons Started 1st April 2007, finish March 2011.


5 4-sector commissioning
EMMA Status Being commissioned Beam has made many turns at fixed energy Acceleration being worked on....will restart in Jan “2 year” experimental programme to follow, subject to funding EMMA Control room 22:45 on 22nd June 4-sector commissioning


7 PAMELA Status Design study finished and being written up
Next step - prototyping: Ring magnet RF cavity Extraction kicker There is interesting in building it


9 Accelerator Crucial component 10MW well beyond state-of-the-art
99.9% reliability unheard of! needs redundancy Only two candidates: linear accelerator ← expensive FFAG ← build ~3 for same price

10 Isochronous 250-1000 MeV NS FFAG Ring
General Parameters of an initial – 1 GeV non-scaling, isochronous FFAG lattice design Parameter 250 MeV 585 MeV 1000 MeV Avg. Radius (m) 3.419 4.307 5.030 Cell  x / y  (2 rad) Ring. 0.380/0.237 1.520/0.948 0.400/0.149 1.600/0.596 0.383/0.242 1.532/0.968 Field F/D (T) 1.62/-0.14 2.06/-0.31 2.35/-0.42 Magnet Size F/D Inj 1.17/0.38 1.59/0.79 1.94/1.14 Clockwise: Ring tune from design script, deviation from isochronous orbit (%), and radius vs. momentum Comments and further work Tracking results indicate ~50-100 mm-mr; relatively insensitive to errors Low losses :

11 Target Studies Most likely show-stopper for a Neutrino Factory
4MW beam, 0.75MW in target, 300J/cm3 Thermal shock: >1GPa – exceeds tensile strength Temperature: 100K/pulse, 50 pulses/s Radiation damage Radiation safety! Solution found using tungsten Has involved: modelling of energy deposition, stress waves, etc measurements of shock and cf with modelling simulation of pion, neutron, etc, production activation studies, shielding requirements cooling studies

12 Expertise gained applicable elsewhere.
Target Studies Measured Young’s Modulus & yield strength of W and Ta at higher temp and strain rate than anybody else. Expertise gained applicable elsewhere.

13 BNCT Boron Neutron Capture Therapy
Used, for example, to treat “glio-blastoma multiforme” Use boron-10: stable, but fissions with a thermal neutron Needs a lot of ns: 1x109 cm-2s-1 for 30mins Only current source: nuclear reactor! Possible with accelerators: 5mA protons at ~2.5MeV  12.5kW in ~100m Accelerator & BNCT facility exist in Bham Project to upgrade starting: aim clinical trials


15 Other Target Activities
Thermal neutrons for ADSR Waste transmutation Security applications Goran Skoro: possible next ISIS target expert

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