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Jeanette Walker 24 June 2009 Live Cell Imaging Stem Cell Research.

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1 Jeanette Walker 24 June 2009 Live Cell Imaging Stem Cell Research

2 Sponsors: To help others… - find solutions to the challenges involved in fundamental stem cell research as well as the translation of stem cell research into safe and affordable routine treatments for patients - accelerate the use of stem cells for non- therapeutic applications e.g. drug discovery

3 EESCN’s Role AcademicsBusinesses CliniciansPolicy/Public EESCN Facilitate collaborations Regionally Nationally Internationally Free membership

4 2004 - established 2007 - incorporated as a limited company (Not-for-profit) EEDA funded Self-financing Board Dr Hermann Hauser Dr Cathy Prescott Dr Megan Davies Mr Julian Hitchcock Mr Richard Archer Day to day management ERBI Jeanette Walker, Business Development Director

5 Steering Group Dr Peter Hewkin, CEO, Cambridge Network Dr Ron Zimmern, PHG Foundation Professor Roger Pedersen, Cambridge University Dr Andrea Kells, Cambridge University Dr Dominic Clark, Sagentia Dr Glyn Stacey, UK Stem Cell Bank Dr Chris Bravery, ERA Consulting Dr Suzanne Watts, NHSBT Dr Finbarr Livesey, University of Cambridge Professor Brian Salter, King’s College London Mr Nigel Atkinson, Buddy for the MS Society Dr Andy Richards Dr Ruth McKernan, Pfizer Regenerative Medicine

6 Capabilities Bench Fundamental ResearchTranslational Research Bedside Clinical Research Cambridge is building the expertise & facilities to translate science into clinical practice

7 Basic & applied Research Production facilities Clinical research Technical services Professional advisers FinanceFacilities Clinical expertise Patient groups Cambridge...

8 Website Registration -News, jobs and events

9 “If DNA is the software of genetics, then stem cells are its hardware. What better place to study them than Cambridge, where DNA was discovered?” Professor Stephen Hawking, Lucasian Professor, Cambridge University Conclusion

10 Live cell imaging

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