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Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) 22 nd July 2008.

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1 Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) 22 nd July 2008

2 Andrew Vane Bianco Sale Limited, Croydon Building Services Consultants and Energy Advisors Chartered Engineer Full Member of CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers) CIBSE Registered Low Carbon Consultant BRE Registered Competent Person to carry out Carbon Assessments on New Buildings Registered Carbon Trust Consultant Non-Domestic Energy Assessor (LCEA with CIBSE Certification Limited)

3 Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) Introduced as part of Energy Performance In Buildings Directive (EPBD) – Article 7 Inform potential building owners of energy performance of the building and to make energy efficiency a factor in making a decision on properties Phase in programme from 6 th April 2008 6 April 2008EPCs required for the construction, sale or rent of buildings, other than dwellings, with a floor area over 10,000 m2. 1 July 2008 EPCs required for the construction, sale or rent of buildings, other than dwellings, with a floor area over 2,500 m2. 1 October 2008 EPCs required on the construction, sale or rent of all remaining buildings, other than dwellings. Display certificates required for all public buildings >1,000 m2.

4 What are EPC’s and DEC’s? Energy Performance Certificates and Display Energy Certificates EPC’s have to be produced for buildings at construction, sale or let Definition of a building – must have walls, roof and use energy to condition the indoor climate (Heating, Mechanical ventilation and Air conditioning) HWS and Lighting not included as they do not condition the indoor environment A to G scale (A being most efficient and G is the least efficient) Includes a Recommendations Report for Improvements (based on a standard list but can be added to) CO 2 based Index

5 Energy Performance Certificates Based upon Asset Rating of the Building and considers standardised uses, building age, condition and the building services Certificates held on a National Register for review. Data held for 20 years. Lodgement Fee of £30 Calculated using Approved Software e.g. SBEM EPC’s must be prepared by an Approved Assessor Each Certificate will have a unique reference number EPC’s to be prepared by the person selling or letting the building When new buildings being constructed the company building the property must prepare the EPC

6 Energy Performance Certificates EPC’s valid for 10 years but can be re-evaluated if improvements are made to the building Must be provided by the landlord to potential buyers or tenants. Information required to produce an EPC -Scaled Floor Plans -Floor to ceiling heights -Window heights -Details of construction materials (U-values etc.) -Details of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning -Details of Hot Water installation -Details of Lighting and lighting controls installation -Details of metering provision and any PFC The more information and more detailed information available the better the EPC is likely to be.

7 Do I need an EPC? If you are selling or letting a commercial propertyYES If you are constructing a commercial propertyYES If you are modifying a commercial property so thatYES there are more or less parts of the property that can now be sold or let separately and the modification includes extension or provision of fixed building services (heating, AC and ventilation) that condition the indoor climate Lease Renewal or Extension of a LeaseNO Compulsory Purchase OrderNO Lease SurrenderNO Existing tenant with a current leaseNO

8 Do I need an EPC? Place of WorshipNO Temporary Building with Planned time of use of less than 2 yearsNO Stand alone building with total useful floor area of less than 50m 2 that are not dwellingsNO Industrial sites, workshops and non-residential agricultural buildings with low energy demandNO Buildings that are due to be demolishedNO Internal Refurbishment of Building, no change in partsNO but new building services If new building services then likely to be more efficient and hence improved EPC – so may be beneficial to have a new EPC.

9 Do I need an EPC? It is the action of construction, selling or letting that triggers the need for an EPC Transitional arrangements for buildings already on the market at 6th April. Any building which is on the market before 6 th April and remains on the market afterwards will need an Energy Performance Certificate by 1 October at the latest. Do companies want EPC’s even if they are not strictly required? – showing commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

10 Enforcement By Trading Standards Fine using a formula and can range from £500 to £5000. Building Control will not issue Completion Certificates for new Buildings WARNING!!!!!! This is new and only now is it beginning to be used There will be questions and answers are not always clear or known! Particular care with shops in Malls and where buildings share common heating systems If unsure, get advice

11 EPC Guidance CLG Guide ‘ A Guide to Energy Performance Certificates for the Construction, Sale and Let of Non-dwellings’ CLG Guide ‘Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) and Non Dwellings: A Guide for building owners, landlords and tenants’ Downloadable in pdf from Ask an Accredited Energy Assessor.

12 DEC’s Apply to Public Authority Buildings frequently visited by the public and over 1000m 2. Displayed in Reception of the Building An Advisory Report is required with recommendations To be based on actual metered fuel use (Operational rating) Similar A to G scale to be used CO 2 Index Must be prepared using approved software Must be prepared by the building occupier

13 DEC’s Must be prepared using accredited Energy Assessors Must be carried out annually Penalties for not carrying out the DEC or displaying the certificate Important – Must have site floor areas/drawings and meter readings for all fuels must be aligned along same/similar dates

14 Some EPC Examples A Building with Common Heating System A Building with Separate Heating System per floor

15 Some EPC Examples Shopping Centres with Conditioned Central Space and Common Heating System Shopping Centres with Un-Conditioned Central Space and Common Heating System

16 Some EPC Examples Shopping Centres with Conditioned Central Space and Separate Heating Systems for each Unit Shopping Centres with Un-Conditioned Central Space and Separate Heating Systems for each Unit

17 Some EPC Examples Extension with extended capacity but no new parts added or removed Extension with extended capacity and newly divided with more or fewer parts and extended building services

18 Some EPC Examples Shell and Core If shell only and only gas and electricity meters provided, an EPC is still required on assumed building services

19 How can you Reduce Energy Consumption and Improve your EPC or DEC?

20 Reducing Energy Consumption Use the EPC or DEC as a starting point for improvements. Use the Advisory Report to target areas for improvement. Know your energy usage – read the meters. If you do not have enough meters, install them! If you do not know how much you are using you will not know if any improvements being made are actually working. Check usage against benchmark figures Regularly monitor energy use. Form graphs using spreadsheets. Set an overall target energy or CO 2 reduction 10%, 20%, 30%?? Make someone a Carbon Champion! Review the building and progress annually and review the target. Re-evaluate priorities. Publicise improvements.

21 Simple Ideas to Reduce Energy Consumption Generate a Management Policy and make someone responsible for it Get staff involved and create an awareness campaign. Turn lights off when not required – consider lighting control systems Turn off PC’s and other electrical items when not required Use energy efficient lighting. T5 fluorescent lamps are the most energy efficient Check operating periods of all plant and equipment. Ensure plant is only used when required. Check set points for the heating, cooling and ventilation systems as part of a maintenance regime.

22 Simple Ideas to Reduce Energy Consumption Look at improving efficiencies of existing plant and equipment such as boilers, pumps, insulation, glazing etc. Combine these with refurbishment projects if possible Investigate renewables last as high capital costs and payback periods will be longer Investigate grants for improvements and renewables If you undertake a major plant replacement and install new energy efficient systems, carrying out another EPC should show an improvement. Remember an EPC is based upon the efficiency of the building design, U-Values and its building services not on metered energy use. Improvements in energy management will not improve an EPC but it will reduce your CO 2 emissions, energy use and energy bills!!

23 Questions?

24 Andrew Vane bianco sale limited Tel. 0208 256 1350 Email Clipart images are reproduced with kind permission of the Carbon Trust, and retains crown copyright ©2005

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