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Florida Ready to Work 2008 Implementation Partner Workshop.

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1 Florida Ready to Work 2008 Implementation Partner Workshop

2 Florida Ready to Work New employee credentialing program that builds, tests and scores job skills and work habits Focus on core communication and problem-solving skills required by 85 percent of all jobs today - Applied Math - Locating Information - Reading For Information Based on 15,000+ job profiles across the country Skills required for entry-level to professional, across industries

3 Florida Ready to Work Optional Work Habits soft skills certification – attitude, initiative, teamwork, time management and other customer service skills all employers need Voluntary, complements other degrees/credentials All Florida residents, implementation partners, employers – free! Primary program components: - Courseware - Assessments - Credential - Job Profiling


5 Courseware Measure current skills, identify skill gaps and build skills All 9 curriculum subject areas plus Work Habits – self-directed, unlimited, free! Online access from any computer, anytime, anywhere Tools to monitor student/jobseeker/employee progress Spanish translation and text-to-speech features Alignments to Sunshine State Standards, FCAT, TABE, GED and others Relevancy, skills for the work world

6 Assessments Different than other Assessments Measure ability to apply skills on the job Applied Math - Workplace math ie: calculating percentage discounts and markups Reading for Information - Using memos, letters, directions, signs, notices, bulletins, policies and regulations Locating Information - Working with charts, graphs, tables, forms, flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans, maps and instrument gauges Proctored, approximately 1 hour each Developed by ACT

7 Credential How to earn the Credential 1)Enroll with a participating Assessment Center 2)Take the online Placement Tests 3)Use the online Courseware, as needed 4)Complete Work Habits, minimum post-test score of 4 5) Take all three required Assessments, minimum score of 3 6)Get the Credential Credential levels Bronze – Minimum score of 3, ready for 30% of jobs Silver – Minimum score of 4, ready for 65% of jobs Gold – Minimum score of 5, ready for 90% of jobs Portable, 40+ states with similar programs

8 Job Profiling EEOC compliant hiring, promotion and training tool Process to identify the core skills and skill levels required for a specific job Conducted by trained Florida job profilers - Review company background and job history - Observe workers on the job - Meet/interview incumbent workers and supervisors Results in a customized report aligning core job tasks with the skills and skill levels required for job success Fee-based service, $2,500 per profile

9 Program Progress The Numbers 500+ Assessment Center locations registered 68,000+ Jobseekers enrolled 28,000+ Assessments delivered 6,300+ New Credentials issued, 9,000+ Grandfathered 100+ Employer Partners CUMULATIVE, APRIL 2007 – MAY 2008

10 Program Progress The Numbers Momentum building, participation growing every day - 25+ New Assessment Center locations registered per month - 5,000+ New Jobseekers enrolled per month - 5,000+ Courseware Hours per month May 2008 – Record breaking results - 10,000+ Assessments – Triple any prior month - 2,400+ Credentials – Double any prior month AVERAGE PER MONTH

11 Program Progress Credential Leaders Regional Workforce Boards 1,500+ Assessments, 200+ Credentials Each - Workforce Plus (Gadsden, Leon, Wakulla) - Workforce Alliance (Palm Beach) - Gulf Coast Workforce (Bay, Franklin, Gulf) - WorkSource (Baker, Clay, Duval, Nassau, Putnam, St. Johns) CUMULATIVE, APRIL 2008

12 Program Progress Credential Leaders School Districts 1,500+ Total Assessments, 200+ Credentials Each - Brevard County (14 schools) - Okaloosa County (9 schools) - Citrus County (5 schools) - Volusia County (13 schools) CUMULATIVE, APRIL 2008

13 Program Progress Credential Leaders Stand Out Schools – 50+ Credentials Each - Baker County High School (Baker County) - Baker High School (Okaloosa County) - Crestview High School (Okaloosa County) - Satellite High School (Brevard County) - Citrus High School (Citrus County) - Crystal River High School (Citrus County) - Space Coast Jr/Sr High School (Brevard County) - Lecanto High School (Citrus County) - Pine Ridge High School (Volusia County) - Seabreeze High School (Volusia County) - Bayside High School – Palm Bay (Brevard County) CUMULATIVE, APRIL 2008

14 Program Progress Credential Leaders Stand Out Community Colleges – 25+ Credentials Each - Indian River Community College - South Florida Community College - Florida Community College at Jacksonville Stand Out Technical Centers – 25+ Credentials Each - Community Technical & Adult Education Center (Marion County) - Winter Park Tech (Orange County) - Westside Tech (Orange County) - Bradford-Union Career Technical Center (Bradford County) CUMULATIVE, APRIL 2008

