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By Zeina Abu-Zayed, Beann Bartolome & Laura Bournemann- Santamaria.

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1 By Zeina Abu-Zayed, Beann Bartolome & Laura Bournemann- Santamaria

2 St James Speaks is an online school newspaper that anyone in school can access from home or in school. Posts include:  things happening around school;  interesting facts;  questions for the reader to answer;  book movie or game reviews;  pictures taken by the writer  and anything else that we think people would be interested in reading.

3 We write St James Speaks to keep the students connected whether in school or out. It also helps to inform the readers of coming up events in school and helps the writer become a journalist. This is good for the students who write St James Speaks because it’s a fun club to be a part of and makes them feel independent as they write and publish their own stories.

4 Every Wednesday we meet up as a team. Sometimes we come in with a story already in mind and sometimes we go in, decide what we’ll write then go out to get the information. When collecting the information we can:  Video events or interviews;  Record events or interviews;  Write about events, quotes from interviews, reviews, facts or anything else we might want to write about. Everything is well organized so no more than two people end up writing about the same story

5 If you are a part of St James Speaks you are given a login which allows you to go on the website and from there you can add any videos, recordings or writing we want. We also have editors who check our spelling, grammar and make sure the facts are right.

6 This year, St James Speaks took part in the BBC School Report along with thousands of other schools across the U.K. Everyone involved replaced their lessons for that day with interviews, videoing, writing and uploading. It was a hard days work but it was worth it because in the end it was all shown on the BBC website. Altogether we uploaded seven videos and three written stories. Click HERE to see the videos


8 We would like to thank you for watching this slide-show which represents St James Speaks and St James school. Furthermore, we would also like to thank Mr Farmer and Miss Andrews for giving year 7’s a chance to share their imagination with their own written news which are posted on the St James Speaks website.

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