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THE BHOPAL DISASTER ‘CASE’ HEA Workshop on interdisciplinary CBL 12 April 2013.

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1 THE BHOPAL DISASTER ‘CASE’ HEA Workshop on interdisciplinary CBL 12 April 2013

2 Context: CILM Joint law and business u/g module (Year 3 or 4) Student-centred learning and OSL Intended LOs – able to: ▫critically discuss a selection of important issues in law and management; ▫demonstrate advanced skills in analysing unstructured problems and case studies; ▫demonstrate skills in critical thinking in individual and class settings; ▫confront and evaluate competing and conflicting interests and recognize some of the fundamental ethical dilemmas in the law/business environment; ▫demonstrate advanced research, presentation and class working skills.

3 The case – design Bhopal disaster: an authentic, complex, multi- dimensional problem with legal, business and health dimensions (primary focus on CSR/ethics/human rights) Not a didactic case: resources and context to discuss and debate issues dynamically. Expectation that it is supplemented by further research and reading, to uncover more of the complexity

4 2011-12 Activities 30 CATS project – peer-led learning activity ▫Briefing session - designers/facilitators ▫Element of ‘book review’ presentations ▫Peer-facilitated planning session ▫“Peoples’ Tribunal” - two iterations + medical student volunteer ‘expert witness’ Assessed 5% workshop facilitation; 20% reflective essay Could also feed into 30 CATS (15%) and 24 CATS (20%) ‘book review’ task

5 Skills and attributes Research Critical thinking ▫Issue/problem identification ▫Recognition of competing interests and goals, and ▫Different perceptual positions in a complex problem Oral and written communication Creativity (design and delivery of tribunal) Leadership and teamwork Reflection (on Bhopal issues and workshop process)

6 Did it work?

7 Challenges - design From: Philip Dover, Samuel Perkins, David Wylie, (2009) "The role of custom case materials in action-based executive education programs", Journal of Management Development, Vol. 28 Iss: 4, pp.285 - 300

8 CBL vs PBL? From: vs-pbl.gif

9 Assessment ‘backwash’ ‘High stakes’ and risk- averseness Trust and control Discrepant reasoning (Argyris, 1989) around creativity: “As opposed to focusing on creativity we focused on content… On reflection I learned that assumptions like the ones we made limit the scope for creativity, a point CILM has laboured to get across”

10 30 CATS students’ reflection Themes: What motivates a group Assumptions and ‘groupthink’ within 30 CATS group Creating ‘team’ The challenge of managing the 3Ts together: teams, tasks and time Constructing the ‘other’ “this journey has definitely been an eye-opener in terms of learning about the delicate nature of teamwork” “It was assumed that there was no way we could influence [the 24 CATS students’] level of motivation… [Yet] the participants are not unknown but actually friends who we have studied with for the past three years”

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