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‘Sustainable Delivery’ J-Flex Trial Review ABCD Netshop Day, 15 th October 2008.

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1 ‘Sustainable Delivery’ J-Flex Trial Review ABCD Netshop Day, 15 th October 2008

2 Background K.Baxter asked to source an environmentally friendly cleaning solution. K.Baxter assessed the market, looking at various options from different suppliers. JohnsonDiversey's J-Flex system was chosen and the trial began.

3 MK Introduction Two years working in: 1) Local Authority (Building Cleaning & Catering) 2) Facilities Management (ISS, MITIE, Sodexho, Initial) Different structure / Similar challenges A solid understanding of the challenges you face

4 An introduction to the J-Flex platform

5 A Dilution Control Platform - Consistent 100% accurate dosing every time - Completely eliminates “glug & go” guesswork Straightforward to install -No fixed equipment -Doesn’t alter plumbing system at all Easy to use - Simple colour coded 1,2,3 system What is J-Flex?

6 An Enclosed System –Products are sealed units, so no contact with neat chemical at all, greatly reduced risk of injury Concentrated product – Excellent cost in use – Less packaging = less waste – Easy storage, less orders Environmentally Friendly (Huge Green Benefits) –Less chemical / Less plastic / Less CO2 –Formulated for use with cold water What is J-Flex?

7 Concentration? J-Flex 1.5L =x 100 J-Flex 5L =x 333



10 No fixed equipment J-Flex hose comes complete with Jubilee clip connector (This is fine for 80% of sites) Water pressure must be >1.5 BAR JD engineer can fit suitable connectors and/or booster pressure pump when necessary Installation Issues

11 WASHROOM Daily cleaner Acidic cleaner Disinfectant cleaner FLOORCARE Daily cleaner Daily cleaner/maintainer Heavy duty floor cleaner INTERIOR Daily cleaner Glass cleaner Disinfectant (Woolsafe) KITCHEN HYGIENE Detergent sanitiser Degreaser Full J-Flex Range

12 Altering the mind-set of cleaners Previous bad experiences with dosing systems Cold water cleaning Questioning the motives of the change (eg, cost saving) Water pressure consistently too low Likely objections / Problems

13 Trial Analysis St Edmund Arrowsmith High School

14 What were the aims of the trial? Can we clean a high school in a more environmentally friendly way? Can we do this AND maintain high levels of performance and cleanliness? Can we do this in a cost effective way?

15 JD survey of school (J-Flex requirement in each “zone”) M&D supplies delivered new chemical and uplifted the old JD training session with cleaning team / We launched the trial (One on one implementation) Implementation was quick and simple Implementation

16 High standard of cleanliness before trial Initial product range was unsuitable due to heavy duty demands of a busy High School High quality washroom cleaner and floor cleaner/maintainer substituted into range These revisions gave excellent results immediately. Even higher levels of cleanliness demonstrated Floor cleaner/maintainer is particularly effective. Floors not only look superb but are now quicker to clean also Performance

17 Trial analysis figures are robust and have been benchmarked thoroughly. We used exact figures for chemical usage during the trial process period of 5 months. We compared this data to the previous year’s figures. Because J-Flex cannot be dosed without water passing through the actual unit head, we know precisely what volumes of cleaning solution have been created. Hence, the usage data is not estimated; it is 100% real- world accurate. Trial Analysis

18 Plastic Waste Comparison APPLICATION AREA PLASTIC WASTE REDUCTION Washroom Old chemicals: 50.4 x 5L containers = 13.6kg New chemicals: 16.8 x J-Flex (1.5L) = 3.4kg 10.2 kilos Interior Old chemicals: 9.45 x 5L containers = 2.5kg New chemicals: 6.3 x J-Flex (1.5L) = 1.3kg 1.2 kilos Floorcare Old chemicals: 114 x 5L containers = 30.7kg New chemicals: 13 x J-Flex (1.5L) = 2.6kg New chemicals: 2.2 x J-Flex (5L) = 0.67kg 27.4 kilos PLASTIC WASTE REDUCTION DURING TRIAL 38.8 Kilos UNITWEIGHT Standard 5L container270g Standard 750ml container70g J-Flex 1.5L205g J-Flex 5L305g


20 CO2 ENERGY CHAINREDUCTION Manufacturing29.5 kilos Distribution0.6 kilos Disposal20.5 kilos Total CO2 withheld from atmosphere due to trial 50.6 Kilos CO2 Reduction * 1000kg of plastic generates 1.3 Tonnes of CO2.

21 CO2 REDUCTION Total CO2 withheld from atmosphere during trial 50.6 Kilos Total CO2 withheld from atmosphere per year121 Kilos Total CO2 withheld from atmosphere per year (12 schools) 1.4 Tonnes CO2 Reduction - Projected

22 APPLICATION AREALITRES OF WATER USED Washroom 16.8 x 1.5L J-Flex units 1260 Interior 6.3 x 1.5L J-Flex units 472.5 Floorcare 13 x 1.5L J-Flex units 2.2 x 5L J-Flex units 5693 LITRES USED DURING TRIAL7425.5 LITRES  200 litres of water costs between £25 - £35 to heat.  (Based upon £30) 7425.5 divided by 200 = 37.12 (37.12 x £30 = £1113.83) Direct saving to Saint Edmund Arrowsmith High School during trial period = £1113.83 Energy Savings

23 PeriodSaving Trial Period£ 1113 Per Year£ 2728 Per Year (12 Schools)£ 32,742 Energy Savings - Projected

24 SUMMARY 1 High School / 1 Year Plastic waste reduction 93 Kilos CO2 Reduction121 Kilos Energy Savings£2728 Summary of data

25 SUMMARY1 SITE10 SITES40 SITES Plastic waste93 Kilos930 kilos3.7 tonnes CO2 Reduction121 Kilos1.2 tonnes4.8 tonnes Energy Savings£2728£27,280£109,120 Summary of data - Projected

26 Costs Comparison vs Old Chemical J-Flex

27 COST ANALYSIS Old Chemical£109 per month J-Flex System£113 per month Costs Comparison

28  Control – We have seen that you will actually save money on certain sites. (Where they are currently diluting incorrectly.) Colour coded so helps prevent costly application errors too…  Safety – No chemical contact with J-Flex / Also cold water based.  Storage – Much less space required to store / Less ordering required  Performance - High levels of cleanliness add value to your service.  Speed – High quality maintainer allows your staff to clean quicker.  Disposal Savings – School has to pay for refuse collection? Huge reduction in plastic waste means bins & skips fill up more slowly.  Energy Savings - £2728 annual energy saving to school.  Environment - Price of environmental benefits??? ‘Hidden’ Savings in J-Flex

29 Summary Can we clean a high school in a more environmentally friendly way? YES Can we do this AND maintain high levels of performance and cleanliness? YES Can we do this in a cost effective way? YES

30  Training: We will train all school cleaning staff for free  Support Literature: We will produce all bespoke material, wallcharts, hygiene planners, Mini Guides, COSHH info for free  Service: We will visit every high school twice a year for free. (top- up training, equipment and MSDS checks etc)  Monitoring Standards: PDA audits, operational themes etc  Problem Solving: We can make ad hoc calls to support you whenever and wherever you need us  Local Solution: Partnership between JD and your local distributor is always our preferred method of delivery. Your local JD contact can offer fast, responsive and effective support. We’d love to put J-Flex in your schools!

31 ‘Sustainable Delivery’ J-Flex Trial Review ABCD Netshop Day, 15 th October 2008

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