15 Program Progress Credential Leaders Special Stand Outs In Their Class - University of North Florida (University) - Living Hope International (Community Based Organization) - Excel Alternative School - Seminole County (Private School) - PGT Industries (Employer) - Okaloosa Youth Academy (Juvenile Justice) - Stewart Marchman School - Volusia County (Juvenile Justice) - Nassau County Adult Education CUMULATIVE, APRIL 2008

16 Legislation Continued support – Governor, House and Senate CAPE statute, each career and professional academy must provide opportunities for students to obtain the Florida Ready to Work Certification (1003.493 (4)(j) F.S.) Florida Ready to Work specifically defined, codified in Florida law (CS/SB 1908, Lines 646-665)

17 Legislation Each standard high school diploma shall include a designation reflecting the Florida Ready to Work Credential, as applicable, effective 2008-09 school year (CS/SB 1908, Lines 500-520) - Department of Education to distribute a Technical Assistance Paper for school districts by early August 2008 - Florida Ready to Work team to work with school districts to verify/provide data

18 2008-09 Funding Fully funded by Florida Legislature - Courseware – Unlimited access to all 9 curriculum areas plus Work Habits - Assessments – Applied Math, Locating Information, Reading for Information - Credential – Printed/mailed to jobseeker or Assessment Center - Public Awareness Campaign – Materials, advertising, events and more - Business Outreach – Up to four pilot projects led by Workforce Florida, Inc. $10 stipend per Assessment for implementation partners Base funds recurring, signaling commitment to program

19 Business Connection Gives participating employers a competitive edge - Takes the guesswork out of hiring -Reduces employee turnover -Reduces training time and costs -Builds skills of current workforce -EEOC compliant -Saves time and money, increasing productivity and profitability -Its free! Message: Get The Credential. Get The Advantage.

20 Business Connection First Step: Become an Employer Partner RECOGNIZE the Credential when attached to a resume or presented by a potential employee. Second Step: Use the Program REQUEST the Credential in job orders, announcements and applications. REQUIRE the Credential when hiring or evaluating employees for promotion.

21 Employer Outreach Update Launched awareness campaign February 2008 Secured support of statewide business organizations - Florida Chamber of Commerce - HR Florida (State affiliate for the Society of Human Resource Management) - Associated Industries of Florida 100+ Employer Partners, list growing every day Large and small, across industries, across the state List posted\EmployerPartners

22 Marketing Update Paid Advertising - Florida Trend - Wall Street Journal (Florida) - National Public Radio (Florida) - Markets with momentum – radio, newspaper Strategic Partners – emails, web content, newsletters Employer Events/Presentations Media Relations Promotional Materials – brochures, posters, videos, displays and more



25 Marketing Update Looking Ahead Continue advertising in markets with momentum, employer and jobseeker messages Direct mail campaign targeting Florida employers with 50+ employees One-on-one follow-up with strategic employers Continue to build promotional partnerships with business/industry organizations Media relations – employer and jobseeker testimonials

26 Local Marketing Develop partnerships with local business/industry - Chamber of commerce - Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) - Industry trade associations ie: manufacturing, hospitality, others - Economic development council - Regional workforce board - Community college corporate training/continuing education Present to boards and business advisory committees Host an employer event One-on-one employer presentations

27 Local Marketing Look for opportunities to communicate and promote internally, top down through organization Set an example, talk with human resources about becoming an Employer Partner Create a webpage, link to Send email blasts – students/jobseekers, employers Send news releases to local media, include success stories

28 Ideas and Innovations Workforce Development Board of Okaloosa and Walton Counties Leads a leadership level Florida Ready to Work Alliance – public schools, community colleges, juvenile justice programs, community- and faith-based organizations, and economic development Engaging area employers through partnerships with five area chambers of commerce – surveys, employer events, one-on-one meetings/presentations Promoting program in all one-stop locations Using mobile one-stop to expand outreach Mary Lou Reed, Executive Director-Workforce Development Board (850) 651-2315,

29 Ideas and Innovations Okaloosa County School District Superintendent chief cheerleader and actively involved every step of the way Hired a dedicated, district level coordinator Aligning with CHOICE Institutes, starting with students enrolled in the Okaloosa Applied Technology Center (OATC) CHOICE Institutes Enrolled 800+ students, 9 schools Presented Credentials at packed graduation ceremony Jeff Scroggins, Director-CHOICE Institutes (850) 259-2121,

