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Jon Bunce Park Community School

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2 Jon Bunce Park Community School
Effective Differentiation for Outstanding Learning How do we improve the effectiveness of our differentiation in order to achieve Outstanding Learning? Jon Bunce Park Community School



5 Aims of Session to establish a common understanding and language associated with differentiation in a modern classroom. to examine and reflect on the foundations required to achieve effective differentiation. to design learning objectives that contribute to effective differentiation and help facilitate outstanding learning. to develop concrete strategies into a short action plan for moving towards effective differentiation in order to achieve outstanding learning in your lessons.

6 What do we think differentiation is?
‘the process by which curriculum objectives, teaching methods, assessment methods, resources and learning activities are planned to cater for individual pupils’ ‘Making each lesson accessible as possible to every child in your class’

7 Differentiation Strategies
Activity 1 What are the different teaching strategies you can use to differentiate the learning for you students? What is your favourite strategy? Why? Is there a strategy you do not use very often? Why?

8 Foundations for effective differentiation
Teacher expectations and attitudes to learning Focused on learning and communication Rights and responsibilities Assessment Subjective Objective Pupil response Classroom Management Environment Pupils

9 Activity 2 Reflect upon the foundations for effective differentiation. Are they all present in your lessons? Are some foundations more key than others? How does good behaviour management facilitate effective differentiation? Share you ideas with a partner or your group

10 Learning Objectives – signposting differentiation
Learning objectives are a useful and easy way to signpost for students the progress you expect them to make in the lesson. Learning outcomes (all, most and some) if shared shows students what needs to be done to achieve the progress stated in the learning objectives. Learning objectives do not have to be only about subject specific criteria, they can focus on ‘learning’ or ‘thinking’ skills Outstanding teachers will refer back to the learning objectives throughout the lesson and review the progress with the students at the end of the lesson.

11 Designing Learning Objectives that facilitate effective differentiation.
Activity 3 Consider a lesson that you intend to teach. Design a set of progressive learning objectives for the lesson with their respective learning outcomes. Explain and share in a pair or group why you have chosen these and the learning journey you expect the pupils to take.

12 Personal Action Planning
Activity: Consider one area of your teaching which you would like to develop, based on the work through the session. Complete the action plan provided as fully as possible and share in a pair/group.

13 Further Reading How to be an Outstanding Primary school teacher– David Dunn The Perfect (Ofsted) Lesson – Jackie Beere


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