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Jim Haywood (Product Manager for Statutory Returns) Adopted from Care - Spring Release 2014.

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1 Jim Haywood (Product Manager for Statutory Returns) Adopted from Care - Spring Release 2014

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3 The first time we use the functionality after upgrade to the Spring Release we will be asked if we want to copy forward the students previously identified for the Spring Census. Yes will be the answer in nearly all cases. In fact the only situation where No would be sensible would be where parents have changed their minds regarding having their children identified in this way. 3

4 As for the Spring Census, we have two tables, with the top table available for selected additional students and the bottom table showing who has already been selected and allowing those students to be removed 4

5 Various filters are available and can be used together to home in on the students we want to select. In this case the filter on Ever in Care will suffice. In some schools this would not be a helpful filter as they have interpreted the DfE rules regarding adoption to mean that all records prior to adoption must be removed in all cases. 5

6 Once we’ve set our filters we click Search to obtain the list of students who fit those filters 6

7 This result illustrates the important point that the list of students in the top table always excludes students in the bottom table, i.e. All students in the bottom table have Yes for Ever in Care but they don’t appear in the top table as they have already been selected for Adopted from Care Students can be selected one at time by clicking on a row in the top table and then clicking the Add button, but it is also possible to use the normal Shift-Click and Ctrl-Click to add in batches. In this case will make use of Ctrl-Click to select Mohammed and Kevin. 7

8 Click on the first student required. 8

9 Ctrl-Click to highlight further students for inclusion 9

10 We Click Add to move those students to the list of those Adopted from Care 10

11 We can also select students in the bottom table and click Remove to move them back to the top table. Obviously, once a pupil has been adopted from care they will remain adopted from care, but mistakes do happen even for important information. In this case we’ll remove Tristan from the list of those adopted from care as this was a mistake. 11

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14 We must now fill in the type of the adoption for the students we have added 14

15 15

16 16

17 17

18 We have added a column where schools can indicate if they have obtained evidence of the adoption. The column is for schools’ convenience and is not taken into account by the Census The normal bulk update facilities have been provided included a Select all via a Right Mouse Click at the top of the list, which is what we are going to use 18

19 Right Mouse Click 19

20 20

21 21

22 Once we are happy with the information we click Update to save the revised information ready for use in the School Census Summer 2014 application. 22

23 This is good advice as we might be asked to provide the evidence during an inspection. 23

24 We can access linked documents for Mohammed Akmal via Students Details 24

25 25

26 “Ak” is likely to be enough to find Mohammed Akmal 26

27 27

28 28

29 29

30 30

31 31

32 Adopted from care has been added to the list of document types 32

33 33

34 Status has been restricted to a choice of Private or Confidential 34

35 35

36 36

37 37

38 38

39 39

40 40

41 41

42 42

43 43

44 Thank you for your time

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