30 Ideas and Innovations Putnam County School District Targeted career academy, career and technology education and GED exit students Pilot with at-risk students including GED students not on target and seniors with lack of credits or GPA below 2.0 Incorporated Courseware as assignments, extra credit Looking ahead to fall 2008 - Refresher training during teacher planning days - Start early with students taking Placement Test first semester - Include scores as part of nine-week/semester average Janet Cauble, Career Specialist-Putnam County School District (386) 329-0536,

31 Ideas and Innovations FloridaWorks Using only Florida Ready to Work, phasing out TABE, unless employer requests otherwise Enrolling all welfare transition clients with passing results Promoting at career fair and via e-newsletter and website Delivering to Santa Fe Community College students Partnership with Gainesville Chamber of Commerce to engage area employers Robert Ed Burford, Program Manager-Florida Works (352) 244-5444, Cynthia Kachick, Assessments Coordinator- Florida Works (352) 955-2245,

32 Ideas and Innovations Volusia County School District Superintendent provided leadership statewide and locally Developed a comprehensive, model implementation plan Started with DCT, OJT, career academy internship and a hand-picked pilot group of juniors/seniors moving into the workforce 16 locations – 9 high schools, 5 alternative education programs and Career Coach Trained and assigned coordinators at each location Kristin Bowles-Pierce, Career and Technical Education Specialist-Volusia County Schools (386) 255-6475 x 60180,

33 Ideas and Innovations Bayside High School (Pinellas County) Drop-out prevention high school, offers Florida Ready to Work as a class Guidance counselor comes from the corporate world, understands/communicates what employers need Closely monitors student progress Applauds student progress – shout outs, bulletin boards Presented Credentials at graduation, those not receiving one have already called to come back over the summer Susan Mathewson, Lead Teacher-Bayside High School (Pinellas County) (239) 825-3984,

34 Ideas and Innovations Southwest Florida Coalition (Charlotte, Collier, Glades, Hendry, Lee) Regional implementation strategy launched with joint training session – public schools, workforce board, juvenile justice programs and community-based organizations Group continues to communicate and collaborate All Lee County high schools, 1,400+ students enrolled Edison Community College promoting to students Southwest Florida Workforce Board spearheading employer outreach – events, one-on-one sales calls Clyde Grant, Trade Extension Coordinator-Lee County Schools (239) 939-6330,

35 Ideas and Innovations Sarasota County School District Support from Superintendent down through organization Dedicated, district level coordinator with sales skills Presentations to students to introduce the program Donated student incentives – i-pods, gift cards Engaging employers to recognize the Credential – 10+ Webpage, newsletter, news releases to build awareness Creating employment connections for students through chamber of commerce partnership Sharon Albrecht, Program Administrator-Sarasota County School District (941) 914-0046,

36 Ideas and Innovation Living Hope Incorporating Florida Ready to Work into life skills training for prison inmates close to release, those recently released, homeless and others seeking a life change - Provides focus, motivates, builds self-esteem – hope is powerful! - Offers a competitive-advantage when seeking employment - Goal to reduce recidivism Using workbooks and paper-pencil Assessments 200+ enrolled, 50+ Credentials earned Seminole and Osceola counties now, expanding to Polk, Orange, Lake and Marion Maggie Mikell, Executive Director-Living Hope International (407) 422-6797,

37 Ideas and Innovations Brevard County School District District level leadership team to keep momentum going and to closely monitor results Introduced in all high schools, starting with DCT, marketing and drop-out prevention students Documented clear correlation between Courseware use and Assessment scores Looking ahead to fall 2008 - Enrolled 11,000+ current sophomores/juniors to hit ground running - Aligning Courseware with DCT and marketing curriculum Julie Sanders, Resource Teacher, Career and Technical Education-Brevard County Schools (321) 633-1000 x 281,

38 Ideas and Innovations Palm Beach County – Adult Education Incorporating Florida Ready to Work to meet career services grant requirements, making applications stronger Easy to track student participation and progress Will help meet job placement performance standards Different from other career training tools, clients responding to relevancy and ease, clients progressing Try it, before buy it – coordinator used Courseware, took Assessments and earned Credential – now sold! Judy Langelier Department of Adult and Community Education-School District of Palm Beach County (561) 688-5291,

39 Technical Requirements Enrollment To receive stipend and Credentials, EVERY student/ jobseeker: 1) MUST be enrolled through Online Enrollment System – even if not using Courseware, even if using LAN version of Courseware, even if using paper-pencil Assessments. 2) MUST be enrolled using either Social Security Number (SSN) or 10-digit Florida State Identification Number (FSIN). Local school district student identification number not accepted. Special situations, contact local Project Coordinator. REFERENCE: 3) MUST provide required demographic information online or on paper-pencil Answer Document.

