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Transfer Arrangements for September 2014 21 May 2013 OMAGH ACADEMY GRAMMAR SCHOOL.

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1 Transfer Arrangements for September 2014 21 May 2013 OMAGH ACADEMY GRAMMAR SCHOOL

2 The Education Minister has published guidance for the Transfer Process that does not provide for the use of academic criteria (a test). Schools must pay regard to the Ministers guidance but are not obliged to follow it. It is lawful for schools to continue to use an academic test (St. Andrews Agreement). Omagh Academy has decided that it will continue use an academic test to select pupils in 2014.

3 Omagh Academy wishes to select pupils fairly on the basis of academic ability. In the absence of an official test, we will use the test produced by AQE Ltd for selecting pupils for entry to Year 8 in 2014. As will the other Controlled Grammars in the Western Board Area.

4 Admissions Criteria 2014 Omagh Academy will consider first those applicants who have taken the AQE Test (the Common Entrance Assessment – CEA) and received a mark. Candidates will be put in rank order of test result and the first 95 will be accepted. Other criteria will be used to distinguish between any pupils tied for the last place.

5 Questions on English and Mathematics from the current primary curriculum (no Science). Three one hour papers (best two results count, but pupils sit either two or three tests). A charge of £44 covers all tests. No charge if in receipt of Free School Meals.

6 The tests are done in the Academy. Pupils can sit the test in one school but apply to another. The questions are similar to the English and maths questions on the old transfer test A sample paper and the twelve past papers will be available from the Academy or the AQE website.

7 Procedures similar to those used by the examination boards. Chief Examiner, with extensive knowledge of test design. A team of revisers ( including experienced primary school teachers).

8 Registration until 13 th Sept. 2013

9 Registration Process Application forms available from primary schools, the AQE office, Omagh Academy or the Websites ( or ) Choice of test centre ( up to three Schools). To be returned to AQE office with 3 passport-sized photographs, a copy of birth certificate and, if appropriate, an ELB letter authorising free school meals (or letter from Primary School). Payment (£44) by cheque, postal order or bankers draft (No Cash). Help available from Omagh Academy, if required.

10 CONFIRMATION FROM AQE September 2013 Applicants receive an Admission Card with photograph & candidate number. And notification of the test centre (School). Information about the tests and the Date of Familiarisation Event in the test centre (Thursday 17 th October). Grammar schools receive details of applications.

11 An evening meeting on 17 th October lasting about 45 minutes Dummy run for pupils Rooms and Seating Rules and Procedures Putting pupils at ease Talk/Presentation to Parents

12 NOV/DEC 2013: TESTS Three Saturday mornings – 1 hour 9 th November, 23 rd November and 30 th November. Starting at 10:00am. Tests have run very smoothly

13 January/February/March 2014 Academy Open Night (Thursday 23 January) Results sent to parents (Sat. 1st February 2014) Following the issue of results We provide guidance on interpreting results Parents liaise with Primary Schools Transfer Form (green form) completed Transfer Form sent on to WELB

14 March-May 2014 Application Process Post-Primary schools receive forms from ELBs Schools apply admissions criteria Decisions are made and ELBs informed Parents informed of allocated schools in May 2014

15 Access Arrangements Special Circumstances Special Provisions Special Educational Needs

16 ACCESS ARRANGEMENTS e.g. Dyslexia: extra time (based on a report) Visual impairment: enlarged question booklet First language different: bilingual dictionary Physical disability: e.g. wheelchair access Aspergers syndrome: e.g. prompter, etc.

17 Tick a box on application form and give brief details of the disability Separate form for full details of access requirements will be sent out by AQE Decision made by a team of three assessors Decision sent to parents and to test centre Appropriate arrangements are made by AQE and the test centre

18 This is an arrangement that permits an adjustment of the marks received by a candidate after the assessment has taken place, where the assessment has been carried out in adverse circumstances.

19 E.g. illness during tests, bereavement etc. After the test parent/guardian applies to AQE for the relevant form (SC13 form). Enter details of the special circumstance together with relevant evidence. Submit this form to WELB with green Transfer Form in February 2014.

20 Special Provisions If your child cannot sit the CEAs (tests) for a valid reason e.g. illness, he or she can still apply under special provisions. ( As can pupils largely educated outside N.I. or arriving in N.I. post CEAs.) SEN – current process remains: statemented pupils do not need to sit the test; application through ELB Special Education Department. An Irish language version of the test will be available.

21 Grammar School (11-18) - a proven route to success - 21 GCSE and 27 A level subjects Focus on achievement – track record of success in preparing pupils for university or leaving school with the qualifications for further study or employment Support to overcome barriers to achievement Literacy, reading, numeracy, science.

22 Meeting individual needs – pastoral care. Rounded education: wide extra curricular programme Emphasis on the individual - values and supports all its pupils equally irrespective of academic ability.

23 If you want the option of sending your child to the Academy he or she needs to sit the AQE test.

24 Further advice Tel (028)82242688 E-mail

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