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1 WHY CHOOSE COMPANY LAW? Sheffield Hallam University.

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1 1 WHY CHOOSE COMPANY LAW? Sheffield Hallam University

2 2 You are likely to: work for a company be advising for or against company start your own company LPC/BPTC important to have company/commercial knowledge Legal Careers likely be dealing with companies directly and a foundation in company law is invaluable Business careers a good knowledge of company law issues makes you very marketable Company Law: Why choose it?

3 3 Birth to death of a company Company formation Promoters Internal company rules Shareholders Directors Security for creditors Insolvency Liquidation Wrongful and Fraudulent trading, and much more..... Company Law: Content

4 4 mandatory attendance (lectures & seminars) learning new terms and legal language technical and challenging but interesting The Companies Act 2006 is the largest single piece of legislation ever passed in the UK – so how good will that look on your CV when you can say that you have studied on this Act !!... & don’t worry – our students have studied this Act for years now and have done excellently! Good students do well - weaker ones don't! Company Law: What to be aware of

5 5 You will be taught by experienced staff Your lecturers & seminar tutors... MARK EDWARDS - Lecturer and ex-Company Director, and serves hot soup to the homeless every night! JEREME SNOOK – Many years in business teaching experience, & donates all his wages each month to feed orphaned children! Assessment 50% Coursework – 2,200 word problem question (Jan) 50% pre seen exam (May) – 2hrs – problem questions


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