40 Technical Requirements Internet Courseware-Assessments Minimum Internet, computer workstation and software requirements necessary for Internet version of the Courseware and Assessments Make sure you are ready! Consult technical team! EVERY workstation MUST have broadband connection greater than 256K bits/second to sustain download EVERY workstation MUST have minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 Maximum of 10 simultaneous Internet testing sessions recommended

41 Paper-Pencil Assessments Good option for testing 10+ students/jobseekers simultaneously Order through local Project Coordinator Allow at least 2 weeks for delivery and at least 2 weeks for scoring Student/jobseeker must complete all demographic information Must return Scoring Order Form and Site Supervisors Header Form with Answer Documents Must return all used Test Booklets

42 Other Assessments Three core Assessments are FREE Applied MathOnline – Paper-Pencil Locating InformationOnline – Paper-Pencil Reading for InformationOnline – Paper-Pencil Other Assessments may be purchased at discount – contact local Project Coordinator Applied Technology$5Paper-Pencil Only Observation$7Paper-Pencil Only Teamwork$7Paper-Pencil Only Business Writing$10Paper-Pencil Only Writing$10Paper-Pencil Only Listening$10Paper-Pencil Only

43 Reporting Courseware Progress Report Placement Test Report Full Report Time Report Activity Report

44 Reporting Assessments Instant Score Report Test Usage Report Roster Score Report Data Export Report

45 Reporting Monthly Stipend Report – Actual Month, Mailed With Check - By Assessment Center - By Student/Jobseeker Name - Assessment Type (AM, RI, LI), Date and Score - Total # Assessments Delivered, Total Stipend Amount Monthly Progress Report – Cumulative, Posted On Portal - By Assessment Center – Rollup By Organization - # Students/Jobseekers Enrolled - # Assessments Delivered (AM, RI, LI) - # Credentials Earned (Gold, Silver, Bronze) Other reporting needs – tell us!

46 Whats New Courseware Updates Turning Off Placement Test Lock July 1, 2008 - Now must complete all 3 core Placement Tests (AM, LI, RI) before can access Courseware for any of curriculum areas - Will immediately be able to access Placement Test and Courseware for any of 9 curriculum areas and Work Habits Work Habits Courseware Review and Update Review: July-September 2008Update: Spring 2009 - If interested in participating, contact local Project Coordinator

47 Whats New Courseware Updates Upgrading to Adobe Flash Player August 1, 2008 - Courseware screens will look different, content will not change - Will no longer need to download Authorware and Active X - Flash already on most computers since most websites use it - If do not have Flash, free download (

48 Whats New New Administrator Tools Password Look-Up August 1, 2008 - New tool allowing authorized administrators/proctors to look up student/jobseeker passwords - Primary Contact must grant access to administrators/proctors - Access restricted to associated Assessment Center realm Updated Administrator Guide August 1, 2008 - Online and PDF

49 Whats New Website and Portal Updates Employer Partner List – Live now\EmployerPartners - Current list of employers who recognize the Credential - Encourage local employers to sign up! Assessment Center Map – Live now - Current list of Assessment Center locations, check your listing! Portal Update – August 1, 2008 - More user friendly, more resources

50 Whats New Stipend $10 per Assessment (AM, LI, RI) April 1, 2008 – June 30, 2009 - Total $30 per student/jobseeker, not required to pass - If does not pass, stipend paid for one re-take, maximum $60 - Strongly recommended student/jobseeker takes Placement Test and scores a minimum of 3 and/or completes Courseware at Level 3 before taking corresponding Assessment - No sequence, no time requirement to take Assessments - All non-employer partners eligible - Organization decides how to use funds

51 Whats New Free Implementation Tools New E-Newsletter – August 2008 - Program updates, ideas and innovations New Promotional Materials – August 2008 - Complete Order Form or contact local Project Coordinator New Video Downloads – August 2008 - Employer video testimonials - Student video

52 How To Take The Next Step Develop an implementation plan Identify target student/jobseeker groups Identify implementation team, define roles, assign responsibilities Set deadlines working back from Credential date - Planning – Training – Student/Jobseeker Enrollment - Placement Test - Courseware - Credential

53 How To Take The Next Step Look for opportunities to incorporate into existing programs/activities Schedule training – Webinar and hands-on Communicate with target groups Monitor progress and communicate regularly with implementation team Contact local Project Coordinator for planning, training and implementation support – today!

54 Local Project Coordinators Contact Us! Toll-Free: 1-877-444-4505 Website: Email:


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