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Fitness for Hockey Athletes

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1 Fitness for Hockey Athletes

2 Fitness SAQ Aerobic Endurance Speed/Speed Endurance
Strength and conditioning

3 SAQ SAQ plays an important role in motor co-ordination, acceleration, balance, agility and reaction development at all ages and at all levels. It can be incorporated into fitness programmes all year round - indoor and outdoor - in designated circuits, isolated drills, and integrated exercises, and most importantly, during ball work.

4 Aerobic Endurance Interval Training Example of Interval Training
Short intense work followed by short rest intervals Will increase aerobic power Improves cardio endurance Example of Interval Training START FINISH Using the markings on the hockey pitch. Start at the half-way line and run to the base at ¾ pace. Run diagonally across the pitch to the half-way line at ¾ pace, then jog back to the start point. Repeat on the second half of the pitch. This is one repetition! Repeat for 3 repetitions and then rest for 2-3 mins. This is one set. Complete 3-5 sets. ¾ Pace Jog

5 Speed/Speed Endurance
“A fast athlete can not only accelerate and move in multiple directions rapidly, they should also have the ability to repeat rapid movements with minimal loss of speed” Examples of speed/speed endurance training High intensity shuttle runs Pyramids Cruise and sprint Hollow Sprint Cross Drill

6 Strength & Conditioning
“Strength and Conditioning is the physical and physiological development of athletes for elite sport performance”. “Strength and Conditioning  is about more than lifting weights - it encompasses the entire development of the athlete and what is needed  to improve physical performance. This includes plyometrics, speed and agility, endurance and core stability with strength training being just one piece of the jigsaw”.

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