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Sanitation: The Key to Sustainable Water Solutions

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1 Sanitation: The Key to Sustainable Water Solutions
Moderated by: David Robbins, RTI International David Harding, Water is Life International Dennis Warner, Catholic Relief Services

2 3 Pillars of Sustainable Sanitation
Promotions - driving demand through targeted campaigns Maximum sustainability – when all three occur together Enabling Environment – Capacity building for local governments Infrastructure – Scaling up supply and delivery chains

3 Promotions -Delivering on Key Promises
Gather evidence through surveys and focus group discussions. Determine what would motivate people to invest in sanitation. Link key promises with motivators. If I invest in sanitation: “I will realize this result”. Delivering on promises is key to sustainability.

4 Infrastructure: Scaling Up Sanitation – The Power of Markets
Empowering business owners to scale up operations to meet increased demand through CLTS and other sanitation promotion initiatives. Programs that provide microfinance for tooling, training in business management, marketing and customer relations can be especially effective.

5 Rapid Technical Assessments
Deploy plumbers and engineers to investigate existing infrastructure. Determine what is working, what could be working better. Identify ways of reducing costs by modifying procedures, processes, and features. Look at cost saving opportunities with products, installation, operation and simplifying the purchase process.

6 Enabling Environment – Driving Demand
Local sanitation ordinances establish procedures, policies and institutional arrangements. They provide guidance and direction for the regulated community. Economic incentives. Local ordinances that specify penalties for non-compliance, when enforced, help drive the demand for sanitation services.

7 References USAID / Rotary International Water Alliance – San Fernando, Ph IDE Cambodia – Sanitation Marketing with the Easy Latrine RTI Senegal Water and Sanitation Project Other Resources: Total Sanitation and Sanitation Marketing Project: Learning at Scale – WSP Sanitation Ordinance for San Fernando, La Union, Philippines

8 RTI International is a trade name of Research Triangle Institute
Thank You! David Robbins May 20, 2011 RTI International is a trade name of Research Triangle Institute 3040 Cornwallis Road ■ P.O. Box ■ Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA 27709 Phone

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