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Product Catalogue for Sri Lanka 2014-15 Web : Registered.

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1 Product Catalogue for Sri Lanka 2014-15 Web : Email: Registered in United Kingdom Company Registration Number: 6828537 Operations Manager (Sri Lanka): Mr. P. Appuhami Phone: 071 744 7222

2 JM Fernando Ltd. (UK)

3 Embalming Fluids General Purpose Arterial Fluids Standard (32 index) This is JMF recommended embalming fluid for Sri Lanka an can be use with most difficult cases. Suitable for “hypo-injecting” areas of the body not receiving adequate distribution. 1 kg of Standard gives 20kg of embalming fluid when diluted with water Rigid (35 index) Currently not available Leak Guard Currently not available Rigid (35) JM Fernando Ltd. UK Standard (32) JM Fernando Ltd. UK Leak Guard JM Fernando Ltd. UK

4 JM Fernando Ltd

5 Lowering Devices Standard Lowering Device Lowering Device 3 in 1 3 in 1 fully assembled: Lowering device Casket placer Device stand with skirting

6 Lowering Device Accessories Belts Lowering Device Curtain Cemetery Grass Set

7 JM Fernando Ltd. Marketing from 2015. We work closely with leading hearse manufacturers from around the world. If you need a brand new, tailor made to your requirements or a second hand vehicle we can help you to find right choice. Talk to our agent and we will get in touch with you.


9 Finance

10 JMF Finance If you’ve got the drive and ambition, JMF Ltd, will help you turn it into a successful business of your own. You can buy our products using JMF Ltd, financial support scheme. Please discuss this with our agent. Loans subject to affordability. To lend responsibly, a credit loan from JMF Ltd will require an Agent to discuss your financial income, outgoings and other financial commitments.

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