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Caroline White, Project Coordinator. Supported by.

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1 Caroline White, Project Coordinator

2 Supported by

3 A major infrastructure Investment in the South East




7 The Hindhead area, with its rich cultural and artistic heritage

8 One of the most extensive, tranquil and beautiful areas in the South East

9 Biodiversity (SPA, SSSIs) and landscape (AONB) - the largest landscape restoration project in the country


11 MPCS report - ASSIGNMENT Research and prepare a report to determine how the National Trust can effectively contribute to the Hindhead partnership’s aim of securing a brighter future for the Hindhead area:

12 MPCS report - APPROACH Initial briefing and tour Review of background information and existing reports Stakeholder consultation within structured framework Review of options Consultation workshop with stakeholders Draft and test conclusions and recommendations

13 MPCS Report - RECOMMENDATIONS The National Trust should consider a core and satellite development with a new eco-friendly visitor centre and management facilities at Hindhead with specialist offerings at outlying locations. The proposed development should aim for a moderate increase in visitor numbers (say 50%), targeting a range of local and sub- regional niche markets rather than the mass tourism market. Hindhead Together should commission a feasibility study into the case for “Hindhead Development Trust”?

14 Concept Statement – Why?  To give guiding principles for redevelopment in the area to the planning authority  To fill the gap whilst core strategy is produced  To ensure community buy in to the future of the area  To help to regenerate the area to create a village with a heart

15 Concept Statement – How?  Launch meeting – November 2007  Community Workshop – January 2008  Landowners meetings – February 2008  Public Community Exhibition – March 2008  Refinement – March 2008  Approval – April 2008

16 Concept Statement - The vision for the Hindhead Area  Endorsement by Hindhead Together, the commissioning body  Recommendation by Waverley Borough Council’s Corporate Management Team  Consideration by Waverley Borough Council’s executive – “Accepted fully and with great acclaim”  Presentation to Waverley Borough Council’s full council meeting – 22 nd July 08  Adoption as a material consideration in planning application decisions

17 Hindhead Together – The Wider Work  Working with Landowners to secure high quality redevelopment plans  Consideration of Community Infrastructure; services and amenities for the area, if appropriate  Green Infrastructure Plan for Hindhead  Communications Strategy for the partnership’s ongoing work

18 Thank you for your time Any Questions? 07772 855090 C/O The Witley Centre, Witley, Godalming, Surrey. GU8 5QA

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