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Academic Health Science Networks 08 November 2012 Andrew Riley Programme Director Yorkshire & Humber AHSN.

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1 Academic Health Science Networks 08 November 2012 Andrew Riley Programme Director Yorkshire & Humber AHSN

2 Innovation, Health Wealth (The NHS’s contribution to the UK’s Plan for Growth) INNOVATION HEALTH AND WEALTH ACCELERATING ADOPTION AND DIFFUSION IN THE NHS NHS 1. Improve population & patient outcomes and experience 2. Improve productivity and efficiency 3. Generate economic growth and wealth

3 Y&H Regional Variations  Life expectancy ranges; men from 74.7 to 80 and women 79 to 84.  Obese children % ranges; 26% to 44%  Smoking attributable mortality ranges; 16% to 22%  Stroke mortality varies from 10.4% to 24.5%  Mothers initiating breast feeding; 49% to 78%  Day surgery procedure cholecystectomy 4% to 52%  Patients are 16% more likely to die if admitted to hospital on a Sunday than in the week.

4 Problems to be tackled 1. Significant service variability leading to increased risk for Boards to manage 2. Islands of good practice, limited/no spread 3. Financial pressures being handled in isolation 4. Clinical reconfigurations slow or non existent 5. Crowded and confusing innovation, R&D environment 6. Workforce planning, education, development planning mixed 7. Industry unable to engage with the NHS 8. Y&H limited national and international presence 9. Disproportionate R&D investment in London and the SE only 8% in North of England 10. Historically poor use of IT and information 11. Failure to interest, excite or involve front line staff in the quality and resource agenda 12. Historical inter-organisational tensions prevented development

5 Y&H AHSN Prospectus Ambitions 1.To create and harness a strong, purposeful Partnership between patients, health services,, industry and academia to achieve a significant and measurable improvement in the health and wealth of the population. 2.To generate significant added value for partners by reducing service variability, improving efficiency and effectiveness and improving patient experience. 3.To create an environment that supports inward business investment leading to economic growth. 4.To become the partner of choice for business

6 AHSN Key Dates Y&H AHSN Business Plan & Prospectus developed Y&H AHSN Business Plan & Prospectus developed DH Assessmen t DH Assessmen t Submitte d to DH Approval to proceed Develop detailed five- year BP with Partners DH Interview & approval to proceed 24/1/13 AHSN established If yes Re-work and re-submit If No 3 Aug- 28 Sep28 SepOct NovDecJan From 1 Apr 13 DH Feedback 7/11/12 DH Feedback 7/11/12

7 Our Goals Improving Health & Wealth Information at the core Translating Research & Learning into Practice Collaboration on Education & Training Increasing Participation In Research

8 Delivering the Goals (1)  Specific Programmes to improve Public Health  Transformation Academy – integrating activity  Charter for Quality research and innovation  Innovation accelerator to reward rapid evaluation and adoption  Patient, carers and community Involvement  A centre for Innovation and Best Practice Intelligence  Industry forum  Target of £1bn of leveraged additional income over 5 years.  Northern Health Service Alliance – a network of networks

9 Delivering the Goals (2)  Implementing DH “sunset” review in Y&H to simplify the landscape.  Coordinating Innovation, R&D activity across the region through “nested planning”  Spreading best practice by investing in existing programmes that are delivering results.  Commissioning specific work programmes from third parties including the commercial sector  Establishing a small central PMO  Delivering specific work programmes “in-house”

10 Five year Business Plan  Detailed, resourced plan for each year of the 5 year license, by work programme  NHS Operating Framework, Public Health Framework  “Nested” with other organisations such as CLAHRCs, CLRN’s, NCESEM etc  Clear objectives with KPI’s  New programmes and existing re-commissioned  Demonstrating benefits for the population, patients carers and members.  Due in 18 December 2012.

11 Principles & Values  Focusing on making things better for patients, carers and the public  Membership and Participation will be inclusive, highly valued and rewarded.  Clear, accountable leadership stimulating effective collaboration.  Develop and support staff to always seek better ways of doing things.  Set clear and measurable objectives  Develop business plans with members that will add value not achievable independently  Value equality and diversity

12 Governance  Transitional arrangements (to 31 October 13) Programme Steering Board Programme Steering Board Programme Executive Programme Executive Organisation Input and workstream leadership Organisation Input and workstream leadership Membership fees Membership fees  Substantive arrangements (from 01 November 13) Membership organisation; Full members and Associates Membership organisation; Full members and Associates Matched funding Matched funding Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Board of Directors Board of Directors

13 Summary  Y&H AHSN Operational from April 2013  Focus; “Improving translation of Innovation, Health and Wealth  Building on existing valued programmes  Speeding up spread and adoption of best practice  Supporting member organisations  Building relationships with Industry

14 How can you become involved? The AHSN is a membership organisation with the purpose of supporting members achieve quality and outcome improvements whilst increasing productivity and efficiency. It will be as strong as the input and involvement of members allows. So please get involved. Contact Andrew Riley –

15 Y&H AHSN Process

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