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Health & Wellness: The Kellogg’s Way ! Rimi Obra-Ratwatte BSc (Hons) MSc RPHNutr Senior Nutrition Business Partner FDIN Wellness Seminar: B’ham October.

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1 Health & Wellness: The Kellogg’s Way ! Rimi Obra-Ratwatte BSc (Hons) MSc RPHNutr Senior Nutrition Business Partner FDIN Wellness Seminar: B’ham October 16th ‘08

2 Battle Creek Michigan: The Road To Well-ville… Where Our Story Begins….

3 Kellogg’s: Over 100 year Heritage! 1906: The Kellogg Company was founded by W.K Kellogg and Dr.John Harvey Kellogg, in Battle Creek Michigan. Founding principle: “A company of dedicated people making Quality products for a Healthier world”. 1910: Introduction of pasteurization of milk, the cereal business expanded. Kellogg's Bran Flakes ® and All Bran ® cereals introduced in 1915 and 1916. 1920s: Kelloggs exported cereal to England. In 1923, Kellogg hired the first Dietitian to work in the food industry. Kellogg introduced cereals in individual servings for use in hospitals, hotels and rail dining cars. Kellogg's Rice Krispies ® launched in 1928.

4 Kellogg’s: Over 100 year Heritage! 1938: Production began in Manchester UK. The first fortified cereals were marketed. 1978: 2 nd plant at Wrexham began production. Today:.Kellogg’s is a leading food company 40 different breakfast cereals. 230,000 tonnes of cereals produced every year in UK! 30 different snack products. The cereal industry in UK Worth £1.26 billion. Kellogg’s manufactures 7 out of top 10 brands Kellogg’s is the market leader, at 41% share.

5 Kellogg’s: Leading Food Company

6 Kellogg’s: Vehicles to Wellbeing FSA 8 Top Tips For Eating Well: Base meals on Starchy foods Eat lots of Fruit & Veg Eat more Fish Cut down on Sat Fat & Sugars Try to eat less Salt (<6g/day) Get Active and try to be a Healthy Weight Drink plenty of Water Don’t skip Breakfast!

7 Benefits of Breakfast? Research shows that people who eat breakfast cereal are healthier: Have a healthier body weight and lower BMI! Better nutrition:  Higher Carbohydrate  Lower Fat and Sat Fat  Higher Fibre Better micronutrient intakes/status:  Leading source of Iron  Significant source of B-vitamins, Folic Acid Lower Cholesterol Greater milk consumption: 40%! Breakfast eaters mood and cognition: Lower stress Better performance

8 Sipping Data: Taylor Nelson and Sofres (TNS) Family Food Panel 2003 Put Your Hands Up! …..Who Is Skipping? 1 in 5 Adults 6.2 million Men skip breakfast 4.3 million Women skip breakfast 1 in 6 Children 1.7 million Children aged 0-5 skip breakfast 1.4 million Children aged 6-10 skip breakfast 2.3 million Children aged 11-16 skip breakfast

9 Expenditure on Confectionary: Survey, August 2007 Who Is Skipping? 1 in 6 Children Skip Breakfast Everyday! UK kids spend £413million during the school year on sweets, crisps, and fizzy drinks eaten on The way to school. Plethora of research shows a direct link between skipping breakfast and increased propensity to weight gain and compromised micronutrient intake.

10 Kellogg’s: Nutrition & Health Cornerstone Founding principle remains alive and well today! UK, European and Global Science & Nutrition experts. Go beyond Nutrition to Health & Wellbeing which is fingerprinted on all products, promotions, formulations marketing and advertising. Kellogg’s products and promotions provide vehicles to enable our consumers to live a healthier life!

11 Kellogg’s: Nutrition & Health Cornerstone We are committed to providing our consumers with a broad choice of quality food products that can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet. We believe that all foods have a place in the diet with balance and moderation, and that regular activity, together with a balanced diet, is integral to a healthy lifestyle. We believe that enjoyment and appeal of our products are essential if they are to make a nutritional contribution to the diets of consumers. This is key within sustainable behavioural change. We keep abreast of, and also work collaboratively to generate ongoing scientific advancements in nutrition and food research. We use this to develop new products and enhancing existing ones to benefit our consumers. We endeavour to provide our consumers with nutrition information and education so that they can easily make informed food choices.


13 Kellogg’s : Marketing & Advertising Kellogg’s Global Marketing Code = commitment to advertising in a responsible manner. Kellogg’s includes a balanced diet / exercise messages in all adverts. Headstarters website encourages nutrition and health literacy amongst children. Support Media Literacy education for children “Media Smart”. Family focussed promotions encourage and support active lifestyles

14 Kellogg’s : Promoting Active Living! 750,000 Pedometers in 2006 50,000 Personal Trainers in 2005 700,000 Free Swims 2008

15 Kellogg’s : Promoting Active Living! Helping to make activity, fun, measurable, rewarding and sustainable for families. Pedometer for bikes (records speed, distance and includes a stopwatch). Token collection for Free pedometer or code collection to obtain at reduced price. Cycle rout maps on website in UK & Ireland. Cycle 10 challenge if cycled 10miles in 1 week to enter competition to win a new bike. Free cycle safety check with Halfords. 275,000 Given Away 2007

16 Amateur Swimming Association 11 year sponsorship in 2008: -The Kellogg’s ASA Awards scheme -Kellogg’s Swim Active removing barriers to participation -Team Kellogg’s “Grass roots to Gold medals” Kellogg’s : Education & CSR 13M ASA Awards over 11 years Since 2006: 50,000 reluctant swimmers in the water as a result of the Swim Active project Sam Hynd Beijing Paralympics Gold medallist !

