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The Hybrid Library and the DNER: a Discussion Stephen Pinfield.

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1 The Hybrid Library and the DNER: a Discussion Stephen Pinfield

2 DNER: overview Distributed National Electronic Resource Umbrella for the informational activity of JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) Two main components: –managed collection of information resources –coherent information environment Supported by –advisory services –preservation services, etc.

3 DNER: definition “… a managed environment for accessing quality information resources on the Internet which are available from many sources.”

4 DNER: aspirations To provide the world’s high quality information to staff and students in higher and further education at any time and anywhere. To be the leading innovator in UK education in the field of digital information provision of information and take an influential role in developing the UK’s learning and research agenda. To take a leading role in stimulating development both here and overseas.

5 Context Incremental development –content –structures Under-developed consultation & market research ‘Information brandscape’ - incoherence Need for systemic coherence Need to engage with learning and teaching c.f. Hybrid Library projects

6 Global Personal Community Strategic Institutional General information environment

7 Resource spaces “The DNER challenge is to weave rich information and learning resources in the fabric of the web.” (Lorcan Dempsey) A managed strategic resource A ‘leveraged’ institutional and community resource A discovered resource

8 Collections scholarly journals monographs textbooks abstracts manuscripts maps music scores still images geospatial images vector and numeric data moving picture collections sound collections

9 Architecture Middleware Content/service delivery Fusion services Presentation

10 Hybrid Library projects Have investigated: Authentication (‘middleware’) Presentation layer ‘Fusion’ technologies Content creation Personalisation DNER technical review: need to contribute

11 Technical review Technologies –Z39.50 –LDAP –OpenURLs –Other protocols / APIs –etc. In-house v. commercial –VDX (Fretwell-Downing) –MetaLib/SFX (Ex Libris) –WebExpress (OCLC) –etc.

12 Digital Library of North Rhine Westphalia

13 National and local Is the DNER a national hybrid library? –Similarities of approach –Similar technologies Institutional and national services –National services - economy of effort, market power –Institutional ‘portal’ still required –Institutional users and national services Working together –DNER as service provider –DNER as service enabler...

14 e.g. RDN-i

15 DNER strategy Collection development and management Service delivery Development Preservation Communications

16 Investigations Content mapping study –procedures, practices, actors - completed Collections subject mapping exercise –collections against subject benchmarks to identify gaps - being commissioned Service delivery framework –pattern, governance and coherence of service - commissioned from CHEMS Technical architecture –identify broad architecture and technologies - commissioned from UKOLN Presentation requirements –being specified

17 DNER Office Director Lorcan Dempsey Assistant Director Collections and communication Alicia Wise Assistant Director Development (Vacant) Assistant Director Preservation Neil Beagrie Collections Groups Communications Group Programme Management / Development Group RDNCResources and Admin Group Preservation

18 Names eLib Hybrid Library  DNER DNER: Suggestions for a new name please!


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