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James Pavey Senior Operations Manager Think you know SECAmb?

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1 James Pavey Senior Operations Manager Think you know SECAmb?

2 Current scope & portfolio of the Trust’s activity  We are one of the 10 English Ambulance Trusts.  Our service area is over 3,500 sq miles. Covering Kent, Surrey, Sussex and NE Hants.  We provide 999 and 111 services across this area.  We provide PTS services to Surrey and Sussex.  Our HQ is in Banstead and we have two regional offices in Lewes and Coxheath.  We employ 3,135 staff, including 2,005 clinicians 85% patient care.  We have a fleet of 552 vehicles.

3 Current Scope & Portfolio of the Trust’s activity cont’d  We receive a 999 call every 30 seconds on average  Our 999 demand is raising by circa 5% per annum compound.  We have to deliver 75% within 8 minutes for Red 1 & 2 on an annual basis.  We have two Hazardous Area Response Teams (HART) and are a category 1 responder under the Civil Contingencies Act.

4 Performance Standards  Red 1 = 8min 75% (cardiac arrests)  Red 2 = 8min 75% (immediately life threatening)  Green 2 = 30min  Green 4 = 60min ( or patients assessed by an HCP that require transport to hospital between 1 and 4 hours) Page No 4 of 44

5 What’s happening in Sussex?  Introduction of new Ambulance Operations Centres  Expansion of Community First Responder Network (CFRs)  Public Access Defibrillators  Hospital (Acute Trusts) reconfiguration of services

6 Ambulance Operations Centres  Polegate, Brighton, Chichester, Worthing and Hastings (strategically located)  Replacing old ambulance stations that are no longer fit for purpose  Make Ready process integral to the operations centres  Ambulance community response posts (ACRPs) instead of stations



9 The Make Ready Process


11 ACRPs

12 Community First Responder Network (CFRs)  Local teams of volunteers that provide a local response to life threatening 999 incidents  Primarily aimed at cardiac arrest  Equipped with an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), trained in basic life support  Mobilised by ambulance control to local 999 calls  Trained by SECAmb  Dedicated SECAmb CFR management team led by Steve Rose

13 Public Access Defibrillators

14 Hospitals reconfiguration of services  Centralising of specialties for better patient outcomes  Stroke, Cardiac, Surgical, Maternity and Paediatrics  Clinical skills of ambulance staff, CCPs, PPs, paramedics and HEMs  SECAmb working with commissioners to ensure appropriate resources  Longer travel times outweighed by going to the right place first time and being treated by an expert for the condition with all the facilities at hand

15 Questions?

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