17 Kellogg’s : Education & CSR Breakfast Clubs 10Yrs of Investment! Since 1998, Kellogg’s has invested £1million worth of resources in the development of a network of Breakfast Clubs throughout the UK called “Breakfast Clubs Plus” via a partnership with leading education charity ContinYou. More than 1 million breakfasts being served at breakfast clubs supported by Kellogg’s and ContinYou each year. Breakfast Clubs Plus provides a support service for setting up or improving a club. The clubs provide educational, social and nutritional benefits e.g. Punctuality, Readiness for learning, Socialising. This has an accumulative effect. Kellogg’s and ContinYou reward best practice in breakfast clubs for catering staff, teachers and pupils. Annual breakfast clubs awards showcase good practise 2008 – established the first ever national register of breakfast clubs

18 Kellogg’s : Education & CSR

19 Kellogg’s : Labelling & Packaging Kellogg’s was the first company to print nutrition messages and recipes on pack in the 1930s! 80yrs of Nutrition Messaging!

20 Kellogg’s : Labelling & Packaging

21 * FDF figures March 2008 2006 May 2006 May 2005 April 2005 April 2007 June 2007 June The GDA counter launched Similar to RDA’s Per serving. 2008 March Revised Format to GDA lozenges In conjunction with other 5 leading manufacturers for a harmonised approach Similar to RDA’s Per serving. Kellogg Global Roll Out of GDA Kellogg’s Markets GDA Critical Mass* GDAs used in all 27 EU Member States. GDAs now adopted by 64* companies (6 retailers, 3 foodservice, 2 convenience store chains and 53 manufacturing companies) In UK GDAs are the most consistent and widely available front of pack signposting system.

22 Kellogg’s : Labelling & Packaging Consumer Understanding? September 2008: EUFIC Pan European Research France, Germany, Sweden, Poland and Hungary. n = 2000 for UK 90% said they had seen GDAs before. 89% recognized them as a maximum rather than a target to reach. MTLs understanding “is characterized by some exaggeration of the meaning of the colours and a lack of understanding that the system is applied per 100 per cent.” 73% respondents wrongly thought that the red colour indicated avoidance, rather than that it is fine to eat the product occasionally or as a treat.

23 Kellogg’s : Labelling & Packaging Kellogg’s Bran Flakes Launched 1915! Harnesses all the science on Bran Fibre. Fibre = so much more than digestive health. Broadening health messaging to broaden appeal. Studies indicate respondents significantly felt healthier and had increased propensity to eat more healthily during the rest of the day!

24 Kellogg’s : Innovation & Renovation 10yrs Of Salt Reduction! NB: Breakfast Cereals only contribute <5% in diet Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Now has 25% less salt than before Tastier than before Kellogg’s All Bran Now has 55% less salt than before Reduced twice in 2yrs Kellogg’s All Bran Bran Flakes Now has 37% less salt than before Kellogg’s Special K Now has 47% less salt than before

25 Kellogg’s : Innovation & Renovation Effective Partnering on driving Salt awareness

26 Kellogg’s : Innovation & Renovation Complete HVO Removal! Since 2006 All products are HVO free to minimise TFAs. Replaced with non hydrogenated LT3 fat. Rigorous shelf life testing.

27 Kellogg’s : Innovation & Renovation Kellogg’s Special K Sustain From science to shelf! Launched 2006.Harnesses science on Fibre + Protein. 80% respondents agreed it helped them feel less hungry. Nutrition science helps to deliver innovative product “enablers” in order to allow consumers to achieve their healthy living goals in an enjoyable way. Evolution and translation of “Wellness” for shape watching consumer segment invested in Low Fat products which support Satiety.

28 Kellogg’s : Innovation & Renovation Kellogg’s Fruitabu Snacks Launched 2008. Dept Of Health endorsement for 5ADay. Consumer-centric: Taste, Convenience & Health in a single propositions!

29 Kellogg’s : Innovation & Renovation Future Challenges? Innovations and Renovations are a driving force behind our founding principle of “Quality foods for a healthier world”. Ultimately, the taste and acceptance of foods remains of absolute importance if our products continue serving as vehicles to sustainable behaviour change. Renovations may reach levels where formulations are at a critical level of acceptance. For increased renovations, new ingredients and technologies may need to be employed in the future.

30 Kellogg’s CareLine - 0800 626066 18,000 Registered Health Care Professionals !! Kellogg’s : HCP & Patient Support

31 Kellogg’s : Science People who eat Breakfast Cereals are slimmer than those who don’t!

32 Thank You! EMAIL: FDIN Wellness Seminar: B’ham October 16th ‘08

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